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My passion for riding Motorcycles

Motorcycle Ride
A bike ride from Bangalore to Hampi. Near Chitradurga.

My passion for riding Motorcycles

After a lot of struggle, I am writing this post. Different people pursue different hobbies in life. My hobby is traveling. I Love traveling and exploring new places. However, it was my childhood dream to do my traveling on a motorcycle. That would not be anything other than Royal Enfield. This is the beginning of the story “My passion for riding Motorcycles”.

Coming from a middle-class family, I had to struggle a lot to get a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Moreover, that dream was of unique dream and to pursue it, I had to convince my family. Convincing and buying a motorcycle took 15 years.

Why do I love riding?

My passion for riding Motorcycles
Motorcycling My Passion

It is not like, I do not like traveling in a car or any public transport. I love traveling and any other way is good for me.

Things to note are that I am not a speed biker or a stunt biker. I just love riding smoothly and with full protective gear. My Royal Enfield is not something like what people think about it. It is not loud and I never took it on any small ride to show off. I love it when I am riding at a maximum speed of 80 km/hr.

So, back to the question “Why do I love riding?”. People ask me this question when I tell them stories about my long rides. They come with an awe expression like “Really?”, “Are you mad?” and “Who does it?”. I answer, “because I love riding” and “I enjoy riding a motorcycle”.

Trust me people who come up with these questions will never try to understand the feelings behind them. I have learned lessons from riding.

What is my dream?

Forever, I have dreamt to travel India on my motorcycle. I started it when I was 32 years old. Today. I was late but, I was there. I became the first one in my family to do this. Later the generations will come and take inspiration. They will do better than me and go farther than me. I am not concerned about what the world is doing. I am not challenging or competing with anyone. I am trying to live my dream.

Many times, I was stopped. Many people laughed at me when I told them about my dream. However, I kept that dream alive within myself.

Places I have traveled on my motorcycle

I have traveled to many places on my motorcycle. I have done rides across India.

When I lived in Delhi for 16 years, I traveled to almost all places on my motorcycle. Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Vrindavan, Mathura, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Kankhal, Manimahesh, Chamba, Pathankot, Chandigarh, Shimla, Solan, Kufri, Chanshel Pass, Jaipur, Ajmer, these were short rides and were done on weekends.

I traveled long distances too, Delhi to Bangalore, Delhi to Jharkhand 3 times, Delhi to Darbhanga, Delhi to Patna, Delhi to Ayodhya, Spiti Valley, and complete Himachal.

I lived in Jharkhand for a few months. I traveled to many places in Jharkhand on my motorcycle. Patratu Valley, Parasnath Hills, Deoghar. Explored Isko Caves, the megalith of Jharkhand, Barso Pani.

I got transferred to Bangalore, from Jharkhand to Bangalore, I rode through Eastern Ghats.

Subscribe to my posts and I will keep on telling you this. Visited Hirakud Dam in Sambalpur, MahendraGiri in Odisha, Araku Valley, Bhimli, Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur, Srisailam where the Mallikarjun Jyotirlinga is.

Riding in Spiti Valley was the most challenging trip. While riding through the eastern ghats of India, heat, and rain were the problems.

My passion for riding Motorcycles

I made an introductory video and put it on YouTube. However, that was not so successful.

My passion for riding Motorcycles

This was an introduction video created by me. I got only 49 subscribers and all those were family members. That was funny.

Will discuss each ride in detail in the coming posts. I am planning to write about all my experiences. Support me by signing to the newsletter.

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