A trip to Thailand

A trip to Thailand
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I traveled to Thailand twice and the experiences were different each time. The perception of Thailand is a place for sex tourism completely vanished after my second trip. When you tell someone that I am going on A Trip to Thailand, they look at you mysteriously and smile. It is a place for sex tourism, however, deep in this country lies its beauty and culture.

My First Trip to Thailand

I was sent to Malaysia for a month for official work. We had to work Monday till Friday, and on weekends we were free to explore places. First 2 weekends I explored the places in Kuala Lumpur itself. There was nothing much to explore, however, I liked the infrastructure. Moreover, after the office ended at 5:00 PM, I explored most of the places. I and my manager planned a trip to Thailand for the coming weekend.

Thailand offers VISA ON ARRIVAL for Indians. So, on Friday we went to Kuala Lumpur airport after office and tried booking tickets for Phuket. We got round trip tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket for 600 ringgit (approx. 10,000 INR). The flight was at 6:00 AM, so we slept at KL International Airport itself.

My manager was interested in sex tourism and he wanted to explore Thai Girls. However, I was looking for what is best in Phuket and I kept searching. The thing that caught my attention was the Tiger Kingdom in Phuket. Spending the night at KL Airport was an experience and in the morning we boarded the flight to Phuket.

Phuket International Airport

At around 9:00 AM we landed. Now, we had to get the VISA formality cleared. As we were in Malaysia, we did not have the Thai currency. At the airport, we saw a man sitting with a lot of cash and he charged almost double what the exchange rate was for converting Malaysian ringgit to Thai Baht. We had to take that deal because immigration will take only Thai currency for issuing a VISA.

The Visa application was smooth though and we did not face any issues. We moved out of Phuket Airport and went to the bus station nearby. We were charged 200 Baht per person for Patong City. The buses outside will leave you to the nearby location you tell them. Vans are running too with a slightly higher price (around 300 Baht) and they will drop each passenger at their designated hotels. If you book a cab or taxi, they will charge you a heavy amount (around 1200 Baht).

We had the hotel booked through booking.com , hence, we were aware of the location. That was near the Patong Beach.

“For VISA ON Arrival in THAILAND, you need to have the Hotel booking and return ticket.”

We arrived at around 12:30 PM at the hotel and checked in. As we only had 1 night and 2 days, so, after a quick shower we went out to explore. The hotel provided the rental bikes for 175 Baht a day. We took that and we went on a ride in the city.

Patong Beach, Thailand

Patong Beach, Thailand, Phuket
Image by วันชัย อยู่สำราญ from Pixabay 

The first place we went was Patong Beach. This is an overcrowded beach and you will hardly get a place to sit and relax. However, it is clean and good. There are many restaurants and food joints opposite the beach. We had our lunch in one of the restaurants.

We explored more and we found a travel agency that was offering a discount on a ferry to Phi-Phi Island and back in a day. We had our flight late at night around 1:00 AM (back to Malaysia), so we bought the tickets for Phi-Phi Island.

We went exploring again and went to Kata Beach. My manager decided to rest on the sea beach and got a place with an umbrella on the white sand. He was more interested in Bay-Watching. I told him to be there and that I will be back in some time. I took the bike and reached Tiger Kingdom, Phuket to meet the tigers. It was at a 30 min. distance from Kata Beach. It was 2:30 PM when I left for the Tiger Kingdom.

What is there in Tiger Kingdom? Read my next article on Tiger Kingdom, Phuket.

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