A Trip to Malana Village | A Strange Village

A Trip to Malana Village | Malana Village |


This post is about a trip to the Malana Village. Malana Hash is the best quality of Hash produced in the world. Malana Cream, Malana Gold, and Malana Super Cream are the names of the different qualities of Hash produced here. However, this is a strange village. Let us see the strange side of the village.

Delhi To Malana, Malana India

It was February of the year 2015 and I was living in Delhi. My office was in Noida. The plan for Malana was a sudden plan we executed. I remember that was a Friday night. We were doing a shift that ended at 12:00 AM Saturday. By 9:00 PM there was no plan. A sudden plan came out and we were set to go to Malana.

We started in Kasol and from Kasol we went to Malana. Kasol is about 570 Km from Noida. Almost the same as Delhi.

We took our car to Kasol. We were 4 people and me and one of my friends were to drive the car. So, it was easy for us to cover the distance.

We started at 1:00 AM Saturday and reached Kasol by 11:00 AM.

From Kasol we drove towards Malana Village. You need to cross a checkpoint and need to make an entry at the post.

Kasol to Malana (Malana Trip)

We moved towards Malana Village and reached the point where we needed to park the vehicle and cross a river by a bridge and then trek to the village.

Trekking to Malana Village
The Bridge that we crossed to start the Trek to the Village

You can park your vehicle without any fear. No one will do any harm to your car. If you have doubts, park your car in Kasol at some parking station and take public transport to this place. However, there is no problem with parking your car here. It is safe. I saw a few motorcycles parked too.

The trek to the village is almost 2.5 km and at a point, it is steep but can easily be covered. So, we reached the place after trekking 2.5 Km.

On the way, you will find some small cafes and you can refresh yourself with tea or coffee.

Strange Welcome at Cafes (Malana Hash)

I saw that as a strange welcome. As I earlier said that this place is known for the Hash it produces. As soon as you stop at the cafe, the person will ask “Chillam Lagaun Kya?” (Should I prepare some hash for you?). You can smoke that Hash for free. This is a selling technique used by the people. If you say yes, they will make you smoke and will show you the different qualities of Hash.

Note: Through this post, I am only trying to put reality. In any situation, I am not promoting smoking Hash. That is not good for your health.

I found few people asking for broken or damaged mobile phones and in return they will give you Hash. I have not thought as what they do with broken phones.

People Like to Be Snapped

If you are carrying a camera and taking pictures of people. Do not worry, they are not camera-shy. They will let you take pictures. Specially children, they will even pose for your camera.

Children of Malana Village
Children will posing for a photo.

I took beautiful pictures and I look at them still today and feel myself in the valley.

Descendants of Alexander

It is believed that when Alexander returned to Greece, some of his army members stayed in India. They came and settled at Malana village. They call themselves the descendants of Alexander. They feel themselves of a higher class than the rest of the Indians.

As I talked to one of the residents in the village, he mentioned the same. He was so proud to call himself the descendant of Alexander.

With that fact, I wondered, how they manage with people coming to their village and living there. Soon, it was revealed.

Houses Not To Be Touched

When We entered the village, we saw “Jamlu Devta Temple”. When I searched for it, I the temple is dedicated to Rishi Jamdagni. That is another story. However, the interesting part that I saw was a board that said, you will be fined and will be made to clean the temple, if you Touch it. So, no touching or entering the Jamlu Devta Temple.

Do not touch board in Malana Village
Do not Touch board on Jamlu Devta Temple.

Even, I saw the houses with a board that said, not to be touched. So, be prepared to maintain a distance from houses and temples. You are not allowed to enter them or even touch them.

Even people do not like to be touched without permission.

Staying At the Village

To stay at the village, we trekked to the end of the village and there are cheap guest houses to stay in. You cannot stay inside the village, so you need to trek to the end of the village. The House of Homestay will cook food for you. Do not expect luxurious food. It will be simple and a little expensive.

Recently, I heard that their hotels or Homestays are banned in Malana. If you know something about it, please comment.

So, we took well to accommodate a stay in Malana and took rest for a while. As the night dropped, the owner of the Homestay lit a bonfire to get relief from the cold. So, we gathered around the Bonfire and people started coming to sell the Hash.

They started showing us the different qualities of Hash or Hashish. The names were Malana Cream, Malana Sure Cream, Malana Gold, and Malana Super Gold.

Hash is used for Medicinal Purpose too. The quality of Hash depends upon the oil content. The more oil content there, the better the quality is.

We stayed in the Homestay for the night. In the morning the valley was beautiful. We took some pictures. We were amazed by the facts that we heard and saw about the Village. Someone told us that even the police cannot enter the village. If some villager wants a police intervention, he will need to pay a fine of Rs. 1000/- to the head of the village. So, most of the cases are settled within the village itself by the villagers.

The next day we returned to Kasol. Spent some time on the Parvati River and had lunch in a cafe. By the evening we drove towards Delhi and reached Delhi by 5:00 AM on Monday. The impression of Malana was deep in my heart, and I am thankful that I got a chance to see a strange part of India.


I do not want to conclude the post here. There are many stories to be told. However, I believe that you went through the post. The strange village where descendants of Alexander live. The strange village where outsiders are not allowed to touch or enter the houses. A village where Indian police cannot intervene without permission. Though people like to be snapped and clicked on camera, do not make the mistake to touch them. That was good to know the fact that Malana hash is the best in the world.

If you have any idea about the hotels in Malana, are they still running or closed by the villagers, please comment.

I have travelled to many places and will try to bring all the stories here to this website. We know we will be lost, and you will find it difficult to reach us. Though we will try to be prominent in search engines. But it is advisable to subscribe our website.

This village is indeed a strange place. At least it was for me. However, I enjoyed being in this village. I witnessed a strange village.

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