Internet is what we want it to be

Have you ever wondered that you search the Internet for information. When you search, there is a load of information provided you. Have you ever thought, from where we get this information? Let us look into it and we would conclude it to “Internet is what we want it to be”.

You need information and you search the Internet. Maybe you use Google Search, Bing Search or Yahoo Search. You are provided with a load of information and you click on it link by link to get the information. It is human beings only creating the information you need to get.

Remember old days, when Internet was not there. For any information you needed, you asked people who you think are knowledgeable. Now, you get only the information that they have. Maybe, later you discovered that the information was wrong. Sometimes misleading. Sometimes, you discovered a better information or solution.

Internet is created by Humans

Yes, the internet is created by Human beings. The knowledge shared is by humans only. On the Internet, you get what they want to make you read. Like, you are reading this blog because, I have put some information into it.

Most of the people provide information for money. Their blogs, videos and posts are created for making money. Sometimes they chose shortcuts, copy and paste information. Change the lines and words of the information and present it to you. In a nutshell 90% of the information is repeated, either by copy paste or changing the language.

Misleading Videos

You scroll through videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platform. Honestly, can you figure out as how many videos are fake? They are made interesting for you, however, the information is fake. Before you download that information to your brain, analyze it. This is the dark side of Social Media. Remember, fake things come in beautiful and attractive packages. Reality is simple.

Recently, I saw many videos where people spreading hatred, people taking the benefit of situations around the country. They even do not think as how their videos will change lives. Just to make few more money they can do anything on videos. Ladies are going nude, Politicians are getting abusive and people are spreading hatred. Religious attacks and exchange of abuses going on. You come across many of them on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

Misleading Posts or Blogs

I am also trying to publish some or the other kind of information on the Internet. However, I went through multiple aspects of blogging. Example: Bringing Traffic to the Website, How to work on Keywords and most important, How to write blogs with AI.

To bring more traffic on the website, people are using misleading information. They play with Keywords and then they do not work on the actual content. The traffic they get from the keywords they use. There is a an Artificial Intelligence running behind to validate a post. This Artificial Intelligence does not care if the provided information is correct or not.

So, I tried doing the post creation by AI. Everybody is concerned about health. 99% of people search one or the other health issue on internet at least once in a day. Now, as health issues are being searched billion times a day, this becomes the best niche for content creators. So they start writing articles on diseases and medicines without a knowledge. When stuck they use Artificial Intelligence tools to write the blogs on health.

This Artificial Intelligence tool searches the Internet again, copies from top posts, rotate words and sentences to evade any copyright issue and creates a new blog. In this complete process only words have been replaced by Synonyms, sentences are restructured. However, the content and the meaning of the content remain the same. So, the information whether wrong or right is circulated once again. You come across many of them on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

What people do on the Internet?

It depends upon you whether you take the Internet as a source to enhance knowledge or a source of Entertainment. You can either spend time creating a good content, creating a misleading content or spend time entertaining yourself. If there are ill effects of Internet in your life, do not accuse Internet. Because, everything has a fair usage policy. If you use it unfairly, it will ruin you.

Conclusion, Internet is what we want it to be

From this post you should have understood that Internet is what we make it. I publish a bad content, it will be on the Internet. I publish a good content, it will be on the Internet. If abuses are posted, abuses will be read. If nudity is published, nudity will be seen. Knowledge is published and knowledge will be distributed.

Hence, we need to be mindful as content creator as how are going to change the information and knowledge presented on the Internet. This is a strong tool or weapon that we hold in our hands. Let us not use this for destruction. Construct something positive. Create something good on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

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