Mankind’s History

Ancient cave drawings, Mankind's History, History, prehistoric age
Ancient cave drawings

Mankind’s History

We are Humans, and our history is significant because it shows how we evolved from nomadic people to the current dominant race on the globe. Other animals have not done this. After nearly conquering all facets of the planet, humanity travelled to outer space in search of knowledge and advancement.

The mankind has come a very long way on the timeline of history. We evolved into beings like humans from ancient fish-like creatures. After learning to walk and making fire, we transitioned from finding food to farming it in our fields. Animals were domesticated so that we might use them for labor, food, and other purposes.

Many scientists researched and spent time understanding the habits of pre-historic people. How did they turn into civilized and settled colonies from nomads and ever-hunting populations? This is a gradual development and nothing happened in a day. It took year millions of years to change into what we are today.

The Prehistoric Age

Our sole methods of surviving during the ancient era were activities like hunting and shelter-building. Even yet, hunting for food was difficult without equipment. For thousands and thousands of years, obtaining food was a daily battle. It is hard to imagine that there was a period when individuals had to come up with daily survival stories. This continued for a very long period. On the other hand, individuals were able to continue learning in addition to just surviving. The development of new skills accelerated.

The capacity to create hunting equipment and weaponry both developed through time. Getting protection was the major objective. As we learn more about history and contemporary culture, we can see how these tools, which were created to promote human progress, served as a tool for wars and conflict

The Development Of Tools and Weapons

Without tools and weapons, humans had to rely on the food and dead animals that nature provided them to survive. We slowly began making weapons out of stones, then later, metals, and eventually, the kinds of weaponry we have today. Hunting became simpler with the use of guns. The man began establishing groups with similar ideologies and characteristics. We progressed from finding shelter to creating shelter and eventually learned to create shelter according to the weather.

A turning point in human history was the discovery of fire. The result of rubbing two stones together on a piece of dry wood was to alter the course of human history. The animals didn’t do this either. Otherwise, they would have easily defeated humans in the race.

Another significant development was the creation of the wheel, which sped up transportation and made carrying cargo simple.

Human Started Using Animals

To make our task easier, we learned how to train animals. With settlement came cultivation and food production on one’s property. Because someone will hunt, someone will cultivate the crops, and someone will merely give services like cooking and cleaning, etc., living in a society has become easier. This resulted in an interconnected society, and as a result of dependence on others, people began to have more time for forward-thinking thoughts. Someone clever might have thought of the way humans needed to communicate. Writing, one form of communication, can be seen in prehistoric-age caves.

The spread of information began with communication. The educational system prospered. Schools with various skill sets have begun. This world is unimaginable without the educational system.

More has to be said and explained, as well. Humans endured, prospered, engaged in conflict, and carried out a variety of tasks. Religions were in vogue, and people began to hate each other. However, there is still hope.

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