My first motorcycle ride

My fist image on motorcycle, My first motorcycle ride, My fist image on motorcycle,
My fist image on motorcycle, My first motorcycle ride

My first motorcycle ride

This is my first picture on a motorcycle. This picture was taken at the Bhadrakali Temple, Itkhori (currently in Jharkhand state).

The motorcycle in the picture is a Rajdoot 1986 Model.

Rajdoot motorcycles are no longer in production. Moreover, the temple in the background is not the same. They have built it and dense forests are gone now.

This was one incident in my life which inspired me to ride a motorcycle later in my life. This was my first motorcycle ride.

I was a kid then, a 6-year-old kid. I lived in the small town of Hazaribagh in Jharkhand state. Then it was Bihar only. Later Bihar and Jharkhand got separated. 

The plan to ride

My maternal grandfather (nanaji) was a devotee of Kali and during winter Navaratri, he used to live in the Bhadrakali Temple of Itkhori village. All 9 days he used to live there and pray the Bhadrakali. Till today if you go to the Bhadrakali temple and ask about Sri Dharnidhar Prasad, the pundits of the temple would know him. He died in the year 1991.

So my grandfather was there in the temple for the last 8 days. During Ramanavami (winter Navratri), you will not get much transportation in Hazaribagh town. The Ramanavami celebration of Hazaribagh is world-famous.  

Bhadrakali temple of Itkhori is almost 65 km far from Hazaribagh. The time my grandfather used to worship there, it was a dense forest area. Now, things have changed. 

On the 8th day, my father went to meet him. When he came back he said, tomorrow, there will be Kanya poojan and he wants my grandmother to be there. But, the problem was the transportation. We had a Rajdoot in our house. So, my father said he will take Naniji on the motorcycle.

The ride

The plan was set and as I was a kid, he was ready to take me with him as well. We started from Hazaribagh and went to Itkhori. The thing that I still remember is, there was only one shop where we stopped for tea. Now the way is full of markets and there are many shops. 

There was a river on which there was no bridge to cross. You needed to cross the water. So, we got off the motorcycle and my father crossed it. Now, there is a bridge built.

My experience with my first motorcycle ride

The complete ride was a thrilling experience for me. Crossing the dense forest on both sides. Crossing the river, and riding on an empty road, all was new to me. All this made a place in my heart and inspired me to ride. 

My father died in the year 1990. However, the first ride with him was a great experience. 

With every ride I experience the same

As I said, I am not a stunt biker or a racer. My goal to ride a motorcycle is purely to experience every moment of riding. I ride calmly and do not push myself or my motorcycle beyond limits. During long rides, even a simple mistake will ruin the whole trip. So, I am prepared with all motorcycle gears and equipments. Before, I started my long distance rides, I learned basic troubleshooting and many times it was helpful.

In my subsequent posts, I will tell you all this. Keep reading.

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