France and India – A History of Friendly Relationship and Strong Bonding

France and India

Introduction – France and India Relationship

France and India are bound together, creating a History of friendly and strong bonding. Be it diplomatic, economic, and cultural relationships both countries are together on the platform of world politics. Bother countries share the same views and are aligned with each other on the principle of Democracy and respect for International laws.

Let us take into A History of Friendly Relationships and Strong Bonding. Moreover, the current developments between these countries further bond the relationship.

In 1947 India got independent and shortly after its Independence, it established a diplomatic relationship with France. Since then both the country’s officials and diplomats have visited each other frequently. Both countries have worked on various global topics like international cooperation, measures to prevent terrorism and environmental problems.

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France and India Collaborations

India and France In the Field of Defense

The most significant relationship is in the field of Defense. Both India and France collaborate in the field of defense. They share the technologies required for defense, and there had been multiple joint military drills.

Recently, India bought Rafael Fighter Planes from France. These aircraft are top in technology and have significantly strengthened India’s Air Dominance. India and France are involved in many such transactions and near future, both countries have more plans that we will discuss in this post.

Rafael Fighter Planes from France
France and India - A History of Friendly Relationship and Strong Bonding, ThePoemStory - Poems and Stories, Poems and Stories
Paratroopers of french 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment RPIMA in entrenchments

India and France In the field of Space Exploration

India and France co-operate with each other when it is related to space explorations and mission. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and CNES (French National Centre for Space Studies) have a collaborated multiple times.

On February 25, 2013, SARAL was launched from India’s Satish Dhawan Space Center. The joint satellite mission known as SARAL (Satellite with Argos and ALtiKa) between the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) is a prime example of their coordination.

France and India in 2023

Future of France and India Relationships, India’s DRDO to Open its First Technical Office in Paris, India to sign a deal on 26 Rafael Jets for its Naval Ship, France Announce Deals for Submarines, India and France to work on Helicopter Engine development.

According to a joint statement released by India and France on 15th July 2023, as defense cooperation between the two countries grows, India is establishing a technical office of the DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) in its embassy in Paris.


Additionally, during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two-day official trip to France, where he attended the Bastille Day Parade as the Guest of Honor, both France and India cheered the timely arrival of the 36 Rafael aircraft that India had ordered.

The two countries stood in favor of the industrial partnership between Safran Helicopter Engine (France) and the Indian Multi-Role Helicopter [IMRH] program for the motorization of heavy-lift helicopters. To help the IMRH program grow, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), an Indian company, and Safran Helicopter Engine, a French company, struck a shareholders’ agreement for engine development.

Safran Helicopter
Safran Helicopter

A model of Make in India, the first Scorpene submarine building program (P75 – Kalvari) was also praised by India and France, as was the exchange of naval experience between enterprises in the two nations.

India is about to negotiate a contract with France to buy 26 Rafale M naval fighters and three more Scorpene submarines. According to India Today, these agreements, which are estimated to be worth Rs 90,000 crore, are anticipated to be completed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trip to France from July 14 2023 to July 16, 2023.

France and India - A History of Friendly Relationship and Strong Bonding, ThePoemStory - Poems and Stories, Poems and Stories
INS Kalvari – Scorpene Submarine. Image Source: Indian Navy, CC BY 2.5 IN, via Wikimedia Commons

On Monday, July 10, the defense procurement board (DPP) approved the transactions. The defense ministry is anticipated to quickly approve the Indian Navy’s intention to operate the Rafael aircraft on its aircraft carriers. The Indian Navy has been struggling to meet its needs due to a paucity of planes and submarines.

This is a part of contemporary history. We will publish more posts on the History of France as it is a great topic in the entire history.

Conclusion: India and France’s Friendship

We saw that India and France are close friends on world platforms. They collaborate in various fields. Be it space exploration or defense systems. With the establishment of DRDO in France, ordering more Rafael Jets fighters, Helicopters, and Submarines, India will become more strong on the defense front. France and India’s Relationship in 2023 will build a long term international relationship in years to come.

With the launch of Chandrayan-3, and if it is successful, India and France can look positively in the direction of Space Exploration.

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