History Of Mankind – Preface

Evolution of Mankind @ThePoemStory

History of Mankind – Preface

We are Human beings and our history is important as we have moved from being nomads to a race which is ruling the world now. No other animal has done so. Human beings have captured almost every aspect of the earth and then the hunger for knowledge and growth took the humans to the outer space.

Human beings have travelled quiet a long distance on history’s timeline. As a human we grew from pre-historic fish like animals. We learnt to walk, we discovered the fire, from hunting for food to growing the food into our fields. We learnt to tame animals and use them for our work, food and other resources.

Many scientist researched and spent time on understanding the habits of pre-historic people. How did they turn into a civilized and settled colonies from nomads and ever hunting population? This is a gradual development and nothing happened in a day. It took year millions of years to change into what we are today.

In pre-historic era we only had work like hunting and finding shelter to continue our lives. Hunting for food though was tough without tools. It was a struggle, a struggle to survive and it was everyday for thousand of years. Today, it is hard to imagine that everyday it was a survival story. This continued for thousand of years. On the contrary, human beings not just survived, they kept on learning. Learning new skills made the growth and development faster.

Without tools and weapons it was trough for human beings to hunt and they used to survive by the food or dead animals that nature gave them. Gradually we started building weapons from stones, later metals and you know the sort of weapons that we possess today. With weapons it became easier to hunt. Man started settling in like minded and like featured group. From finding shelters we moved to building shelters and later learnt to build shelter as per the weather conditions.

Invention of Fire Sparked the Development of Human's @ThePoemStory
Invention of Fire Sparked the Development of Human’s @ThePoemStory
Wheel Changed the Pace of Mankind @ThePoemStory
Wheel Changed the Pace of Mankind @ThePoemStory

Invention of fire was a milestone in Human history. Rubbing two stones or dry wood produced that was to change the Human’s fate and destiny forever. None of the animals did this. Else they would definitely has won the race with human beings.

Invention of wheel was another milestone as it made commutation faster and made it easy to carry goods.

We learnt to tame animals to make our work easy. With settlement came the farming and growing the own food. Living in a society made it easy as someone will hunt, someone will grow the crops and someone will simply provide services like cooking and cleaning etc. This made an interdependent society and with depending on others, human being started getting more time for thinking of progress. So, some brainy person started the communication. Cave painting, spoken communication, written language and what not.

Knowledge Became the Key for Development @ThePoemStory

With communication the knowledge started spreading. Education system flourished. Schools for different skill started. You cannot imagine this world without the education system.

We have more to say and more to explain. Humans survived, Humans Flourished, Humans Fought, Humans did many things. Religions flourished and people turned against their own race. However, still a hope is there.

We will soon bring more articles. In our section History Of Mankind.

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