Month: August 2022

Social Media

How to get more likes?

Getting more likes on Social Media is easy. Got no talent? Go exposing. You need to exore as How to Get More likes? Internet and Social Media Today we cannot imagine ourselves without an internet connection as it provides a global visibility. The small device in your hand can make you connect to the entire …

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the great wall of china

History Of Mankind (Chapter 4)

Topics we will read here are, Paradise Of Historians-China, Egyptian and Pyramids, Aryans and the dispute on their origin. History Of Mankind (Chapter 4). Previous Chapter: History Of Mankind (Chapter 3) Paradise Of Historians – China Continuity of Chinese civilization was better maintained than that of many countries not excluding Egypt and India. About 3,000 …

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Pseudo Feminism

The word Pseudo means fake. So you can understand this is about fake feminism. Pseudo Feminism. one or the other man has faced it and it is a brutal reality. Some men just keep quiet and some support fake feminism. This feminism has raised the bar for women in the society. They look for equal …

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The Adult Street of Phuket

Bangla Road – The Adult Street of Phuket, Thailand Thailand is known for its sex tourism and no-where matches a night at Bangla Road in Phuket. As it gets dark, the crowd shifts from Patong Beach to Bangla Road. Booz, Girls and Boom Boom.

A trip to Thailand

I travelled to Thailand twice and the experiences were totally different each time. The perception of Thailand being a place for sex tourism completely vanished after my second trip. When you tell someone that I am going on A Trip to Thailand, they look at you mysteriously and smile. It is a place for sex …

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