2 Great poets of India

2 Great poets of India. India is a land of scholars, philosophers, and spiritual leaders. We will look into the great poets of India who were extraordinary in their writing. Their poems are highly philosophical and spiritual. These are 2 great people of India.

We all know about Valmiki and Ved Vyasa who wrote great scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Mahabharata contains Bhagwat Geeta and it is highly philosophical. Sometimes in our blog posts, we will discuss that too.

Here we look at the poets of later periods and read some of their works. So, let us get started with the great poets of India.

Great poets of India

Kabir Das

Great poets of India, 2 Great poets of India
Kabir Das

Kabir Das was born in Varanasi in 1398 (that is not very clear and people have different thoughts about it). Scholars have different thoughts about the same. However, let us look into his literary work.

Kabir Sas believed in a formless god. He did not attach himself to any religion. He mainly talked about being truthful and righteous. The legacy that Kabir left behind him survives as “Kabir Panth”. He is generally called Saint Kabir.

Let us look at some works by Kabir Das, one of the 2 Great poets of India.

धीरे-धीरे रे मनi, धीरे सब-कुछ होए
माली सींचे सौ घड़ा, ऋतु आए फल होए

Go slow and do not expect anything ahead of time. Everything happens on its own time or takes its own time to happen.
Even if a farmer puts a lot of water to a plant, the plant will yield fruits at its own time. When the season is right. 

बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा न मिलया कोय
जो मन खोजा आपना, तो मुझसे बुरा न कोय 

When I went out to find a bad person I could not find any. When I looked and analyzed my own character, I found myself the worst. 
This is philosophy of self analysis and self realization. Do not spend your time on finding errors in someone else, rather work on to improve yourself.
दुख में सुमिरन सब करे, सुख में करे न कोय
जो सुख में सुमिरन करे, दुख काहे को होय 

When in pain and problem, everyone remembers the god. Nobody remembers him in god times. If we remember the god even in our good times, why will there come bad time. 
He means to say that if you seek god's help in bad times, you should be thankful to him in your good times as well. 


Great poets of India
A picture of Surdas praying to lord Krishna

Surdas was a devotee of Krishna and wrote his works in praise of lord Krishna. He was a Hindu devotional poet of the 16th Century.

It is believed that Surdas was blind from birth. Despite being blind he described Krishan in a way that makes you think that he could see Krishna.

Surdas is known for his work which is composed in the name of Sur Sagar, Sur Saravali, and Sahitya Lahari. He used Braj Bhasha or Braj Language for his work.

जसोदा हरि पालनैं झुलावै।
हलरावै दुलरावै मल्हावै जोइ सोइ कछु गावै॥
मेरे लाल को आउ निंदरिया काहें न आनि सुवावै।
तू काहै नहिं बेगहिं आवै तोकौं कान्ह बुलावै॥
कबहुं पलक हरि मूंदि लेत हैं कबहुं अधर फरकावैं।
सोवत जानि मौन ह्वै कै रहि करि करि सैन बतावै॥
इहि अंतर अकुलाइ उठे हरि जसुमति मधुरैं गावै।
जो सुख सूर अमर मुनि दुरलभ सो नंद भामिनि पावै॥

Hear Krishna's mother has put him in a cradle. Sometimes she strokes it a bit, sometimes she kisses the child and loves him. While doing this she is humming whatever song comes to her mind. But, little Krishna is still not sleeping. 
This makes the mother curse the sleep that why is she not coming and making my Krishna sleep. Why the sleep does not arrive fast? On cursing the sleep, Krishan closes his eyes and his lips tremble. Yashoda thinks that Krishna is asleep. Same time some female arrive at Yashoda's house. She signals them to keep silent. However, Krishna is again awake. Yashoda starts lullaby to make him sleep again. 
On seeing all this the father Nand says, how lucky is Yashoda that she got an opportunity to make the lord sleep.

This is the love of mother and child that Surdas wants to show in his work. 

Here we have told you about 2 great poets of India. We will come up with more poets and their literary work. If you like our post subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

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