History of Mankind (Chapter 14)

This is the 14th Chapter of History of Mankind. Read about Christianity, Sign of the cross. A brief reference of Jesus. Jesus Christ.

The Christian era is calculated from the supposed date of the birth of Christ. It is a general practice to refer the dates after the birth of Christ as A.D. In the present volume, however, A.D., and B.C., have been used while referring to dates after and before Christ, respectively. 

Jesus was born at Nazareth. Long before Jesus was born, the Jews expected the coming of one-a Messiah-who would bring peace and happiness to them. By birth Jesus was a Jew. But the Jews were utterly disappointed when Jesus spoke out against the Jewish priests and against the vices of the then Jewish Society. The priests and the Jews could not tolerate this social rebel. Proceedings were drawn against him, and Jesus was sentenced and crucified. The world was not ready then nor it is to-day, to adopt the creed of Non-Violence that Jesus preached. It recorded its violent disapproval by ‘the sign of the cross.’