Parasnath Hills

Parasnath Hills, Sammed Shikhar
Parasnath Hills, Sammed Shikhar

Parasnath hills are the most important pilgrimage site for Jainism. The highest peak of Jharkhand stands tall as the teachings and principles of Jainism. This is the place where Jain Tirthankara Parshva Nath attained moksha. Let us get to know about Parasnath Hills.

Geography of Parasnath Hills

The highest peak of Parasnath Hill is around 4500 ft. This is the highest peak in Jharkhand. 

Parasnath Hills is a range of hills located in the Jharkhand state of India. It is in the Giridih district. It is well connected via road and 8 km from the AH1 (Grand truck road).

Giridih is well connected by the railway system. One can get down at the Giridih station and take transportation to Parasnath. He was the 23rd of 24 Tirthankar of Jainism. 

24 Jain Tirthankar

Jainism originated from Hinduism and unlike Buddhism, they consider them as a part of Hinduism. They are the followers of a stream of philosophy that was passed on by 24 Jain Tirthankaras (or 24 preachers of Jainism).

They are as below:

  1. Adinatha 
  2.  Ajita 
  3.  Sambhava 
  4.  Abhinandana 
  5.  Sumati 
  6.  Padmaprabha 
  7. Suparshva 
  8. Chandraprabha 
  9.  Suvidhi 
  10. Shital 
  11. Shreyansa 
  12. Vasupujya 
  13. Vimala 
  14. Ananta 
  15. Dharma 
  16. Shanti 
  17. Kunthu 
  18. Ara 
  19. Malli 
  20. Muni Suvrata 
  21. Nami 
  22.  Nemi 
  23. Parshva 
  24. Mahavira 

Parasnath Hill is also known as Sammed Sikhar.

Parshvanatha or, Parasnath

According to Jainism Parsvanatha’s era is between the 9th and 8th centuries before Christ. On the contrary, historians mark the period as the 8th or 7th BCE. 

Parasnath was born in Varanasi. He is known for the revival and propagation of Jainism. On Parasnath Hills he attained moksha. That makes this site one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Jainism.

The Protest on Parasnath

Jharkhand government recently declared Parasnath as a tourism site. Jains on the other side disagree to be called a tourism site, they want it to be called a pilgrimage site. The concern raised by Jains is true.

If declared as a tourist site, it will allow people to go there, drink and eat meat. Which is completely against the Jainism Philosophy.

It is the Jain community that has made this place trekkable and easily accessible. They run many dharmshalas where people can rest while visiting the place.

Parasnath on Twitter

In Support of Parasnath, Shikharji
In Support of Parasnath, Shikarji

We support Jains on Parasnath Protest

The preachers of Jainism devoted their lives to the uprising of mankind. If people want to visit Parasnath Hills, they should know its significance. It is not a place for picnics. It is not a place for drinking and consuming non-vegetarian food. People should go and do that at a Picnic place and not to a pilgrimage site.

If the government declares Parasnath Hills as a tourist space, it will allow everyone to go there for leisure. It will allow them to consume anything they wish to. You need to understand the highness of the place. You need to know the Jainism philosophy. I am not saying, you get converted to Jainism, however, respect the religion and preachings.

Meditation is what you should do there. Do some self-realization at this place. Admire the beauty of this place. For enjoyment, you have many places in Jharkhand itself.

Why Jharkhand Government not taking any steps to make places like Barkagaon Megalith and Isko caves protected place? These places are at least 1000 years old and should be preserved. People ignorantly go to these places and consume alcohol. This is completely unnoticed by Jharkhand Government.

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