Ramayana is Real, A strong evidence

Ramayana is Real, A strong evidence, thepoemstory, A website for Poems and stories.

If you ask me, if Ramayana is real or not, I will say “Ramayana Is Real”. This is based on my readings and travel experiences. I do not want to fight or argue with anyone on this. I have read the Valmiki Ramayana and then travelled to places and I find that Ramayana Story is real.

I know that many articles have been written to prove if Ramayana is real, or Did Ramayana happen. The debate is going on for a long time. I just want to make my point through this post. This is based on my multiple travel experiences.

Ramayana Story, Have you read it?

I have read Ramayana myself. I have read many posts and found that people without properly going through the scripture are writing articles to gain popularity. They should read Ramayana before they write about it. 

Someone says Ram was born in Afghanistan or Rama was born in Indonesia. In Valmiki Ramayana, it is written that Ayodhya was the kingdom and it was located on the river Sarayu. How Sarayu flew in Afghanistan or Indonesia and where is the city of Ayodhya? Though the river’s name today is Ghaghara, however, it is locally known as Sarayu River. Moreover, Rama Janm Bhoomi is officially approved and Rama Temple is being built in Ayodhya.

Sarayu river originates in Uttarakhand District and discharges its water into the Ghaghara River. Thus the Ghaghara River which is flowing near Ayodhya is known as Sarayu.

Ramayana is Real, A strong evidence, thepoemstory, A website for Poems and stories.
Ayodhya located on the bank of Ghaghara River, Locally known as Sarayu.

Prince Rama, Vishwamitra and Sita Swayamvar

Rama married the daughter of king Janaka (Sita or Janakai), that is the only place above Ayodhya. it is currently located in Nepal. It is located on India-Nepal border and the name of the place is Janakpur.

What Rama was doing before he went to attend Sita’s Swayamvar? He was at sage Vishwamitra’s Ashram. He went with Vishwamitra to help him in getting rid of demons that were disturbing him and the people at his Ashram. So, Rama did not travel a long distance for his marriage. He was located at a place on the way from Ayodhya to Janakpur. Valmiki’s ashram was located in the Buxar district of Bihar.

If you search today and try to find out the distances, it will be based on the National Highways connecting them. The time when Ramayana happened, it was not the case. The locations were approximate.

Let us look at the map. The distance was nearly 200 Km each time. These distances can easily be travelled.

Ramayana is Real, A strong evidence
Ayodhya – to – Buxar and Buxar – to – Janakpur

Rama’s Exile to Forest and Bharat met him there

Rama was born in Ayodhya. When he was asked to leave the kingdom and was sentenced exile to forest for 14 years, Rama left Ayodhya with his wife Site and Lakshman,

From Ayodhya, he started his journey towards south. He did not travel to North, because, he knew that the weather condition of North will not be suitable for him, Sita and Lakshman. Travelling far to North, he would have reached Himalyas and his journey would have stopped due to extreme weather conditions.

Rama moved to the south and the first place I will discuss is Sringverpur. Sringverpur is located on the confluence of rivers Ganga and Yamuna. As per Valmiki Ramayana, he met Nishadraj and the same Nishadraj helped Rama to cross the river. Nishadraj accompanied Rama to the dense forest which started from Chitrakoot.

Ramayana is Real, A strong evidence, thepoemstory, A website for Poems and stories.
Ayodhya – Shringverpur – Chitrakoot

At Chitrakoot, Bharat came to meet Rama with the people of Ayodhya. You can find the place in Chitrakoota which is known as Bharat Milap Mandir. 

He went to Mandav Rishi’s Ashram, which is known as Madfa. He then went to Brihaspati kund.

He met Sati Anusuya and Anushuya gave the clothes to Sita that would never get old or dirty. All these places are in Chitrakoot. He lived there for a long time and as people started coming, he moved to more dense forest. (Madhya Pradhesh is known for its dense forest and Rama was in exite to forest.)

Ramayana is Real, A strong evidence, thepoemstory, A website for Poems and stories.
Chitrakoot, Sati Anusuya Ashram, Madfa and Brihaspati Kund

While going to Brihaspati Kund, I found a place where it was written “This is the path on which Rama Went to forest”

Further Journey to South, Sita’s Abduction

Moving to south Rama, Sita and Lakshman came to Panchavati, This place is currently in Nasik, Maharashtra. Sita Gufa is the place where Sita was abducted by Ravana. For more about the abduction and the reason for abduction, I request you to read Ramayana.

Rama planned to stay at Panchvati as it was a dense forest and was far from people to reach. However, it did not go as per the plan.

Here, we see that Ram moved to the south from Ayodhya. As he was close to Lanka, the places came into more control by Ravana and hence, it was easy for Ravana to abduct Sita.

Jatayu who struggled to save Sita from Ravana was found injured and he told Rama and Lakshmana about the direction of Rama’s movement. Which was more towards the south. So the duo (Rama Lakshman continued to South)

Ramayana is Real, A strong evidence, thepoemstory, A website for Poems and stories.
Chitrakoot to Sita Gufa – Movement of Rama to South.

Rama Came to Hampi (Rishimukh Parvat)

Ramayana is Real, A strong evidence, thepoemstory, A website for Poems and stories.

Rama was aware of the direction in which Ravan took Sita, as described by Jatayu. So, he moved to the south.

Now, from Nasik, Rama moved south and reached Kishkindha. This place is well known as Hampi. The king of Kishkindha was Bali. Near Kishkindha, Hanuman’s birthplace is located, is Anjanayadri parvat. Rishimukh Parvat is also located there, which was the place of Sugreeva’s hiding.

I went to the place, and it exactly looked like how it is described in Ramayana. The monkeys are in abundance and this place is known for Indian bears. These monkeys and bears were part of Rama’s army. 

There are palm trees and to prove that Rama can kill Bali, he cut down 7 palm trees in one arrow. If all this is described in Ramayana and the place resembles the same, we see that Ramayana was a true event. 

Near Hampi is the Mata Shabari’s Ashram, where Rama and Lakshmana went and Mata Shabari offered food to them.

Rama met Hanuman for the first time and Hanuman took Rama to Sugreeva. Rama killed Bali and helped Sugreeva. The place is well-marked when you reach Bali Gufa in Hampi. It could have been named later, however, you can find here that the places that are described in Ramayana are matching with their description.

Rama moved further south to Rameswaram

After Hanuman was able to find the exact location of Sita in Lanka. Rama moved with his army towards the south and reached the seashore. However, I would not tell you much about what he did there. But he reached the seashore.

Ramayana is Real, A strong evidence, thepoemstory, A website for Poems and stories.
Rama reaches Rameshwaram. Look closely at the place.

Rama wisely chose the path to travel to Lanka and he went to Dhanushkodi. If you see India’s map Dhanushkodi is the last land of India and can easily be joined to the last point of Srilanka towards India.

Ramayana is Real, A strong evidence, thepoemstory, A website for Poems and stories.
Last point of India closest to Lanka.

DhanushKodi and Rama’s Bridge (Ram Setu)

He moved further and reached Dhanushkodi, which is the last point in India. The place Is called Dhanushkodi because, when Rama asked the way from the ocean and upon multiple requests, the ocean did not give the way, Rama pulled his bow (Dhanush in Hindi). Feared the ocean then prayed to him to make a bridge. The sea here is shallow and thus it was chosen by Rama to cross it.

Why did Rama choose Dhanushkodi to cross the ocean? Because it is nearer to Lanka and the water level is less. Check on google maps, you can see the trail of the bridge that was built by Rama’s army. 

Ramayana is Real, A strong evidence, thepoemstory, A website for Poems and stories.
Satellite Image of Ram Setu (the bridge built by Rama and his army)

Even today, if you ask an engineer to build a bridge between India and Lanka, he will choose the nearest and shallowest part of the sea. That is what Rama choose.

Conclusion if Ramayana is Real

How much evidence do you need to prove that Ramayana is real? How can you say that Rama was born in Afghanistan? Do you still think “Is Ramayana True”? or “Is Ramayana Real”?

Either Ramayana’s story is true or Valmiki was a great traveller and he wrote his travel blogs. Later they turned it into a story.  

Trust me if you keep on debating on things sitting on your couch, you will lose your culture one day and then sitting on the same couch, you will ask for proof. Do something. 

Many people say that stone cannot float in water. Here is a video that I made and see how a 25 Kg stone is floating in the water. This video was taken at Anjanyadri Parvat in Hampi.

That is one more evidence to prove and answer your questions “Is Ramayana Real?” or “Is Ramayana True?”

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