This is the 17th Chapter of History of Mankind. Read about the great expansion of India. What was greater India. It spread across Java, Sumatra and Cambodia.


Hindu and Buddhist adventurers and merchants from all parts of maritime India, right from Bengal to Gujrat, established colonies and kingdoms all over Malaya, Indo-China, Java, Sumatra, Cambodia and Borneo-forming what is known as the Greater India. The Pallhavas from south India took the lead in this great enterprise and established the Sumatran empire about second century A.D. It became a Buddhist state in the sixth century. 

An independent Hindu state in eastern Java became very powerful and in 1377 A.D ., the empire of Sri Vijaya, which included the whole of Malaysia, was crushed by this Hindu power. Several Hindu states also existed in Indo-China since the beginning of the fifth century. About 800 A.D., Jaya-Varman, a Buddhist, united these states and formed the Cambodian empire. The city of Angkor of the famous Angkor-vat became its capital. 

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