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Bhupen Hazarika

Bhupen Hazarika was born in Assam, India in 1926. He was a philosophical composer and singer in my views. His songs like: Ek Kali Do Pattian and Dola were the favourite that I listened to. The song from Rudali: Dil Hoom Hoom Kare was something I love to listen in solitude. Being from Assam and Bengali as his first language he sang many songs in Bengali. I could understand and feel the meaning of his Hindi songs because, it is my first language, I fell in love with the deep meaning of his songs.

You can read more about him on Wikipedia Page: BHUPEN HAZARIKA. I would like bring this article to a beautiful song by him and it’s deep meaning. The song is “Ganga Behti Ho Kyon” – In this he questions the river Ganges as why she is flowing silently. She is the one to shape the civilizations and when human beings are getting uncivilized, why Ganges flow silently? and Why she does not do anything about it?

O Ganga Behti ho kyun?, Lyrics and Meaning

विस्तार है आपार, प्रजा दोनों पार

करे हाहाकार

निःशब्द सदा  ओ गंगा तुम, 

गंगा बहती हो क्यूँ ?

Meaning of Words:

विस्तार – Expansion, आपार – Vast, हाहाकार – Crying with pain, निःशब्द – No Words or Silent

Meaning in English

The expansion is vast and you cover a vast area giving life to people on both the banks. There is a huge population living on your sides. They are sad, and crying in pain. O! Ganges, you sill flow silently. Why do you flow silently? Why do not you say or do anything?

नैतिकता नष्ट हुई, मानवता भ्रष्ट हुई

निर्लज्ज भाव से बहती हो क्यूँ ?

इतिहास की पुकार, करे हुंकार

ओ गंगा की धार,  निर्बल जन को सबल-संग्रामी,

समग्रोगामी बनाती नहीं हो क्यूँ ?

Meaning of Words:

नैतिकता – Morality, Moral Values, मानवता – Humanity, निर्लज्ज – Shameless, इतिहास – History, हुंकार – Grunting Sound, निर्बल – Powerless, सबल-संग्रामी – Powerful Warriors, समग्रोगामी – Holistic, Addressing the whole community rather than personal values only.

Meaning in English

There is no morality left. Humanity is destroyed. However, you flow shamelessly. The history is grunting in pain and it is being lost. O! the stream of river Ganges, why you do not make these powerless and helpless people, Powerful Warriors? Why humans are getting confined to their own interests and benefits, why don’t you change them to take holistic approach and work for the whole community?

History says, Ganges left the heaven and descended to earth to help the humanity. The presence of the river gives life to the community without discrimination and it is the reason for civilizations to grow.

अनपढ़ जन, अक्षरहिन

अनगीन जन, खाद्यविहीन

नेत्रविहीन दिक्षमौन हो क्यूँ ? 

व्यक्ति रहे व्यक्ति केंद्रित

सकल समाज व्यक्तित्व रहित

निष्प्राण समाज को छोड़ती न क्यूँ ?

रुदस्विनी क्यूँ न रहीं ?

तुम निश्चय चितन नहीं

प्राणों में प्रेरणा देती न क्यूँ ? 

उनमद अवमी कुरुक्षेत्रग्रमी

गंगे जननी, नव भारत में

भीष्मरूपी सुतसमरजयी जनती नहीं हो क्यूँ ?

Meaning of Words:

अनपढ़ – Wisdom less, अक्षरहिन – Illiterate, अनगीन – Countless, जन – People, नेत्रविहीन – Blind, दिक्षमौन – Silent eyes, not noticing, निष्प्राण – Dead, समाज – Society, रुदस्विनी – beloved of rudra, wife of Shiva, निश्चय – Surely, चितन – thoughtful, प्राणों – lives, प्रेरणा – Inspiration, जननी – Mother, उनमद Rampage, भीष्मरूपी – Someone like Bhishma (Goddess Ganga was the mother of Bhishma, in Mahabharat), सुतसमरजयी – A son who wins the battles, a warrior son.

Meaning in English

On your both the banks (river Ganges) there are countless people living. They are wisdom less and illiterate. Countless are without food. Why are you flowing blindly? Why you do not notice? This society is going lifeless. Why do not you leave this dead society?

The society is dead in a sense that every individual is concentrating to himself only and not about the society they live in. The whole society is personality less as the morals are lost. O! Ganges, why do not you leave this society?

Why do not you act like the beloved of Shiva, who is furious and who is punishing? You definitely and surely not thoughtful. If you are thoughtful, why do not you give inspirations to life?

You are known for you rampaging and powerful flow. Still you go silently and blindly without noticing.

O! mother Ganges, why do not you produce a son like Bhishma, who was a warrior and concurred many battles. He is know for his righteousness and fury at the same time. Why do not you produce a son like him in new India? O! Ganges, why do you flow silently?

Why Bhupen Hazarika referred to Ganges?

The river Ganges was brought to the earth to purify humanity. It gave life to civilizations. She is known for her rampaging flow. She was brought to the earth for the benefit of the society. Bhupen Hazarika sees that the river with such a value and power flows silently into a dead, selfish and corrupt society. She is flowing silently and blindly and doing nothing.

Video – O Ganga Behti ho kyun?

Ganga Behti ho Kyun – A song by Bhupen Hazarika.

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