Om Namah Shivay, Simple and strong

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Lingam (Shivalingam -symbol of Shiva in Hindusim).
Airavatesvara Temple,
Darasuram, Tamil Nadu, India.
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Om Namah Shivay, The Shiva Mantra

As Shivaratri 2023 is near, Hindus will celebrate this day enthusiastically. I thought of dedicating this post to the Shiva Mantra which is simple and strong. Trust me many Hindus will not know about the meaning of this mantra.

There are several mantras dedicated to lord Shiva. Some are to describe his appearance, and some are to please him, however, Om Namah Shivay is to purify the person who is reciting it.

To recite any mantra, there are basic rules. I would not ask you to sit, lit a candle, or ring a bell. This is not a one-time mantra, that you recite for one hour and then you get into worldly things. I am not even a spiritual leader. However, I will talk sense.

How powerful is Om Namah Shivay?

This mantra is dedicated to lord Shiva. Shiva God is the god of destruction. You know this bit of information. Not your fault. Shiva is the God of destruction, however, he is the source of creation too. He is also called Hiranyagarbha. The ultimate womb from where everything is created.

The worst enemy of a person is his ego. He thinks that whatever he made is his creation. In ego, he will treat every other people inferior to him. Trust me, once this ego is removed from your life, you will be free from the pain and stress you are carrying.

The meaning of “Om Namah Shivay” is, Oh! Shiva, I bow to you. Oh! Shiva, I pray to you. The time you say this, you are removing your ego within you. However, you need to mean this. Without meaning, a mantra is more than lyrics.

This mantra is powerful enough to make you get rid of your ego. Once, you burn your ego, most of the problems in this world are solved.

The way to recite “Om Namah Shivay”

I will tell you 2 ways to recite and make this mantra useful for you.

First Way

  1. This is a dedicated time you need to choose. Early morning is the best time to recite the mantra.
  2. You need to sit beside a Shivalinga, be it in your house or a temple nearby or you need to imagine Lord Shiva in your mind.
  3. Sit straight if you are near a Shivalinga, and offer water to it.
  4. Take a Bel Patra. Only one is sufficient. (If you do not have it, buy one made of silver from Amazon).
  5. Touch it to the Shivalinga, and calmly recite the mantra 108 times.
  6. Once done, keep the Bilwaptra in your right pocket.

This will give you positive energy for the whole day. That is what you needed.

Second way

  1. You do not need a dedicated time to recite the mantra.
  2. You have to embed them in your conscience. Every time you feel that ego is taking over you, recite this.
  3. Every time you recite the mantra, you need to tell your mind the real meaning of the mantra.
  4. Every time, you need to say the meaning of it. Oh! Shiva, you are the one. By telling you you are the one, you burn a bit of your ego every time.

Om Namah Shivay for stress relief

In the world today, almost everyone is stressed. They want to get relief from stress, however, they do not know how the actual reason for it. One of the most contributing factors to stress is a person’s ego. This mantra is a way to remove the ego part from a person’s life. So, this is one of the best stress busters, at least, for me.

The day you think, I created an object and credit it to yourself, the ego inside you starts germination. When that ego is hurt, intense stress is created. The time you think, you are getting stressed, recite “Om Namah Shivay”. With the meaning in your head, you can leave your worries to Shiva, and then you can concentrate on your karma (work) peacefully.


  • Om Namah Shivaya is a simple mantra and everyone can remember it easily.
  • This mantra is a trust on Lord Shiva.
  • It credits everything to Lord Shiva and hence, it burns the ego within you.
    • Recite it every time an ego starts germinating. However, with a full meaning.
    • You can recite it 108 times with a Bilva Patra and Shivalinga. Keep it in your right pocket and that will give you positivity the whole day.

    I hope, I was able to make my point through this post. Now you will understand, why people say “Om Namah Shivay” in India every time.

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