Poverty in the United States: The Deep Dark Side of a Wealthy Country

Poverty in the United States: The Deep Dark Side of a Wealthy Country


Despite the nation’s general economic prosperity, poverty in the United States remains a complicated and continuous problem. Inequality in the economy, a lack of access to healthcare and education, systematic racism, and other social and economic problems are some of the causes that lead to poverty in the USA.

The United Nations generally conducts studies on poverty across the world, but they just visited regions of America to examine how awful poverty is here. Alabama was their first stop. Their study was pretty persuasive, and it detailed problems comparable to what we see in other countries.

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Poverty in the United States

With over 40 million visitors annually, Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most cosmopolitan and wealthy towns in the world. It is well-known for its year-round rich consumer base and high-stakes gaming. However, the reality exists under the glittering lights and world-class hotels.

Many individuals struggle to survive on the harsh and dangerous streets of the city because they are homeless or live in poverty. There ought to be more individuals in need of assistance now. Being homeless is the worst thing in the world.

Around 6500 people in Las Vegas are homeless and residing on the city’s streets. Las Vegas’s poverty problem has been getting worse and is still getting worse.

Poverty in the United States: The Deep Dark Side of a Wealthy Country, ThePoemStory, A website for Poems and Stories
Poverty in the United States: The Deep Dark Side of a Wealthy Country, ThePoemStory, A website for Poems and Stories

Top 10 States with Highest Poverty in the United States

Several states in the United States have long struggled with poverty. These states have a poverty rate comparable to that of nations in Africa. The ten poorest US states will be highlighted in this article. This is according to statistical data and analysis from 2023.

Top 10 States with Highest Poverty in the United States.

1. Mississippi: Poverty in Mississippi

When we talk about Mississippi, it is the poorest state in the country. Poverty affects 19.4% of Mississippians. In Mississippi, approximately one in every four households earns less than $25,000 each year. That is the same as the African country of Namibia. That is a poor condition.

A 6.85% unemployment rate, and up until a few of years ago, are factors that contribute to the very dismal mood here. One in every four Mississippians did not complete high school. It’s difficult to advance when you don’t study.

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Poverty in the United States: The Deep Dark Side of a Wealthy Country, ThePoemStory, A website for Poems and Stories

For many of the reasons we’ve previously discussed. It’s just that it’s worse here than everywhere else. Poor education and a lack of career possibilities are major contributors.

2. Louisiana: Louisiana Poverty statistics

Moving south, consider the poverty rates in Louisiana. The next stop is in Louisiana. More over 19% of the population lives in poverty, and families earn roughly $46,000 per year. That is insufficient for many people here to go up the success ladder.

Other surprising statistics? Louisiana ranks worst in the country in terms of gender income inequality. Louisiana ranks third in terms of food insecurity and third in terms of educational accomplishment.

The last statistic makes it difficult to attract employment growth since the state lacks the educated populace to sustain it. Fatalism exists in Louisiana as well. Poor people simply stay poor. That’s what they say. They say all we can do is pray. There is little reason to seek change here.

3. West Virginia: West Virginia Poverty statistics

West Virginia has an 18% poverty rate and an annual income of $44k, both of which are quite low. However, a number of bright areas keep West Virginians from falling much further behind.

The unemployment rate isn’t too bad here, so that’s a plus. And because the cost of living is so cheap here, modest earnings allow more families to get by and stay out of poverty. According to migration statistics, 60% more individuals left West Virginia than moved in. West Virginia is the only state where mortality rates outnumber birth rates.

4. New Mexico: Poverty in New Mexico

In New Mexico, 20% of inhabitants are poor, while families earn roughly $46,000 per year.In New Mexico, there is income inequality. This is around $10,000 less than the national average. One in every three children in New Mexico is poor, which is one of the main reasons the state ranks bottom in the country for best locations to raise a family.

When it comes to the most federally reliant states in the country, New Mexico ranks first. As a result, New Mexico cannot collect enough income taxes and must rely on federal subsidies to fund schools, roads, health care, and social programs. And we just discussed Louisiana, which receives the MOST federal funding to supplement its state budget.

5. Alabama: Alabama Condition of Poverty

A lot of individuals in Alabama are living below poverty. Families in this area make roughly $46,000 per year as a family, which is about $1,000 less than the national average. In addition, one in every five people is poor. What is the cause of Alabama’s poverty? As with the previous states we’ve discussed thus far, one side will argue that unfettered capitalism has resulted in extreme poverty in this state.

Others would argue that Alabamans aren’t working hard enough – and that they can determine their financial fate. We’re not going to take sides on this, but the poverty is concerning. Many Alabama counties appear to be in the third world, with poverty rates reaching 40%.

6. Arkansas: Poverty in Arkansas

Arkansas is the next state on our list of the poorest in America. Arkansas is ranked sixth in terms of hardship. Many bank accounts in Arkansas are vacant. The Natural State has a poverty rate of 16.0%, and households earn roughly $52,123 per year. We should stress that lesser wages in Arkansas may be stretched far further than in other states, but these are still difficult times.

Arkansas used to be the poorest state in the US, but it is no longer as poverty-stricken as it once was. In the 1940s, approximately half of the population in Arkansas was underprivileged. So that’s fantastic – the economy is steadily recovering here.

7. Kentucky: Conditions in Kentucky

Kentucky inhabitants receive the fifth-lowest wages in the US, with an annual salary of $46k. And one in every five Kentucky residents is poor. If there is a silver lining here, it is that the unemployment rate is around average. So there are prospects to advance here. There are methods to get out of poverty, Kentucky boy. People make around $50 per week donating blood, but you must donate healthy blood. I’m not sure if a Kentucky man’s veins are filled with more energy drinks.

8. South Carolina: South Carolina Low-income

South Carolina is the seventh poorest state in the country. South Carolinians are going through a rough patch. They have a 16.9% poverty rate, households earning less than $50,000 per year, and 90% of working individuals here live paycheck to paycheck.

75% of full-time employees in America live paycheck to paycheck. That is a significant difference. As we progress through this list, we’ll see that the majority of our poorer states are in the south of the United States.

There are several theories as to why the South is so poor. Many economists believe that following the Civil War, the northern states invested in infrastructure and technology, while the south stayed dedicated to farming.

As a result, education lagged behind, and similarly the southern economy.

9. Nevada: Nevada Financial Hardship

Nevada is a fascinating state. It is the tenth poorest state in the country, however, wealth levels vary around the state. Las Vegas and Reno are both packed with affluent, successful individuals, but there is also significant economic disparity. The rest of the state’s population is living in poverty and underemployed in comparison to the rest of the country.

In Nevada, you might drive three hours and find radically distinct pockets of success. The poverty rate is 12.9%, while the unemployment rate is 7.12%, the highest in the country. People in this state work really hard, but owing to a lack of blooming new technology and a bad education system, it remains one of the poorest states in the country.

On the good side, Nevada is swiftly becoming one of the country’s most progressive states.

10. Michigan

You probably didn’t expect to see Michigan on this list of poor states. It is the eleventh poorest state in the United States. And it did, in fact, improve over previous year, when it did not make the top 10.

Michigan residents have the 18th-lowest income in the US ($63,202), yet they are well-employed, demonstrating that Michigan residents are diligent workers. Furthermore, the cost of living is so low here that even good earnings go a long way. However, it appears that places such as Detroit and Flint are making national news for the wrong reasons these days, and this rating puts that into context.

Homelessness in the United States

The number of homeless persons in the United States is increasing year after year. The findings were discovered by a Wall Street Journal study of data from throughout the country.

So far this year, data is increasing around 11% from 2022. This is a significant rise, by far the largest reported since the government began keeping track in 2007. According to the research, there are currently over 577,000 homeless people in the United States.

In 2019, the next greatest rise was a 2.7% percent increase. An artificially large rise induced by pandemic counting disruptions last year was ruled out. The final estimate from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development is likely later this year.

This year’s Surge reflects a variety of forces around the country. Rising housing costs, a shortage of affordable rental units, and the nation’s ongoing drug crisis might all be major contributors.


In the United States, poverty is still a complicated and pervasive problem with far-reaching effects on both people and society as a whole. A complex strategy that incorporates economic change, advancements in education, increased access to healthcare, and focused social services is needed to combat poverty. A further factor in the battle against poverty is eliminating systemic disparities, particularly those pertaining to race and ethnicity. It is crucial to continue to be dedicated to identifying cutting-edge solutions that lessen poverty and advance economic opportunity for all Americans as the nation develops.

Thank you for reading through. What are your observations, please comment.

Keywords: Poverty in the United States, Top 10 States with Highest Poverty in the United States, Homelessness in the United States, Poverty in Mississippi, Louisiana Poverty statistics

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