Is making money online easy?

Is making money online easy?
Is making money online easy?

Is making money online easy? I am writing this post after spending 2 years trying to set up a website. It was not the same website. I know the pain of owning a Website, and its pros and cons. You might see many YouTube videos and think it will be too easy to make money online. The quick money-making tricks are all fake.

You can make money online

I am not saying that you cannot make money by owning a blog or YouTube Channel, Of-course you can make money. However, it will not be as simple as you would have seen or read. 

There was a time when the competition was less because awareness was less. I started a website 16 years ago. I submitted it for Adsense approval as well. It was rejected because of content. Trust me 16 years ago, Adsense even did not use to validate your address by sending a code. Once dismissed, I left it thinking it is not my cup of tea.

Suddenly, the awareness grew and the advertising market grew. People got more knowledge on how to earn money from Ads. Google came up with Adsense and YouTube money-making ideas. I am trying again.

Hard work is needed to make money online

Hard work is needed to make money online
Hard work is needed to make money online

To make money, you might have started a YouTube channel or started a blogging website. You watched a YouTube video and people were saying, I have earned money fast and you tried that as well. You started blogging. But, to your surprise money did not start raining. Trust me all such videos are fake. If they were earning even $10 a day through blogging, they will not come and tell you their secret. They will not tell the Niche they are following. That will increase their competitiveness.

A lot to learn to earn online money 

You need to learn to get a domain name and hosting space that will be easy to manage. That is the icing on the cake. You might be asking, what to learn to make money online.

Now, you install WordPress setup themes and plugins and you start writing your blogs. After sufficient posts, you submit your site to Adsense and it does not get approved. Because you do not know and went through Google Adsense Policies. You need to learn and it takes time.

You just cannot write anything and Adsense will start paying. Many YouTube videos will suggest you use Artificial Intelligence to write your post. Wow! That is easy. I WONDER WHY I LOOK FOR SOME INFORMATION AND GET FRUSTRATED BECAUSE YOUR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HAS RUINED THE COMPLETE INFORMATION. 

If you are using Artificial Intelligence to write your articles, stop it right away. Artificial Intelligence is for sweeping your house and cleaning your stuff. It is not okay for writing articles. Because writing articles requires experience and much analytical skill. 


Create original content

Ask any successful YouTube creator, or blog writer, who is successful. They are using their original content, and original talent to make money online. 

You can also create original content and earn money. The only thing required is dedication and hard work. Trust me, you need to flow with the trend and hit it at the right time.  If you do not believe me, go to Google Trends. Official news channels and a good workforce are ranking at the top. They did not use a piece of cheated information. 

I am not saying that you cannot make money online. But, be original and work hard.

Conclusion – Is making money online easy?

  • Making money online is easy. However, always use your original content. Getting the original content is tough.
  • Go through the AdSense policies and comply with them.
  • Should learn a lot of tools like WordPress, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, and Google Search Console.
  • Cheated information or articles written by Artificial Intelligence will not survive for long. Your original content is forever.
  • Anyone claiming that they make money easily is them. You cannot apply the same trick and start earning. You need to work hard.

If you do not trust me, all the contents I have written on this website are original. However, I know that the posts on this website will run for a longer time and if start earning, it will yield money for a longer time.

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