Personal and Professional Life

Personal and professional life is generally you learn or listen at work, at office, at home and it is often said that keep your personal and professional life separate. Let us get this from a mindset perspective.

You have heard that you need to keep a balance between your Personal and Professional Life. This is a necessity for a healthy life. If things are bad in personal life, it should not reflect in your professional career and and the other way around. However, for many people rather most of the people it is not true. A happy day at home, most of the time, make a happy day at your job and successful day at office will definitely make your personal life happy. A bad day affects both Personal and Professional Life.

You have been lied and given a wrong training if you are trying hard to keep a balance between personal and professional life.

Single thought process – So single life

Acting or behaving is completely a different thing. You might change your outer appearance depending on the place you are. However, you do not change the inner self of you. Even your seniors or juniors may behave nicely to you, but, that is the outer appearance. A human being has a single thought process and what he is at the inner self, he will execute same behavior in personal as well as professional life.

“A human being has a single thought process and what he is at the inner self, he will execute same behavior in personal as well as professional life. “

A hard worker in personal life, will be a hard worker in professional life.

An opportunist in professional life will be an opportunist in personal life as well.


Many people will not agree and a lot will agree. However, this is all an experience I have collected. I have worked with companies and managers of different kind. There were best and worst people I have worked with. Though, I will name the companies and name of the managers publicly. But, I would say that they have changed the thought process in me a lot.

I will share a good and a bad story of my experiences which will conclude the post.

Professionally an opportunist is Personally an opportunist

I worked with a big brand few years ago. The person I was reporting to was a young guy and he was eager to grow. Few basic activities that I noticed was, he was always expecting something out of you. Moreover, he would let others manage things and if went good, he will silently take the credit of work. If something went wrong, he will make any member of the team accountable for it. He would not stand for the team in times of crisis. That was his professional behavior.

My personal experience with him was even worst. We went to another country to work at client’s location. We were riding a bike. He was sitting as a pillion without the helmet. He did not want to wear a helmet as it was hot. On a traffic signal the traffic police stopped us and summoned a fine. He quickly went of the bike and said, you handle it. If something goes wrong do not find me accountable.

While I was talking to the traffic police, I turned around, and he was no-where to be seen. That came as a surprise for me. Later working with him for more time, I realised that if the person is not good at heart he is not good at professional or personal life.

A good experience

Later in my life, I worked with someone great. In my first meeting with this manager, he went on asking questions. He asked about professional expertise, personal interests, family and if there are challenges in life that can affect my work. At the same he shared his stories, interests and experiences of life.

So, professionally I felt safe working with him. However, when there was a personal need, he will come up and ask if I needed some help. He would share the load of work. It was not only with me, it was with the complete team he was handling.

He was growth oriented and he learnt tough life lessons and developed his skills. He would always talk about growth rather how the team needs to work with him or for him.


The conclusion is based on my personal experience. However, many of you will agree that a person is what he is from within. A cunning person professionally will be cunning personally. He might change his outer appearance based on the situation. However, his inner being will be same everywhere.

So, I think rather than changing yourself based on personal life or professional life, change as a human being. Changing yourself as a human being is enough to create a balance in personal and profession life and you do not need to struggle to maintain a dual personality.

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