History of Mankind (Chapter 15)

This is the 15th Chapter of History of Mankind. Read about Buddhism in China, History of China under Buddhism. Achievements of China under Buddhism.


The Ch’in dynasty was established in China by the Duke of Ch’in in 255 B.C. His son Shih-Huang-Ti made efforts to wipe out the memories of the old tradition and passed orders to destroy the Confucian classics. The building of the famous Great Wall began in this period to keep off the Huns. 

China was strongly influenced by Buddhism in about 64 A.D., during the reign of the emperor Ming-Ti. The Chinese invented the art of printing by carving letters on blocks of wood. The first census also took place in China in 156 A.D.

The rule of the Han dynasty that came to power in 206 B.C., declined at the beginning of the third century A.C. The empire was divided. This phase is known in history as the “Three kingdom period”. It lasted for several hundred years. 

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