Decorated idol of Hindu Goddess Durga.

Idol worship in Hinduism

Idol worship in Hinduism Hindus are known for worshipping idols, by idols we mainly understand the humanly picturization of God. Like durga with 10 hands or Brahma with 4 heads. This is completely a wrong conception and it picked up later in hinduism. In ancient Hindu culture, the idols were worshipped, however, they were symbolic. …

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India Flag Frontal Close up, golden era of indian history

The golden era of Indian History

India during Mauryan Dynasty. Maximum extent of the Maurya Empire, as shown by the location of Ashoka’s inscriptions, and visualized by historians: Vincent Arthur Smith; R. C. Majumdar; and historical geographer Joseph E. Schwartzberg. Nanda Empire of Magadh Magadh was the most expanded and strong empire of India. Mahapadma Nanda was ruling Magadha before 321 …

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Buddha,. Gautam Buddha

Buddha The Revolutionary

Preface Buddha The Revolutionary – Buddha was indeed a revolutionary as he served the humanity in the best possible way. With time Brahmins of Hindu religion starting imposing too many rituals and rites. They played with the sentiments of people and made them afraid of god. The rich and prosperous supported the Brahmins as they …

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feather and ink bottle

Story Of Writing

STORY OF WRITING The man began to express himself in signs, sounds, and words many thousands of years before writing could be developed. Ages ago when man lived in caves, he drew pictures of animals on the walls. The idea of using a picture to represent a sound instead of a thing might have at …

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Saraswati – The Godess of Knowledge and Art