A brief History of Egypt, Aryans, Crete, and Israel

Egypt and Man’s Creative Urge 

Egyptian pharaoh, A brief History of Egypt, Aryans, Crete, and Israel
Egyptian pharaoh

Ancient Egyptians took great pains to preserve their dead bodies as a home for the soul to return. Their Pharaohs or kings constructed pyramids to preserve their own bodies which were made into mummies after death. These pyramids were built by slaves who had to work hard under the burning African sun.

The Egyptians knew the art of writing and drawing. They made paper from papyrus plant. The credit of introducing the use of alphabet in Europe and of inventing yearly calendar goes to the Egyptians. The art of making excellent pots and jars and of weaving linen were also known to them. Art and architecture in Egypt were the finest expression of the human mind eager to contribute to the cause of beauty.

The Aryans

Horseback riding, A brief History of Egypt, Aryans, Crete, and Israel
Horseback riding

What History tells us about Aryans?

Aryans from Central Asia invaded India and Greece in the period between 1500-2000 B.C. After a prolonged conflict, conquest was complete, and the Aryans settled down. Facing well developed civilization in both the countries, they could not escape the impact of ancient Dravidian culture of India and Cretan culture of Greece. It was the history of one culture absorbing the other and, in the process, assimilating a considerable portion of the earlier human traditions.

The dispute on Aryan Origin

Some historians believe that Aryans were the local inhabitants of the Indian Peninsula and they belong to the ancients civilizations of India.

There are recent excavations in Sinauli district of Uttar Pradesh that strenghthen the belief of Aryans belonging to India. The chariot found points towards them being warriors. Female in the society also had a warrior position in the society.

Crete-A Western Preface

A brief History of Egypt, Aryans, Crete, and Israel
Ruins of the Palace of Knossos.

Ancient Knossos in Crete built a splendid record of civilisation since 2500 B. C ., – nourished as they were by the influence of the progressive Egyptians. The Cretans had a thriving kingdom with its imposing palaces and fine pottery.

The Aryans came to Greece with their horses and cattle about 1500 B. C. They conquered some of the Mediterranean cities and began to settle there. About 1200 B. C ., the Aryans overran the island of Crete. The story of the civilisation of Knossos was thus brought to an end. The glory of Crete is however the first glimpse of the civilisation that spread its roots in the European continent centuries later.

Israel, The land of the landless

A brief History of Egypt, Aryans, Crete, and Israel
Jews at the Western Wall in the 1870s | Getty Villa, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are great names in the history of Hebrew awakening. Jacob’s son Joseph was sold as a slave to the Egyptians. The Israelites owed their prosperity to the influence of Joseph, who eventually became the prime minister of Egypt. But ages afterwards the Egyptians became jealous of the Israelites and they took to tyranny. From this oppression the people of Israel were delivered by Moses. These people settled in Palestine and gradually grew up to be a powerful nation.

Joshua succeeded Moses, and Samuel was the last of the prophets. The Jews enjoyed their greatest glory and progress under their two kings, David and Solomon. The kingdom of Israel was the home of the Jews until captured by the Assyrians in 722 B.C. Since then, for over 2500 years, the Israelites have come to be known as a homeless, wandering people.

The story of the mankind progresses and there will be more developments. Homans were not stoppable. Despite difficult times they grew and survived.

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