This is the 18th Chapter of History of Mankind. Read about HINDU REVIVAL UNDER GUPTAS, Chandragupta, Samudragupta.


The Kushan empire was fast losing its grip since the beginning of the third century A.C. The tribal descendants managed to establish small kingdoms all over northern India. They had become Indian in their outlook and turned Buddhists, but the people and specially the Kshatriyas treated them as aliens. About 307 A.D., Chandragupta, a petty ruler of Pataliputra declared a ‘Holy War’ against the foreign rulers and conquered a part of northern India. When his son Samudragupta became emperor, he managed to extend the Gupta empire practically all over India barring the South. The Pallhavas were ruling in the South since the third century A.D., with Conjeevaram as their capital. They ruled the Tamil land for 600 years.

The non-Aryans were looked upon with hatred as Malechchhas. Hinduism became aggressive and intolerant though Buddhism was in the process of being absorbed within the fold of Hinduism. 

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