How to get more likes?

Getting more likes on Social Media is easy. Got no talent? Go exposing. You need to exore as How to Get More likes?

Internet and Social Media

Today we cannot imagine ourselves without an internet connection as it provides a global visibility. The small device in your hand can make you connect to the entire world in a click. Howerver, we are here to discuss the entertainment side rather than its benefits on business and work.

Talking about the entertainment, there are many Social Media platforms. Videos, Shorts, Reels and what not.

There are many categories for you to explore. Discuss Politics, Spread Rumors, Show your talent like Singing, Dancing and whatever you are good at. People like you and then follow you so that they get more pieces of talent of you.

Then there are people with exactly no talent. What do they do if they don’t have any talent? Either they are viewers or they or they do something out of the box to grab those likes and followers.

Got no talent? Go Nude

when I scroll through the Social Media, I find girls in semi nude outfits to grab your attention. Sometimes they do something which is sexually provocative.

Surprisingly they score a great deal as their followers are in Millions. You might have gone through these Social Media and must have found such reels or videos.

⁸I do not want to show these pictures on my website as it is made for public. However, think again as what you are giving to the society?

Some celebrity is getting paid for exposing themselves and sometimes, they go nude in Movies. Imitating those, women from the general society have started doing the same. When objected, they will simply say, it is their choice or what they want to wear. Come-on, till when will you give these lame excuses? The reality is, you are flaunting your curves to get attention and likes.

Cyber Prostitution

I did not want to use this term, however, will need to use it because women out there are flaunting their figure for more likes. For the likes and followers you get paid. If you have a talent and you get paid it is understood. What will you call going nude and getting paid?

There are sex shows or stripping club, where you go to see the strippers or topless girls and get entertained sexually. Are not you doing it on Social Media?

CONCLUSION – Some Women Prove that Women are a commodity to use for entertainment

Yes I feel so and to an extent it is true. Men enjoy the company of women. They get entertained when a woman is naked and showing her curves just to please you and get some money.

Not all men can go to brothels or strip clubs. They are enjoying you on Social Media and you are getting paid for the likes they do. IS NOT IT A CYBER PROSTITUTUON?

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