Idol worship in Hinduism

Decorated idol of Hindu Goddess Durga. Idol worship in hinduism
Decorated idol of Hindu Goddess Durga. Idol worship in Hinduism

Idol worship in Hinduism

Hindus are known for worshipping idols, by idols we mainly understand the humanly picturization of God. Like durga with 10 hands or Brahma with 4 heads. This is completely a wrong conception and it picked up later in hinduism.

In ancient Hindu culture, the idols were worshipped, however, they were symbolic. Either gods were made of tree trunks, leaves or with clay an oval figure was made. This evidence can be found in many older villages of India, where every house had an ancestral good. They were never depicted as figures in human form. They were all worshipped as symbols.

Hindus worship lord Vishnu when they do Satyanarayan pooja. The Satyanarayan is nothing but a black oval-shaped stone. This stone is known as Thakur Ji as a symbol of lord Vishnu. This is a Shaligram stone.

With the Shaligram stone banana leaves are used. Nowhere it is imagined as a human figure.
When we went into the past and looked into the statues of Durga built in Dussehra, they were made of tree trunks and not like what we see today. Durga in older days did not have 10 hands when worshipped. The tree trunk was used as a symbol.

Moreover, if we move to Vedic era, everything that empowered human life was worshipped. The sun, The moon, Fire, and rain were worshipped. They all were the factors that empowered the human life.

Paintings of Hindu Gods

When we look at the later ages, one of the great painters of India, Raja Ravi Verma, with his imagination painted the pictures of God and Goddesses. He drew many paintings where he depicted Hindu Gods in human form.
Paintings we’re expensive to buy and everyone could not afford it. It was Raja Ravi Verma’s personal work and would have remained confined to him and his closed once. However, at the same time, printing press were started and that was a revolution. The paintings started getting printed and multiple copies could be made.

Printing press printed god posters

With multiple copies, it became cheaper for average people to buy it. These paintings gradually induced a sense of Gods and Godesses as human figures with some superpowers or characteristics that was non believing for a normal human. Anything which is unbelievable becomes a god like figure for you. With this, the idols started changing. From symbols to human figures. With advancements in technology, you can see Gods and Godesses acting in Dussehra Pandals.

Rama Nanda Sagar’s Ramayan was first of its kind where people can see their gods and goddesses moving and act like human. So, it became extremely popular.

Do Muslims worship idols?

Muslims offer Namaz 5 times a day. A true Muslim will never lie or never gamble. Indian Muslims will offer Namaz in the west direction and will never lie facing west. The reason behind this is, mecca is in the west of India.

Mecca is a symbol of the origin of Islam and most pious place for Muslims. Wherever they are in the world, they will offer namaz in the direction of Mecca.

This raises a question that if the Allah is everywhere, why the Namaz is offered in the direction of Mecca?

Similar to hindus, Muslims are worshipping some symbol.

Idol worship in Buddhism

Buddhism says Buddha was against idol worship. The era in which Buddha walked the earth, Hindus were worshipping the idols. Not gods in Human form. Lord Buddha throughout his life said, do not make my idol and worship it and do not make any religion out of my teachings. What Buddha’s followers did? They only did not make his huge statues, they made a religion of his teachings too. Moreover, they fought within themselves and divided it into two sects Mahayan and Heenyan.

No Church without Jesus idol

When Christians are worshipping an idol of Jesus as a symbol and made need a cross sign to showcase the existence of God, why only Hinduism is said to be worshipping idols?
In the teaching of Bible it is said “you should not call anybody father, other than God”. Still they call the priest a father.

Why Hinduism in question?

Hinduism is the only religion which does not believe in segregation of god according to it’s belief. In Hinduism, whatever is giving you a support for life is God. People often laugh on Hinduism that hindus have 33 crore gods, because they are ignorant and illiterate. They have not ever thought of reading or knowing the Hindu philosophy.

As I said anything that is support for life, Hindu’s will consider as God. Even hunger, thirst, and expectations are considered as God. But Hindus too believe in one Supreme power which is above all and formless like other religions.

If you still think that Hinduism is the only religion worshipping idols, tell me a religion where an idol is not worshipped. There is no such religion. Hidus worship the human form, Muslims worship a building in Mecca, Christians worship a cross sign, and Buddhism is full of idols.

These are my personal thoughts and I might be wrong. But my thoughts have a question. If you can answer these, please comment.

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