History of Mankind (Chapter 13)

This is the 13th Chapter of History of Mankind. Read about Downfall of Brahmanism, Uprising of other religions in India. Rise of Buddhism in India.

Brahminism slowly revived during the reign of the latter Mauryas. India was then facing invasions by the tribes from Central Asia namely the Sakas, the Turkish and the Kushans. The Kushans formed a kingdom in N.W. Frontier in 100 B.C., under Kanishka. He had become a Buddhist, and the Kushan empire extended its power over the whole of northern India. 

This empire lasted for 300 years despite the repeated invasions that forced the artists and craftsmen to migrate to south India. The Andhra state which was flourishing during this period became the centre of the old Indo-Aryan culture. Its trade with the Mediterranean countries was widespread. 

But despite so many fresh contacts with invaders and traders of other lands, India built up walls of orthodoxy and shut her mind away from anything new. With rapt attention to the past, old traditions led man to the blind alley of sterile life.