Suicide, the most Heinous act

Do you think of Suicide? Suicide, the most heinous act
Do you think of, suicide?

Disclaimer!!! “This is a sensitive post. Reader discretion is needed. Read only if you accept”

In my view suicide is the most heinous act or crime a man can commit. It is not like your life is your decision, it is defying life itself.

I cannot or would never respect or voice out in favor of any person who commits suicide.

The thought of suicide

The thought of suicide can arrive only to an unhealthy mind. A mind which has crossed its limits of stress and which is wandering into depression.

Stress and depression are caused by the non-fulfillment of your wishes. This wish could be success, money, love, failing an exam, or any other reason.

When you have tried to achieve something and you could not, and you do not have enough courage to put in another effort. You simply decide to end your life. That seems the best option to overcome all the problems that life gave you.

Thought of Suicide, thought of cowards

Yes, if you think of ending your life, you are a coward. You do not have enough courage to face life. Life is the most beautiful and most strange thing you got inside yourself. How can you think of ending this beautiful life?

Look around and try to find out the source of life inside you. Someone will tell you that you got the life from your Mother. Your mother was just a carrier for your existence. She did not induce the life inside you. She helped you in sustaining the life inside you.

If you think beyond, you will not find anybody who gave you this life. The life inside you is completely a natural phenomenon that is inside you. It is a part of the universe itself inside you. Your decision to end it is similar to rejecting the most powerful phenomenon inside you.

Do you feel your life is worthless?

If you think that your life is worthless, and this is the reason you want to end your life. Take a suggestion from me, nothing that exists on this Earth or the Universe is worthless. Everything, living or non-living, inside the universe has worth. Hence, you too are not worthless. You need to realize your worth. If you are unable to find it, take help. The day you start thinking that you are made for something special, you will understand the worth of your life.

Look around, even a small ant is living its life with full enthusiasm. Even a tiny reptile is living its life with joy. A creature full of pain will crave its life. Because their inner sense says that they are not worthless.

You feel worthless because you could not fulfill one dream, which you lived for. If your life can lose its worth for one reason, there are hundreds and thousands of reasons to start again. You need to find that reason. You need to understand your worth.

The web of your desires

The desires that you could not fulfill, who created those desires? You created them. I am not saying that it is bad to have desires. However, if you fail in achieving the same, that desire was not worth you. Either you put in another effort or settle down calmly.

Chose another reason to live. Not to end your life. Only a mind which wants to fulfill materialistic desires will get stressed and depressed. No material thing remains forever. You lost money, it was not there forever. You failed in exams, life is still on. You lost your love, start loving yourself. Love God, he is eternal.

I always say to people, if you want to end your life, try going to the Himalayas and living there for some time. I bet, you will change your decision of ending your life. Life will become more colorful and enjoyable. Trust me you will enjoy it alone.

As you always considered materialistic things as your goal in life, you are depressed. You have created a web of desires. That is where you are stuck.

Start loving yourself

You came alone to this world and will die alone. Nothing material will go with you. So, do not think about material goals. Think about how good you can be to this world and to be good to this world, you need to love yourself.

The more you love the life inside you, the more love you can spread. The more you are happy inside, the more you make this world happy.

Cracking a bad joke and laughing is not happiness. This is false happiness. True happiness comes from within. This is called Param Ananda in Hindi. Param Ananda is the ultimate happiness. This will come when you are self-satisfied. To be self-satisfied, start loving yourself first. Do not die for something which is not inside you. Material things will give you more stress. Self-satisfaction will make you happy.

Suicide, the most heinous act

You can make mistakes, you will be forgiven. Any other crime, you can be forgiven. But in case of suicide, there will remain no scope for forgiveness.

You failed, you can try and pass again. If you are broke, you can build again. However, if you commit suicide there is no scope left.

Read the points before you go

  • You have the most powerful phenomenon of the universe inside you. Do not give up.
  • Start loving yourself before you love anything in this world.
  • Help others and make others happy. This will give you a reason to live.
  • Take help, there is nothing wrong with asking for help.
  • Talk to a good friend, if you do not find any, call me. I will help you. But it is a request, do not give up.
  • If you end your life, there will be no scope left for improvement.
  • Meditate on god and keep stress and depression away.

If I can motivate you through this post, and even one person will change his mindset, that will be my success.

It is not that I have not failed in my life, I have failed multiple times and those failures and successes made me a storyteller. You can read my blogs at

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