My Love For Motorcycle

In my last post Motorcycle my passion I mentioned that I had a dream to ride all across India on my motorcycle. There was a reason for my love for motorcycles. I tried finding it and later, I realized that there was an inspiration behind it. This is all about how about I felt My Love For Motorcycle.

My Childhood

Cyclist riding on the rocky riverside
Cyclist riding on the rocky riverside

In my childhood, I had a bicycle. That was a BSA SLR with thin tyres and I loved it. I was 12 years when I got that bicycle. That was my only mode of transportation. I lived in a Gaya, Bihar. This is well-known for Bodh Gaya, yes, the same pace at Buddha attained enlightenment. The actual place was 20 Kms from my home. I generally used to go to school on my bicycle and had to go through the crowded roads, however, I loved riding my bicycle.

I was in 6th standard, I hardly got time after my school to go around anywhere. However, it was the month of march and my exams were over. A fine sunny day, I was sitting idle and was getting bored. I got an idea to explore the countryside of my town. I picked my bicycle and without telling anyone, I went out. I knew, that if I tell someone about going out to countryside, I will be stopped. So, I went out silently.

Riding the countryside

My Love For Motorcycle, Roaming in Countryside
Went to countryside on motorcycle

I started and soon I was on the outskirts of my town. I crossed the underway railway bridge. Gradually, the houses started to disappear, and moving further, I could only see fields. That was the month of March when wheat is almost ripe and ready to be harvested. That added to my excitement. I was thrilled at how beautiful these places are. Far from the crowd and away from people. The light breeze was refreshing. So, after that day,m it became everyday routine. Even after school started, I kept on going out. Sometimes for an hour sometimes more.

With this, I started exploring places around my town. However, the more places I explored, the hunger to see more originated. The limitation of time did not allow me. That was the time when I got thought of getting a motorcycle. That was the time when I discovered My love for motorcycles.

Any vehicle that travelled faster than bicycle would have done. However, I chose a motorcycle and there was a reason for this.

Rajdoot 1986 Model

Soon, I reached 8th standard and I met a friend there. His name was Ashutosh and he owned a Rajdoot 1986 model. Rajdoot 1986 model was one of the best during that time. Talking about Indian motorcycles, Royal Enfield was at the top. He came to or school and gradually we became good friends. I asked him to teach me how to ride a motorcycle. We made a deal that, I will pay for the fuel and we will go and take rides.

The price for petrol was Rs. 25 to 30 at that time. Not daily, but, twice or thrice in a week, I would arrange the money and we started going on rides. That too was the countryside, where the crowd was almost nothing. I soon learned riding the motorcycle and then we started doing long rides. By then I had travelled long in cars, trains or buses. However, riding a motorcycle was the highest level of enjoyment. That ride introduced me to “My Love For Motorcycle”

Riding is freedom

High Angle View Of Man Riding Motorcycle On Road
Riding Motorcycle On Road

I felt freedom in riding motorcycles. It was the breeze from the countryside that made me feel better. Till today, when I feel low, I go on a long ride and after taking that long ride, I feel fresh, I feel energetic.

The time passed by, we moved out of the school. Another struggle started and that was higher studies and getting a job. But, I never gave up on my dream to ride. With time it kept growing and ambition was to ride Indian on my motorcycle. I never let that dream die.

I will tell you in the next post as how I was able to fulfill my dream of riding across India. Till today, it is a dream half accomplished. However, that dream is mine. That passion is mine and I will never let it die. That is my love for motorcycles.

I own a Royal Enfield Classic 350 today, and I love it more than anything. My Love For Motorcycle. Check externally about Royal Enfield Classic 350.

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