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Introduction – Inspiration Behind a Blogging Website

My Inspiration Behind a Blogging Website is the story of this website. This blogging website adds to the crowd of blogging websites that already exist. Many people are blogging for money, while others are blogging for fun. My inspiration is different which helped me in starting a blog website.

Let us see, what inspired me to start a blogging website.

My Love for Literature (Blog Website)

Since childhood, I loved reading different novels and books by famous writers. Most of the things I read, were in the Hindi language. I also read some English books and found that reading literature brings you closer to life. Literature gives you a sense that you can feel someone’s emotions through his written words.

The description of happiness, pain, love, and emotions takes you to the writer’s world. A good writer never fails to show you his world through his eyes. After reading many books, I got the inspiration to write my own stories and poems. I started writing them and losing them as I am not good at keeping things organized.

I started writing things on someone else’s blogging websites; however, I did not feel satisfied. I then thought of starting my blogging website.

A website for literature, stories, poems, and other blogs.

My Love for Traveling

Another inspiration for starting a blog website is my love for traveling. I like to travel and explore places. There are many travel websites, however, I want to write my experiences. My personal experiences. Quite possible that it matches your experiences too. However, if somewhere I cross the line, forgive me for that.

The mode of my traveling is my motorcycle, Royal Enfield Classic 350. I have traveled to many places, however, every time my experience was different. Every time, I missed a few things and that made me think, I should come again to this place and explore it again, however, you do not get time to visit that place again. Has that happened to you as well? Put a comment.

I thought of writing down my traveling experiences, and I started a blogging website. Later I came to know that many people are blogging for money. That is a good idea, if I can get money for my travel stories, I can travel more. Isn’t it? If you are a travel blogger, how much do you make? Please comment and inspire me.

I Am from India and My Hindi Is Almost Okay

As I told you earlier, I have read many books, that improved my understanding of the Hindi Language. English is my second language as I need to use it for my profession. So, I think, I can explain or translate literature, poems, and stories better in the English language. That makes good things reachable to the world.

If there is a beautiful, inspiring, motivating, and love poem that is written in Hindi, I think, I can translate it and make it available for the world to read. What do you think?

So, that becomes an Inspiration behind a blogging website.

My Technical Experience is Another Inspiration Behind a Blog Site

I do not want to brag, but I follow a basic rule of learning things every day. I try to learn something every day. However, I have 16 years of Technical Experience. I remember the day when I was afraid of touching computers.

I am from a small town in Bihar. When I graduated, we did not have mobiles or computers easily available. I kept learning different things with time. I followed the principle of learning every day. With that principle, I know, I have grown from what I was 16 years ago.

During the Covid-19 phase, when the world was locked inside the house. People used social media to connect, and many people watched Netflix series to entertain themselves. I too watched some on Netflix, however, I was not gaining anything out of that. So, I thought of something creative to keep me engaged and entertained. I put my time in starting a blog.

I started writing on other platforms and started looking for free options. I did start a blogger and a Wix subdomain, however, all ended up being unsuccessful. Then I learned about buying a domain and hosting space and what now. I started a WordPress site, but it was again not successful. Sometimes, the website was hacked, sometimes some plugin ruined it. Trust me, this is not as easy as you watch in YouTube videos. Every plugin is a chapter in itself, and you need to read it all.

I think, you too learned something during the covid-19 lockout period. Comment about it.

So, my technical knowledge made me learn WordPress and all plugins. I still think I have not learned it completely. So, will keep on learning and adding to this website.

My Personal Life Stories (My first blog)

Everybody’s life is unique. Everyone has a different experience in his life. There are happy moments, sad moments, and winning and losing moments. I think every moment in my life is a story. It would be good to write them as stories.

Do not you think, your life is a unique story? Comment, please. You can write your own story.

Creating this Blog Page (Blog Sites)

While creating this blog page or blog site, there were many ideas. There were aspirations, however, my website was hacked a multiple time. I learnt a great deal. Right from technical stuff to literature and I am still learning.

You can read translation of Hindi Poems to English. Trying to bring more for you. Hope you will like it. Please comment.

I am working on translation of Rashmirathi as well. Will start posting.

Poems by Harivansh Rai Bachchan


Factors that contribute to my Inspiration for a blogging website are, My Love for Literature, My Love for Traveling, Technical Experience, My Personal Life Stories, and my principle of learning something every day. I will try to make this blogging website a unique one. Blogging for money or blogging for fun is the secondary motive behind this website. The primary motive is to give you something unique and interesting to read. If you liked reading this post, that will be an added inspiration for me. I will look for your comments.

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