Do you feel that you are not successful,?

Do you feel that you are not successful, Success, motivation,

Do you feel that you are not successful? The feeling of unsuccess is giving you stress? Think again, you are the most successful creation of god. The life inside you is your success.

A quote on success.

Do you feel that you are not successful?

Many times this thought will come to your mind. It will take you on a stressful trip and if it is worse, it will lead to depression. Do you often feel that you are not successful? Do you think that your life is a waste? A sense of not achieving anything in life or sometimes you even think of ending your life. If you have gone through such thoughts, this is the correct article for you.

We as human beings are good at comparing things. We live in a world of comparisons. Since our birth, we are taught to distinguish things based on comparisons. However, nobody teaches you what not to compare.

The feeling of being unsuccessful

Why do you feel that you are not successful? The answer is that you compare yourself to others. Another good reason is that you have stopped counting your small successes. You are targeting a big success and in that pursuit, you do not count the small ones.

Get out of that comparison mode immediately. Your comparisons are purely based on materialistic things like a big house, an expensive car, or maybe the money that you have in your bank account. Give it a thought, your comparison for success or failure is always about materialistic things. Take note of things that make you feel you are not successful.

A mismanaged married life, a broken relationship, loss in business or not getting a job that you like. Not getting what you wanted to achieve is the reason for the negative thought.

A small story is worth telling here. I met a person while I was traveling on a train. He was bragging about how much money he had and how he earned that money. He had 3 doctorate degrees in different fields and all his family members were placed in foreign countries. When it was enough I could handle, I told him that he spent half his life earning 3 doctorate degrees, and then he spent much of his life making money. I asked him if he felt he was successful in his life. His answer was that he felt something missing from life. He too felt that he is not successful.

The point here is achieving material does not make you feel successful. The sense of success should originate within yourself.

Celebrate small successes and be positive

If the stress of being unsuccessful is taking over your thoughts, you need to get rid of this negative thought. Think again, you are the most successful creation of god. What is within yourself? Think again, the phenomenon within you is life itself. This is the most mysterious thing inside you. Nobody is able to explain this phenomenon. That is the first success you have.

Rather than longing for worldly wealth, concentrate on self-satisfaction. If you are reading this post you have a mobile phone in your hand or a laptop or mac. Many people do not have food to eat. You need to care for them. Many people cannot even think about cars or vehicles, and that silly thought is a reason for your depression.

If you are depressed because you did not get sufficient amount to spend lavishly in a costly restaurant, think again, do you need it more than your life?

Is a failed relationship your problem? Think again, you were born alone and will die alone. The person who left you was not worth your company.

These are all my thoughts. I am not an expert though, however, I am trying my best to help people come out of depression and stress. After reading the article, Do you feel that you are not successful? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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