A Letter to Santa Claus | I Wish no Gifts | Christmas 2023


This is a letter to Santa Claus | A Letter to Santa Claus | I Wish no Gifts | Christmas 2023 | This is a letter to Santa Claus | A Letter to Santa Claus | I Wish no Gifts | Christmas 2023

A Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

Wish you a merry Christmas and thank you for bringing gifts every year. This year I do not need any gift. Do not bring a gift for me. Rather I have a wish for everyone in this world. If possible, can you please ask the God to make the life on the Earth better?

Jesus must be looking at all the nonsense that people are doing nowadays. Is Jesus or God waiting for the judgment day? When the humans kill each other there would be no one to live? 

How will this be arranged? Will there be 2 courts of Judgement? One for Islam and one for Christians? I am confused. I see people fighting over religion. Are other Gods your cousins? Or You do not even know each other? I wish you can settle the religion matter by a discussion. Just talk to each other.

I see one country attacking the other and war happening. They are killing their own kind. Isn’t it? The humans have become greedy or was it the way God created them?  If God did not create greedy people, how did they turn greedy, arrogant, and non-caring for their own world? It seems there is something not in God’s control.

One place on the Earth celebrates festivals and other part is involved in batters and wars. Santa, you care for kids. Why not this Christmas, you do something good for kids dying in air strikes? They get injured badly, they are hungry, and many kids are starving. Will you be able to take care of those children? 

I know when I am grown up, I will know that Santa is no one. The character of Santa is an imagination. But this time I believe that you are real. Sometimes, I think that even God is not real. However, I need to believe in him because, there is no choice. If I do not believe on you or on the God, where will I go? This is God’s world.

God has given us a beautiful Earth, we are polluting it and killing other species for food and fun. Then we are pretending that we are doing something to do the restoration. What I believe that God wants this Earth to gradually end. Yes! it will end and that is God’s plan. This is our secret and do not tell the God that we know the secret.

I know it is fun time celebrating the Christmas and I am writing a sad letter to you. But I am helpless. I cannot enjoy when I look at the news every day. I see a very little good happening every day. I can only see bombings and killings. I see people only thinking about money. I see all the rubbish things happening and very little are concerned about it. I want you and God to give them a helping hand.

As I told you earlier, if there is one God, from where these other Gods come? Before people on the Earth die fighting for different Gods, you call a meeting and discuss as who will take the lead. Please decide on one God and everyone will follow.

It is okay, you need not bring any gifts this time. Please fulfill my wish and let everyone prosper in this world. 

Does it not seem like partiality, when it comes to basic needs? Please do not send them luxurious gifts, at least some basic amenities. 

I know this will be difficult for you. You can send puppy as a gift, shoes as a gift for rich kids. Poor kids do not want these either. They just need food and clothes every day.

I end my letter now. See you on Christmas. Hope my wish gets fulfilled this Christmas.

You fulfil wishes.

Thank you. 

A Letter to Santa Claus | I Wish no Gifts | Christmas 2023, ThePoemStory - Poems and Stories, Poems and Stories

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