Pseudo Feminism

The word Pseudo means fake. So you can understand this is about fake feminism. Pseudo Feminism.

one or the other man has faced it and it is a brutal reality. Some men just keep quiet and some support fake feminism.

This feminism has raised the bar for women in the society. They look for equal rights and freedom of dressing and then freedom of not being stared in a bizzare dress. Men are always there for a lesson to be taught. Men should be cultured enough to not look or stare a half naked women, flaunting her top and wearing a pant which clearly reveals the cracks of her private parts. If you tell a women to be cultured, you will get a long lesson on feminism and you would be made to feel guilty.

Equal Rights for Women

Definitely there should be equal rights for women. They are not different from men. Eqaul rights like drinking, smoking, abusing and whatever men do, they can do it. I completely agree. However, women need to take the responsibilities as well.

They need a designated seat in public transport, they need a designated place at work, they need a designated queue to get any service. Designated is not a concept of equality.

This happened a multiple times with me, would like to quote one for this article.

This is a true story. I was in Ranchi, Jharkhand for some time. I was on a motorcycle and these 2 girls passed by me on a scooty. They were riding in good speed.

After some time, I stopped at a fuel station and there was a queue. 4 to 5 people ahead of me. Suddenly these girls came to the same fuel station and made the way ahead of the queue. I objected as by the time they came, it was my turn to get the petrol. Surprisingly, the person on the fuel station said. These are ladies, let them get the fuel first.

I said: No. Even if they are girls, they have equal rights to overspeeding riding on a scooty. So, they have equal right to wait in the queue.


This is an incident that happened in Delhi Metro. You know the crowd at peak hours. People push each other to get inside the metro train, so that they reach their destination on time.

A fact to know that the first coach is reserved for ladies. If a man tries to enter the first coach, he is thought to be a rapist. He is handed over to the metro security and can be beaten as well.

It was a crowded day as usual and I managed to enter a coach and was barely making the space for the door to close.

there comes this smart lady, wearing a sleveless, a deep neck and upper bossoms peeping out. Her arms expended and she pushed the crowd to make a way. The man to my right had his nose in her bossoms. He got uncomfortable. However, the lady managed to get the space. No-one noticed or objected.

I said: Mam, why did you do this? You pushed us to make a way. What if you are standing there and I make a way for the space and push you with my arms wide open. Will not you consider me as a molester?

Then I could see the reaction on people faces. Some looked at me with questioning eyes, some were in agreement with and some smiled.

This is not for me. This is for everyone reading this. If I touch a woman’s bossom, by mistake, in a crowd. I will become a rapist. Not only in the eyes of that girl, in the eyes of everyone. The society will boycott you.


Women empowerment is good for society, to make progress. Women taking position in Social Services, Administration Services, Sports and other work is appreciated. It gived the society an understanding from both the genders. However, for women not wanting to do anything in their life and just brag about being a women makes no sense.

Women empowerment is not that you want to drink, smoke or immitating others. This is simply being Psuedo Feminist.

Psuedo Feminism- It is Dangerous

Pseudo Feminism is dangerous for the society. Many men have lost their dignity and respect in the society due to Pseudo Feminism.

Story of man who lost everthing due to fake feminism

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