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History Of Mankind (Chapter 7)

Buddha The Revolutionary

This is the 7th Chapter of History of Mankind. Read about Buddha the revolutionary, Mahavir and some quotes for better life and humanity.

Buddha The Revolutionary

Siddhartha or Gautama Buddha, a prince and the founder of Buddhism, was born in India in 623 B.C ., when she was in dire need of a new prophet. Brahmin priests had inculcated superstitious rites, omens and spells into the ancient Indian religion. The teachings of the Upanishads gave way to cults and priest-crafts. Buddha, the great social reformer, asked people to live a decent life and to perform good deeds emphasising on ethics rather than on divinity. Buddhism is fundamentally a religion of moral codes.

Mahavir, the prophet and exponent of Jainism, was another social reformer against Brahmanical tyranny. He believed and preached the purest form of non-violence

The revolutionary religion of Buddhism swept over Brahminism and made its peaceful conquests not only of India, but also spread over half of the world. This is the first revolt of human spirit against the shackles of forms and rituals.

Quotes given for a better life and humanity

“He whose mind is free from anxiety amid pains, indifferent amid pleasures, loosed from passions, fear and anger, called a sage of stable mind”- Geeta.

“He whose mind is free from anxiety amid pains, indifferent amid pleasures, loosed from passions, fear and anger, called a sage of stable mind”-Geeta.

A thought from Bhagwat Geeta

“Let a man overcome anger by love, let him overcome the greedy by liberality, the liar by truth. For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time ; hatred ceases by love” – Buddha.

“Let a man overcome anger by love, let him overcome the greedy by liberality, the liar by truth. For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time ; hatred ceases by love” – Buddha.

A quote by Buddha

“Should a seeker not find a companion who is better or equal, let them resolutely pursue a solitary course.” – Buddha

“Should a seeker not find a companion who is better or equal, let them resolutely pursue a solitary course.”

A quote by Buddha

“In whom there is no sympathy for living beings: know him as an outcast.” – Buddha

“In whom there is no sympathy for living beings: know him as an outcast.”

A quote by Buddha

“A disciplined mind brings happiness.” – Buddha

“A disciplined mind brings happiness.”

A quote by Buddha

History of Mankind (Chapter 6)

Image of a Trojan Horse
Image of a Trojan Horse

This is the 6th Chapter of, History of Mankind. In this chapter read about, Two Epics of Greece, Story of writing, Life Of the Mind in India, Indian Philosophy.


Homer, the great writer of Greece.
Homer by British Museum, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Homer, the legendary poet of Greece, lived about 850 years before the birth of Christ. He composed two renowned epics -the Iliad and the Odyssey. He describes in Iliad how beautiful Helen was carried across the sea by the Trojans and how the Greek king assisted by Odysseus captured the city of Troy to rescue Helen.

You can also watch the Hollywood Movie named TROY. Read about it on Wikipedia Link.

Odyssey, a saga of restless soul, adventurous and untiring, can be interpreted as the symbol of ever active human spirit.

In Homer, the Greek art and culture are expressed in all its depth and vision. The two epics have left indelible mark on the western literary thoughts.


A cave painting
A cave painting showing a Bison

Man began to express himself in signs, sounds and words many thousands of years before writing could be developed. Ages ago when man lived in caves, he drew pictures of animals on the walls. The idea of using a picture to represent a sound instead of a thing might have at first occurred to some talented man. And then gradually samples of alphabets were worked out from these pictures. This was really a significant achievement and a landmark.

The ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Indians and Chinese had all separately come to know the use of alphabets. In those days every letter had to be chiselled or engraved on stone, wood, clay, wax or skins. Books were written on papyrus, parchment rolls or palm-leaves with quill or brush. The Vedas and the Upanishads are the few of the oldest manuscripts that exist even to-day as part of our oriental heritage.


Atharva Veda Page, Written on Papyrus
Atharva Veda Page, Written on Papyrus

The ancient philosophers of India emphasised on the life of the mind and produced such wonderful scriptures as the Vedas and the Upanishads. These scriptures are full of precious lessons both practical and theoretical for the guidance of man.

The message of the Upanishads has been to develop within us a rational attitude of the mind strengthened by a spirit of enquiry into the mysteries of the universe. Contrary to general belief, these sacred books do not want us to perform rituals and ceremonials without understanding their meaning and symbolism. They are not ‘Shastras’ in the sense of codes of conduct and forms-at once rigid and eternal.

Bhagwat Geeta is one of the highest philosophy. Though it has been related to Hinduism, in my views it is for a better life and thinking. The message is just not confined to a particular religion. It is a philosophy for a better mind and better life.

Story of King Bali and Vishnu

Vaman Avatar, Keeping his 3rd step on Mahabali’s head

King Bali

Once upon a time there was a great Asura king named Mahabali. His kingdom was in the Indian state of Kerala. He was a generous king and was respected by his people for his wisdom and righteousness. He was a great donor. No-one asking something returned from his door empty handed.

He was an Asura king however, was a great devotee of Vishnu. In his kingdom prevailed peace and there was no crime and discrimination. A corruption free society as we want it today. People were happy in his rule. His rule marked a golden era for his kingdom, Kerala.

King Mahabali was the grandson of Prahlad. Prahlad is known for his devotion for Vishnu and for him Vishnu had to take the incarnation of Narasimha (Narasingh). He was the son of Virochana. As he descended from an asura family, he was an Asura by birth. His grandfather Prahlad taught him Vedas and later Shukracharya became his teacher.

Mahabali’s Conquest and Dejection of Indra

With the teachings of Shukracharya he became a great warrior and soon conquered the three lokas/worlds (The Earth, Heaven and Atmosphere). To take heaven, he defeated Indra. After all his conquest, Shukracharya wanted him to perform Ashwamedha Yagna. Upon performing the Yagna 100 times, he would become the permanent lord of the three worlds.

Indra was dejected from heaven. King Bali not only won over the Heaven, he also showed that how a king should behave. People were happy in his rule. He went to his mother Aditi and explained the things. Looking at the sad son, Aditi started performing penance to please Vishnu.

Pleased with Aditi’s Penance Lord Vishnu appeared and asked, “What do you need?”

Aditi said: “King Bali has taken my son Indra’s throne of heaven. Help him regain the throne.”

“Bali is a great man and a king. He is a good devotee. He deserves to take the position of Indra.”

Aditi reminded of Mahabali being an Asura and it is a possibility that after his reign Asuras may fall to their known behavior of hurting people. No doubt, he is a good king. However, he is an Asura by nature. Anytime he can return to his core behavior. Devas should rule the Heavens.

Vishnu agreed to Aditi’s logic and he gave a boon that he will take birth as her son to help Indra getting his throne back. He will take incarnation as her son to end the rule of Asuras.

Vaman Avatar, Vishnu’s fifth incarnation

Vaman – 5th incarnation of Vishnu.

Vishnu took birth as Aditi’s and Kashyap’s son. This was the Vaman avatar of Vishnu. Dark complexion, intelligent and playful. He was short heighted thus he was called Vaman (Dwarf).

Mahabali had performed 99 yagnas and was about to do the last one. This would be his 100th Yagna and if he commenced it successfully, he will be the permanent lord of the 3 lokas. He started the last yagna with a great preparation.

The moment Mahabali was about to finish the Yagna, the Dwarf boy appeared. Mahabali could not resist himself and he felt an attraction toward the boy. He greeted the dwarf brahmin boy. He said: “I am happy that you came to my 100th Yagna. Please tell me if you want anything from me. Tell me your wish and I will fulfil it.”

However, Shukracharya knew that it was Vishnu as a Dwarf Brahmin. He called Mahabali and asked him to finish the yagna first. He informed Mahabali that it is Vishnu and he came to destroy your yagna.

As king Mahabali was a great devotee of Vishnu, he became overwhelmed with his presence. He went back to the dwarf brahmin and asked for his wish.

“3 steps of land” asked the Dwarf boy.

I need only 3 steps of land.

Just 3 steps? Is that what you need? I will give that to you.

That was almost nothing for King Mahabali, however, he had to fulfil the brahmin’s wish. He said “take it”.

3 Steps of land

On being granted the wish, Vaman started growing. He kept on growing. He grew so big that only his feet were visible. Whole of the Earth was covered with his single step. He lifted his step and measured the entire sky, keeping the foot on the Heaven. Now, it was the time to put his 3rd step. He asked king Bali: “Give me the place to keep my 3rd step”.

Astounded Mahabali was still and watched Lord Vishnu’s brilliance. He offered his head for the 3rd step. He had to keep his words that he gave to the Dwarf Brahmin. His lord Vishnu had asked something from him. How can he defy his own words.

“I offer you my head for the 3rd step.”

Vishnu put the 3rd step on his head and king Mahabali was he was pushed to patala (under the earth). Lord Vishnu was pleased with his devotee. Vishnu was pleased with the devotion, righteousness.

Mahabali Ruled the Patala (underground)

King Mahabali started setting up his kingdom in patala. Without a thought of regret he was leading a happy life as he fulfilled the wish of his lord.

One day a black man approached king Mahabali and asked if he could offer some service. The king Mahabali appointed him as his gatekeeper. Later a lady came to him and said that his husband is out for work and she needs protection. King Mahabali asked him to be his sister and live with him under his protection. Gradually, the kingdom of Patala (underground) flourished under the rule of King Mahabali. Prople were happy and prosperous.

In fact the black man was Vishnu himself and the lady who lived as Mahabali’s sister was goddess Lakshmi. They were pleased to see that even after leaving the rule of 3 worlds, Bali was without a regret and was still a righteous king. The appeared in from of King Bali and revealed their identity. Upon seeing Vishnu and Lakshmi together, King Bali fell to their feet.

Please with Bali, Vishnu gave him a boon that he will be the next Indra once the reign of current Indra is done. He took a promise that he will always be a good man and king. As Bali loved his kingdom and people so much, he would come to his Kingdom in Kerala once in a year to see his people.

Onam Celebration, King Mahabali comes home


The day king Mahabali visits India once in a year is celebrated as Onam. The festival is celebrated as a tribute to the sacrifice of King Mahabali and every year, people make elaborate preparations to welcome their King whom they affectionately call Onathappan.

It is believed that King Mahabali visits his people on the second day. Trikkara is said to be the capital of the mighty King Mahabali where a temple with a deity of ‘Trikkakara Appan‘ or ‘Vamanamurthy‘ who is Lord Vishnu himself in disguise is also located at this place.

The bond between Mahabali and Devi Lakshmi is of a brother and sister. Sisters pray for the welfare of brothers and brothers protect sisters from any harm.

Where is Old McDonald and his farm?

Let us find old McDonald and his farm. Where is it? How is it? Where is Old McDonald and his farm?

Who is Old McDonald?

Old McDonald is every farmer around the world who had a piece of land and he used to do farming. He used to grow crops and kept cattle. He took good care of the cattle. Where is Old McDonald and his farm?

His agricultural activities fed many people and he was a happy man.

Where is Old McDonald?

Old McDonald died probably. Some old McDonalds are doing labor jobs in big cities. Constructing houses and big buildings for people. When you meet these Old McDonalds, they would say they had a farm.

He had to sell his land as he was not able to survive this world just by producing food for everyone. Some or the other way he was forced to sell his land.

Some Old McDonalds committed suicides as the people governing the country could not take care of them.

Where is Old McDonald’s farm?

Burried deep under shopping malls, big societies and villas. Deep under factories they turned into concrete.

And I see a child living in a 2 BHK flat watching his videos. Will he be ever able to understand what a farm means?

Old McDonald had a Sheep, Cow, Chiken and many animals in his farm. However, the kid will not see or touch them as they as stray and unhealthy to touch.

Old McDonald is poor and illiterate

He is poor bacause he works very hard in his fields to produce the food we eat. Had he been rich, he should have bought a 3 BHK flat in a big city.

He is illiterate and uncivized. So, the day the kid meets him would know that Old McDonald is actually not that fancy as he appeared in the poem.

Not written that good but enough to ignite your thoughts.

Bhupen Hazarika and Ganga

Bhupen Hazarika

Bhupen Hazarika was born in Assam, India in 1926. He was a philosophical composer and singer in my views. His songs like: Ek Kali Do Pattian and Dola were the favourite that I listened to. The song from Rudali: Dil Hoom Hoom Kare was something I love to listen in solitude. Being from Assam and Bengali as his first language he sang many songs in Bengali. I could understand and feel the meaning of his Hindi songs because, it is my first language, I fell in love with the deep meaning of his songs.

You can read more about him on Wikipedia Page: BHUPEN HAZARIKA. I would like bring this article to a beautiful song by him and it’s deep meaning. The song is “Ganga Behti Ho Kyon” – In this he questions the river Ganges as why she is flowing silently. She is the one to shape the civilizations and when human beings are getting uncivilized, why Ganges flow silently? and Why she does not do anything about it?

O Ganga Behti ho kyun?, Lyrics and Meaning

विस्तार है आपार, प्रजा दोनों पार

करे हाहाकार

निःशब्द सदा  ओ गंगा तुम, 

गंगा बहती हो क्यूँ ?

Meaning of Words:

विस्तार – Expansion, आपार – Vast, हाहाकार – Crying with pain, निःशब्द – No Words or Silent

Meaning in English

The expansion is vast and you cover a vast area giving life to people on both the banks. There is a huge population living on your sides. They are sad, and crying in pain. O! Ganges, you sill flow silently. Why do you flow silently? Why do not you say or do anything?

नैतिकता नष्ट हुई, मानवता भ्रष्ट हुई

निर्लज्ज भाव से बहती हो क्यूँ ?

इतिहास की पुकार, करे हुंकार

ओ गंगा की धार,  निर्बल जन को सबल-संग्रामी,

समग्रोगामी बनाती नहीं हो क्यूँ ?

Meaning of Words:

नैतिकता – Morality, Moral Values, मानवता – Humanity, निर्लज्ज – Shameless, इतिहास – History, हुंकार – Grunting Sound, निर्बल – Powerless, सबल-संग्रामी – Powerful Warriors, समग्रोगामी – Holistic, Addressing the whole community rather than personal values only.

Meaning in English

There is no morality left. Humanity is destroyed. However, you flow shamelessly. The history is grunting in pain and it is being lost. O! the stream of river Ganges, why you do not make these powerless and helpless people, Powerful Warriors? Why humans are getting confined to their own interests and benefits, why don’t you change them to take holistic approach and work for the whole community?

History says, Ganges left the heaven and descended to earth to help the humanity. The presence of the river gives life to the community without discrimination and it is the reason for civilizations to grow.

अनपढ़ जन, अक्षरहिन

अनगीन जन, खाद्यविहीन

नेत्रविहीन दिक्षमौन हो क्यूँ ? 

व्यक्ति रहे व्यक्ति केंद्रित

सकल समाज व्यक्तित्व रहित

निष्प्राण समाज को छोड़ती न क्यूँ ?

रुदस्विनी क्यूँ न रहीं ?

तुम निश्चय चितन नहीं

प्राणों में प्रेरणा देती न क्यूँ ? 

उनमद अवमी कुरुक्षेत्रग्रमी

गंगे जननी, नव भारत में

भीष्मरूपी सुतसमरजयी जनती नहीं हो क्यूँ ?

Meaning of Words:

अनपढ़ – Wisdom less, अक्षरहिन – Illiterate, अनगीन – Countless, जन – People, नेत्रविहीन – Blind, दिक्षमौन – Silent eyes, not noticing, निष्प्राण – Dead, समाज – Society, रुदस्विनी – beloved of rudra, wife of Shiva, निश्चय – Surely, चितन – thoughtful, प्राणों – lives, प्रेरणा – Inspiration, जननी – Mother, उनमद Rampage, भीष्मरूपी – Someone like Bhishma (Goddess Ganga was the mother of Bhishma, in Mahabharat), सुतसमरजयी – A son who wins the battles, a warrior son.

Meaning in English

On your both the banks (river Ganges) there are countless people living. They are wisdom less and illiterate. Countless are without food. Why are you flowing blindly? Why you do not notice? This society is going lifeless. Why do not you leave this dead society?

The society is dead in a sense that every individual is concentrating to himself only and not about the society they live in. The whole society is personality less as the morals are lost. O! Ganges, why do not you leave this society?

Why do not you act like the beloved of Shiva, who is furious and who is punishing? You definitely and surely not thoughtful. If you are thoughtful, why do not you give inspirations to life?

You are known for you rampaging and powerful flow. Still you go silently and blindly without noticing.

O! mother Ganges, why do not you produce a son like Bhishma, who was a warrior and concurred many battles. He is know for his righteousness and fury at the same time. Why do not you produce a son like him in new India? O! Ganges, why do you flow silently?

Why Bhupen Hazarika referred to Ganges?

The river Ganges was brought to the earth to purify humanity. It gave life to civilizations. She is known for her rampaging flow. She was brought to the earth for the benefit of the society. Bhupen Hazarika sees that the river with such a value and power flows silently into a dead, selfish and corrupt society. She is flowing silently and blindly and doing nothing.

Video – O Ganga Behti ho kyun?

Ganga Behti ho Kyun – A song by Bhupen Hazarika.

Conditions of unconditional love

Unconditional Love, Conditions of unconditional love
Unconditional Love @thepoemstory

Unconditional love, it seems a good phrase when you start a new love relationship. However, later in every relationship, come the “conditions of unconditional love.”

The beginning of a love relationship

So this is the first step you want to take, impressing the person you like or love. You start with good words and try to show that how much you care. Trust me, the best thing to say is, “I love you unconditionally”. No matter how you are and what you do, “I love you.”

After impressing the other partner you kick off the love relationship. You start leading a so called happy love life. However, slowly you realize that the phrase you used was blunder and there is nothing called and unconditional love.

Now you realize that there needs to be conditions and expectations accompanied with fulfilments. You realize that to keep the relationship going, you need conditions. If those conditions are tough to fulfil, you get inclined to break the relationship.

So, this starts with the word “Unconditional love” and ends with “Conditions of love”. This is a bitter fact of breaking relationships. Only a few, maybe 0.0000001% may understand the meaning of unconditional love.

Conditions that may arise

In the thrilling relationship that you enter, you said: “I would love you unconditionally”. However, now the conditions start creeping up. Conditions start germinating. Gradually, these conditions start hurting your feelings, mental well-being and keep you relationship at a stake. Then a time arrives, when there are 2 options, either you cope up with the conditions and make an agreement or get out of that relationship.

Unconditional love, it seems a good phrase when you start a new love relationship. However, later in every relationship, come the “conditions of unconditional love.”


  • You start disliking the way your partner dresses and you want them to improve.
  • You start disliking the way he thinks, he speaks and want an improvement.
  • Time that is being given to the relationship is again a condition.

This list can go on and ultimately it will come to a break point, either you cope up with the conditions and make an agreement or get out of that relationship.


In my opinion, there is nothing like unconditional relationship or unconditional love. Everything is based on conditions. Talk about any relationship, there needs to be a condition. There are people once in a billion or trillion and trust me it is very difficult to find once. Talk about the general mindset that you are of.

Personal and Professional Life

Personal and professional life is generally you learn or listen at work, at office, at home and it is often said that keep your personal and professional life separate. Let us get this from a mindset perspective.

You have heard that you need to keep a balance between your Personal and Professional Life. This is a necessity for a healthy life. If things are bad in personal life, it should not reflect in your professional career and and the other way around. However, for many people rather most of the people it is not true. A happy day at home, most of the time, make a happy day at your job and successful day at office will definitely make your personal life happy. A bad day affects both Personal and Professional Life.

You have been lied and given a wrong training if you are trying hard to keep a balance between personal and professional life.

Single thought process – So single life

Acting or behaving is completely a different thing. You might change your outer appearance depending on the place you are. However, you do not change the inner self of you. Even your seniors or juniors may behave nicely to you, but, that is the outer appearance. A human being has a single thought process and what he is at the inner self, he will execute same behavior in personal as well as professional life.

“A human being has a single thought process and what he is at the inner self, he will execute same behavior in personal as well as professional life. “

A hard worker in personal life, will be a hard worker in professional life.

An opportunist in professional life will be an opportunist in personal life as well.


Many people will not agree and a lot will agree. However, this is all an experience I have collected. I have worked with companies and managers of different kind. There were best and worst people I have worked with. Though, I will name the companies and name of the managers publicly. But, I would say that they have changed the thought process in me a lot.

I will share a good and a bad story of my experiences which will conclude the post.

Professionally an opportunist is Personally an opportunist

I worked with a big brand few years ago. The person I was reporting to was a young guy and he was eager to grow. Few basic activities that I noticed was, he was always expecting something out of you. Moreover, he would let others manage things and if went good, he will silently take the credit of work. If something went wrong, he will make any member of the team accountable for it. He would not stand for the team in times of crisis. That was his professional behavior.

My personal experience with him was even worst. We went to another country to work at client’s location. We were riding a bike. He was sitting as a pillion without the helmet. He did not want to wear a helmet as it was hot. On a traffic signal the traffic police stopped us and summoned a fine. He quickly went of the bike and said, you handle it. If something goes wrong do not find me accountable.

While I was talking to the traffic police, I turned around, and he was no-where to be seen. That came as a surprise for me. Later working with him for more time, I realised that if the person is not good at heart he is not good at professional or personal life.

A good experience

Later in my life, I worked with someone great. In my first meeting with this manager, he went on asking questions. He asked about professional expertise, personal interests, family and if there are challenges in life that can affect my work. At the same he shared his stories, interests and experiences of life.

So, professionally I felt safe working with him. However, when there was a personal need, he will come up and ask if I needed some help. He would share the load of work. It was not only with me, it was with the complete team he was handling.

He was growth oriented and he learnt tough life lessons and developed his skills. He would always talk about growth rather how the team needs to work with him or for him.


The conclusion is based on my personal experience. However, many of you will agree that a person is what he is from within. A cunning person professionally will be cunning personally. He might change his outer appearance based on the situation. However, his inner being will be same everywhere.

So, I think rather than changing yourself based on personal life or professional life, change as a human being. Changing yourself as a human being is enough to create a balance in personal and profession life and you do not need to struggle to maintain a dual personality.

History Of Mankind (Chapter 5)

History Of Mankind (Chapter 5). Topics Crete-A Western Preface, Israel, The land of the landless and Epics Of India, Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana and Mahabharat.

Previous Chapter – History Of Mankind (Chapter 4)

Crete-A Western Preface

Ruins of the Palace of Knossos.

Ancient Knossos in Crete built a splendid record of civilisation since 2500 B. C ., – nourished as they were by the influence of the progressive Egyptians. The Cretans had a thriving kingdom with its imposing palaces and fine pottery.

The Aryans came to Greece with their horses and cattle about 1500 B. C. They conquered some of the Mediterranean cities and began to settle there. About 1200 B. C ., the Aryans overran the island of Crete. The story of the civilisation of Knossos was thus brought to an end. The glory of Crete is however the first glimpse of the civilisation that spread its roots in the European continent centuries later.

Israel, The land of the landless

Jews at the Western Wall in the 1870s | Getty Villa, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are great names in the history of Hebrew awakening. Jacob’s son Joseph was sold as a slave to the Egyptians. The Israelites owed their prosperity to the influence of Joseph, who eventually became the prime minister of Egypt. But ages afterwards the Egyptians became jealous of the Israelites and they took to tyranny. From this oppression the people of Israel were delivered by Moses. These people settled in Palestine and gradually grew up to be a powerful nation.

Joshua succeeded Moses, and Samuel was the last of the prophets. The Jews enjoyed their greatest glory and progress under their two kings, David and Solomon. The kingdom of Israel was the home of the Jews until captured by the Assyrians in 722 B.C. Since then, for over 2500 years, the Israelites have come to be known as a homeless, wandering people.

Epics Of India, Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana and Mahabharat

The knowledge of Bhagwad Gita | Recited by Krishna to Arjun

The Aryan immigrants in India wrote some of the most famous books of the world-the Vedas, the Upanishads and the two epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata

The Ramayana, the older book, is the story of Rama, the ideal son, ideal king and the ideal warrior who fought and won over the demon Ravana. The Ramayana is said to be composed by Valmiki, the first poet of India.

The Mahabharata tells how the holy war was fought in Kurukshetra under the guidance of Krishna-the super-man to drive away the evils. The famous Bhagwad Gita is embodied in the Mahabharata.

Culture, traditions and the morals recorded are fundamentally religious even in the two epics. The next two thousand years of India’s social history is steeped in this religion of the Vedas, the Upanishads and the epics. These are to the Indians the supreme art and the profoundest philosophy at the same time. India’s art and literature have been drawing inspirations from these sources throughout her many epochs of civilisation.

Social Media

How to get more likes?

Getting more likes on Social Media is easy. Got no talent? Go exposing. You need to exore as How to Get More likes?

Internet and Social Media

Today we cannot imagine ourselves without an internet connection as it provides a global visibility. The small device in your hand can make you connect to the entire world in a click. Howerver, we are here to discuss the entertainment side rather than its benefits on business and work.

Talking about the entertainment, there are many Social Media platforms. Videos, Shorts, Reels and what not.

There are many categories for you to explore. Discuss Politics, Spread Rumors, Show your talent like Singing, Dancing and whatever you are good at. People like you and then follow you so that they get more pieces of talent of you.

Then there are people with exactly no talent. What do they do if they don’t have any talent? Either they are viewers or they or they do something out of the box to grab those likes and followers.

Got no talent? Go Nude

when I scroll through the Social Media, I find girls in semi nude outfits to grab your attention. Sometimes they do something which is sexually provocative.

Surprisingly they score a great deal as their followers are in Millions. You might have gone through these Social Media and must have found such reels or videos.

⁸I do not want to show these pictures on my website as it is made for public. However, think again as what you are giving to the society?

Some celebrity is getting paid for exposing themselves and sometimes, they go nude in Movies. Imitating those, women from the general society have started doing the same. When objected, they will simply say, it is their choice or what they want to wear. Come-on, till when will you give these lame excuses? The reality is, you are flaunting your curves to get attention and likes.

Cyber Prostitution

I did not want to use this term, however, will need to use it because women out there are flaunting their figure for more likes. For the likes and followers you get paid. If you have a talent and you get paid it is understood. What will you call going nude and getting paid?

There are sex shows or stripping club, where you go to see the strippers or topless girls and get entertained sexually. Are not you doing it on Social Media?

CONCLUSION – Some Women Prove that Women are a commodity to use for entertainment

Yes I feel so and to an extent it is true. Men enjoy the company of women. They get entertained when a woman is naked and showing her curves just to please you and get some money.

Not all men can go to brothels or strip clubs. They are enjoying you on Social Media and you are getting paid for the likes they do. IS NOT IT A CYBER PROSTITUTUON?