History Of Mankind (Chapter 5)

History Of Mankind (Chapter 5). Topics Crete-A Western Preface, Israel, The land of the landless and Epics Of India, Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana and Mahabharat.

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Crete-A Western Preface

Ruins of the Palace of Knossos.

Ancient Knossos in Crete built a splendid record of civilisation since 2500 B. C ., – nourished as they were by the influence of the progressive Egyptians. The Cretans had a thriving kingdom with its imposing palaces and fine pottery.

The Aryans came to Greece with their horses and cattle about 1500 B. C. They conquered some of the Mediterranean cities and began to settle there. About 1200 B. C ., the Aryans overran the island of Crete. The story of the civilisation of Knossos was thus brought to an end. The glory of Crete is however the first glimpse of the civilisation that spread its roots in the European continent centuries later.

Israel, The land of the landless

Jews at the Western Wall in the 1870s | Getty Villa, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are great names in the history of Hebrew awakening. Jacob’s son Joseph was sold as a slave to the Egyptians. The Israelites owed their prosperity to the influence of Joseph, who eventually became the prime minister of Egypt. But ages afterwards the Egyptians became jealous of the Israelites and they took to tyranny. From this oppression the people of Israel were delivered by Moses. These people settled in Palestine and gradually grew up to be a powerful nation.

Joshua succeeded Moses, and Samuel was the last of the prophets. The Jews enjoyed their greatest glory and progress under their two kings, David and Solomon. The kingdom of Israel was the home of the Jews until captured by the Assyrians in 722 B.C. Since then, for over 2500 years, the Israelites have come to be known as a homeless, wandering people.

Epics Of India, Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana and Mahabharat

The knowledge of Bhagwad Gita | Recited by Krishna to Arjun

The Aryan immigrants in India wrote some of the most famous books of the world-the Vedas, the Upanishads and the two epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata

The Ramayana, the older book, is the story of Rama, the ideal son, ideal king and the ideal warrior who fought and won over the demon Ravana. The Ramayana is said to be composed by Valmiki, the first poet of India.

The Mahabharata tells how the holy war was fought in Kurukshetra under the guidance of Krishna-the super-man to drive away the evils. The famous Bhagwad Gita is embodied in the Mahabharata.

Culture, traditions and the morals recorded are fundamentally religious even in the two epics. The next two thousand years of India’s social history is steeped in this religion of the Vedas, the Upanishads and the epics. These are to the Indians the supreme art and the profoundest philosophy at the same time. India’s art and literature have been drawing inspirations from these sources throughout her many epochs of civilisation.

Social Media

How to get more likes?

Getting more likes on Social Media is easy. Got no talent? Go exposing. You need to exore as How to Get More likes?

Internet and Social Media

Today we cannot imagine ourselves without an internet connection as it provides a global visibility. The small device in your hand can make you connect to the entire world in a click. Howerver, we are here to discuss the entertainment side rather than its benefits on business and work.

Talking about the entertainment, there are many Social Media platforms. Videos, Shorts, Reels and what not.

There are many categories for you to explore. Discuss Politics, Spread Rumors, Show your talent like Singing, Dancing and whatever you are good at. People like you and then follow you so that they get more pieces of talent of you.

Then there are people with exactly no talent. What do they do if they don’t have any talent? Either they are viewers or they or they do something out of the box to grab those likes and followers.

Got no talent? Go Nude

when I scroll through the Social Media, I find girls in semi nude outfits to grab your attention. Sometimes they do something which is sexually provocative.

Surprisingly they score a great deal as their followers are in Millions. You might have gone through these Social Media and must have found such reels or videos.

⁸I do not want to show these pictures on my website as it is made for public. However, think again as what you are giving to the society?

Some celebrity is getting paid for exposing themselves and sometimes, they go nude in Movies. Imitating those, women from the general society have started doing the same. When objected, they will simply say, it is their choice or what they want to wear. Come-on, till when will you give these lame excuses? The reality is, you are flaunting your curves to get attention and likes.

Cyber Prostitution

I did not want to use this term, however, will need to use it because women out there are flaunting their figure for more likes. For the likes and followers you get paid. If you have a talent and you get paid it is understood. What will you call going nude and getting paid?

There are sex shows or stripping club, where you go to see the strippers or topless girls and get entertained sexually. Are not you doing it on Social Media?

CONCLUSION – Some Women Prove that Women are a commodity to use for entertainment

Yes I feel so and to an extent it is true. Men enjoy the company of women. They get entertained when a woman is naked and showing her curves just to please you and get some money.

Not all men can go to brothels or strip clubs. They are enjoying you on Social Media and you are getting paid for the likes they do. IS NOT IT A CYBER PROSTITUTUON?

the great wall of china

History Of Mankind (Chapter 4)

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall Of China @thepoemstory
Pyramids of Egypt
Pyramids of Egypt @thepoemstory

Topics we will read here are, Paradise Of Historians-China, Egyptian and Pyramids, Aryans and the dispute on their origin. History Of Mankind (Chapter 4).

Previous Chapter: History Of Mankind (Chapter 3)

Paradise Of Historians – China

Continuity of Chinese civilization was better maintained than that of many countries not excluding Egypt and India. About 3,000 B C., tribes from Central Asia had moved and settled down near the Huang-Ho which is better known as the “Yellow River”. These tribes were culturally quite advanced and some of them, if not all, knew agriculture and house-building. In the period between 3,000 and 2,150 B.C., there reigned the Five Rulers. About 2,200 B.C., the Xia dynasty was established by Yu the Great, who was the last of the Five Rulers. 

  • Huang-di (The Yellow Emperor), c. 2697 – c. 2597 BCE.
  • Zhuanxu, c. 2514 – c. 2436 BCE.
  • Emperor Ku, c. 2436 – c. 2366 BCE.
  • Emperor Yao, c. 2358 – c. 2258 BCE.
  • Emperor Shun, c. 2255 – c. 2195 BCE.

To begin with, China was a loose confederation of thousands of city states under an emperor. Later, for the first time in Chinese history, a well organised central state appeared under Shang or Yin dynasty which was established by T’sang about 1766 B.C. This great Shang dynasty lasted till 1122 B.C. 

Egypt and Man’s Creative Urge 

Ancient Egyptians took great pains to preserve their dead bodies as a home for the soul to return. Their Pharaohs or kings constructed pyramids to preserve their own bodies which were made into mummies after death. These pyramids were built by slaves who had to work hard under the burning African sun.

The Egyptians knew the art of writing and drawing. They made paper from papyrus plant. The credit of introducing the use of alphabet in Europe and of inventing yearly calendar goes to the Egyptians. The art of making excellent pots and jars and of weaving linen were also known to them. Art and architecture in Egypt were the finest expression of the human mind eager to contribute to the cause of beauty.

The Aryans

What History tells us about Aryans?

Aryans from Central Asia invaded India and Greece in the period between 1500-2000 B.C. After a prolonged conflict, conquest was complete, and the Aryans settled down. Facing well developed civilization in both the countries, they could not escape the impact of ancient Dravidian culture of India and Cretan culture of Greece. It was the history of one culture absorbing the other and, in the process, assimilating a considerable portion of the earlier human traditions.

The dispute on Aryan Origin

Some historians believe that Aryans were the local inhabitants of the Indian Peninsula and they belong to the ancients civilizations of India.

There are recent excavations in Sinauli district of Uttar Pradesh that strenghthen the belief of Aryans belonging to India. The chariot found points towards them being warriors. Female in the society also had a warrior position in the society.

Pseudo Feminism

The word Pseudo means fake. So you can understand this is about fake feminism. Pseudo Feminism.

one or the other man has faced it and it is a brutal reality. Some men just keep quiet and some support fake feminism.

This feminism has raised the bar for women in the society. They look for equal rights and freedom of dressing and then freedom of not being stared in a bizzare dress. Men are always there for a lesson to be taught. Men should be cultured enough to not look or stare a half naked women, flaunting her top and wearing a pant which clearly reveals the cracks of her private parts. If you tell a women to be cultured, you will get a long lesson on feminism and you would be made to feel guilty.

Equal Rights for Women

Definitely there should be equal rights for women. They are not different from men. Eqaul rights like drinking, smoking, abusing and whatever men do, they can do it. I completely agree. However, women need to take the responsibilities as well.

They need a designated seat in public transport, they need a designated place at work, they need a designated queue to get any service. Designated is not a concept of equality.

This happened a multiple times with me, would like to quote one for this article.

This is a true story. I was in Ranchi, Jharkhand for some time. I was on a motorcycle and these 2 girls passed by me on a scooty. They were riding in good speed.

After some time, I stopped at a fuel station and there was a queue. 4 to 5 people ahead of me. Suddenly these girls came to the same fuel station and made the way ahead of the queue. I objected as by the time they came, it was my turn to get the petrol. Surprisingly, the person on the fuel station said. These are ladies, let them get the fuel first.

I said: No. Even if they are girls, they have equal rights to overspeeding riding on a scooty. So, they have equal right to wait in the queue.


This is an incident that happened in Delhi Metro. You know the crowd at peak hours. People push each other to get inside the metro train, so that they reach their destination on time.

A fact to know that the first coach is reserved for ladies. If a man tries to enter the first coach, he is thought to be a rapist. He is handed over to the metro security and can be beaten as well.

It was a crowded day as usual and I managed to enter a coach and was barely making the space for the door to close.

there comes this smart lady, wearing a sleveless, a deep neck and upper bossoms peeping out. Her arms expended and she pushed the crowd to make a way. The man to my right had his nose in her bossoms. He got uncomfortable. However, the lady managed to get the space. No-one noticed or objected.

I said: Mam, why did you do this? You pushed us to make a way. What if you are standing there and I make a way for the space and push you with my arms wide open. Will not you consider me as a molester?

Then I could see the reaction on people faces. Some looked at me with questioning eyes, some were in agreement with and some smiled.

This is not for me. This is for everyone reading this. If I touch a woman’s bossom, by mistake, in a crowd. I will become a rapist. Not only in the eyes of that girl, in the eyes of everyone. The society will boycott you.


Women empowerment is good for society, to make progress. Women taking position in Social Services, Administration Services, Sports and other work is appreciated. It gived the society an understanding from both the genders. However, for women not wanting to do anything in their life and just brag about being a women makes no sense.

Women empowerment is not that you want to drink, smoke or immitating others. This is simply being Psuedo Feminist.

Psuedo Feminism- It is Dangerous

Pseudo Feminism is dangerous for the society. Many men have lost their dignity and respect in the society due to Pseudo Feminism.

Story of man who lost everthing due to fake feminism

History of Mankind (Chapter 3)

Pyramids, History of Mankind (Chapter 3)
Pyramids of Egypt @thyepoemstory

Early Civilizations of the World

Egyptian Civilization

The earliest Egyptian civilisation was flourishing in the Nile valley, some thousands of years before the birth of Christ. It is remarkable that in 4241 B. C ., the ancient Egyptians, who were Hamites, invented a yearly calendar of 365 days. A great line of more than 30 Egyptian Pharaohs ruled Egypt one after another till the country was invaded by the Assyrians in the 7th century B. C. The Persians conquered Egypt in 525 B.C. This thriving land with her ancient record of civilisation finally lost her freedom and remained in fetters. 

After the death of Cleopatra in 31 B. C., Egypt was conquered by the Romans. The Arabs captured Egypt in 641 A.D ., and ever since then, Islam has dominated this land.

Asian Civilizations of BABYLONIA & ASSYRIA

The Sumerians who were neither Semitic nor Aryan in racial origin had developed a high degree of civilisation by 3,500 B.C ., in Sumeria (modern Iraq). They knew the art of writing and they opened libraries with clay books.

In 2,700 B. C ., Semitic Akkadians conquered Sumeria. At that time the Amorites, another Semitic tribe, were ruling the city of Babylonia. About 1300 B. C ., another Semitic people, who were living in Assur, became strong and conquered Babylon. In 732 B. C ., the Assyrians captured Damascus (modern Syria). The conquest of Egypt, Palestine and adjoining countries followed soon. 

The Assyrian empire collapsed in 612 B.C., when the Chaldeans helped by the Medes and the Persians captured Nineveh. It was King Nebuchadnezzar (604-561 B. C.), – the ruler of the Assyrian people, who constructed the famous hanging gardens of Babylon to please his wife. Nineveh fell to the Persians in 538 B. C.

India – The Land of Lost Civilizations

India was enjoying an advanced and the best organised civilisation among her contemporaries. Arms and utensils of stone, copper and bronze were extensively in use. The use of cotton for textiles was already known. 

The Indus Valley civilisation of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa flourished long before the Aryans came to settle. Relics of art and architecture, buildings, baths, and drainage systems, of coins and crafts that have been traced, indicate a civilisation that reached its peak in 3,000 B.C. The source and the history of this high order of culture and cooperative living are unfortunately lost in obscurity. 

Antiquity of civilisation in India has been further proved by the excavation of ‘Chitradurga ‘ In Mysuru (Mysore). Despite the minor remnants found, the lost civilisations of India are as authentic as those of ‘Polynesia’ and ‘Atlantis’. 

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The Adult Street of Phuket

Bangla Road – The Adult Street of Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is known for its sex tourism and no-where matches a night at Bangla Road in Phuket. As it gets dark, the crowd shifts from Patong Beach to Bangla Road.

Booz, Girls and Boom Boom.

Tiger Kingdom – A lifetime experience

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket | @thepoemsto

In my last article (A Trip to Thailand), I mentioned that I left my manager on Kata Beach and went to the Tiger Kingdom. Tiger kingdom – A lifetime experience.

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket, Thailand

I went to the Tiger Kingdom. They have a big place and there are many tigers. They are all tamed.

I asked the place people as how do they tame the tigers? Are they doped? They said, that the tigers are not doped or drugged. However, they fear a stick that they have used since these were cubs. Know more about Tiger Kingdom (About Tiger Kingdom).

Tiger Kingdom timings

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket Operation Hours

09:00-18:00 every day including public holidays. Open in all weather. Last admission 17:30.

Address: 118/88 Moo 7 Kathu, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand, 83120

Phone: +66 76-323-311

Experience at Tiger Kingdom, Phuket

I reached and admission process was simple. Based on the age of tigers, the ticket price was set. For a medium tiger they charged around 600 Baht. The time they allow is 10 to 15 minutes. You can go with your camera, however, flash is not allowed.

I entered one of the Tiger areas where middle aged tigers were kept in open. As I walked inside, I was thrilled. There were 2 Tigers walking behind me. One of them sat quietly at a distance and one moved towards a pool built inside. I took few pictures and the instructor asked me to sit beside a Tiger. I was scared, but, I could not miss what I was seeing. It is not normal to touch a tiger.

I touched the Tiger and gently stroke its head moving down to its back. It was smooth. When I did this in opposite direction, it was a hard fur. I reminded myself, I am touching a Tiger. I was thrilled.

The instructor asked me to lift Tiger’s paw. It was a strict instruction not to touch its face or move to it’s front. I lifted the paw and kept it on my palm. It was almost double the size of my palm. With that big paw if a tiger hits with 80 Pound force, on your face, you are nothing but dead. That was the time when the Tiger roared loudly. I got scared and left the paw.

Those 15 minutes were thrilling. This was once in a lifetime experience.

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket, Thailand, Tiger Kingdom
Tiger Kingdom, Phuket @thepoemstory

I know these Tigers are captive, however, in today’s world if you leave them in a forest, they will be poached for sure.

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket – Photo Gallery

After a thrilling experience, I returned to the Kata Beach, it almost took around 30 minutes and I was there at Kata Beach by 5:30 PM.

What happened after that? How is Bangla road? What was the experience there? Read in my next article.

A trip to Thailand

A trip to Thailand
Thailand @thepoemstory

I travelled to Thailand twice and the experiences were totally different each time. The perception of Thailand being a place for sex tourism completely vanished after my second trip. When you tell someone that I am going on A Trip to Thailand, they look at you mysteriously and smile. It is a place for sex tourism, however, deep in this country lies its beauty and culture.

My First Trip to Thailand

I was sent to Malaysia for a month for official work. We had to work Monday till Friday, and on weekends we were free to explore places. First 2 weekends I explored the places in Kuala Lumpur itself. There was nothing much to explore, however, I liked the infrastructure. Moreover, after office ended at 5:00 PM, I explored most of the places. I and my manager planned a trip to Thailand on coming weekend.

Thailand offers VISA ON ARRIVAL for Indians. So, on Friday we went to Kuala Lumpur airport after office and tried booking tickets for Phuket. We got round trip tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket in 600 ringgit (approx. 10,000 INR). The flight was in the morning 6:00 AM, so we slept in KL International Airport itself.

My manager was interested in sex tourism and he wanted to explore Thai Girls. However, I was looking for what is best in Phuket and I kept searching. The thing that caught my attention was Tiger Kingdom in Phuket. Spending the night on KL Airport was an experience and in the morning we boarded the flight to Phuket.

Phuket International Airport

At around 9:00 AM we landed. Now, we had to get the VISA formality cleared. As we were in Malaysia, we did not have the Thai currency. At the airport, we saw a man sitting with lot of cash and he charged almost double what the exchange rate was for converting Malaysian ringgit to Thai Baht. We had to take that deal because, the immigration will take only Thai currency for issuing VISA.

The Visa application was smooth though and we did not face any issue. We moved out of the Phuket Airport and went to the bus station nearby. We were charged 200 Baht per person for the Patong City. The buses outside will leave you to the nearby location you tell them. There are vans running too with a slightly higher price (around 300 Baht) and they will drop each passenger to their designated hotels. If you book a cab or taxi, they will charge you a heavy amount (around 1200 Baht).

We had the hotel booked through booking.com , hence, we were aware of the location. That was near the Patong Beach.

“For VISA ON Arrival in THAILAND, you need to have the Hotel booking and return ticket.”

We arrived around 12:30 PM to the hotel and checked in. As we only had 1 night and 2 days, so, after a quick shower we went out to explore. The hotel provided the rental bikes for 175 Baht a day. We took that and we went on a ride in the city.

Patong Beach, Thailand

Patong Beach, Thailand, Phuket
Image by วันชัย อยู่สำราญ from Pixabay 

The first place we went was Patong Beach. This is an overcrowded beach and you will hardly get a place to sit and relax. However, it is clean and good. There are many restaurants and food joints opposite to the beach. We had our lunch in one of the restaurants.

We explored more and we found a travel agency that was offering a discount on a ferry to Phi-Phi Island and back in a day. We had our flight late at night around 1:00 AM (back to Malaysia), so we bought the tickets for Phi-Phi Island.

We went exploring again and went to Kata Beach. My manager decided to rest on the sea beach and got a place with umbrella on the white sand. He was more interested in Bay-Watching. I told him to be there and I will be back in some time. I took the bike and reached the Tiger Kingdom, Phuket to meet the tigers. It was at a 30 min. distance from Kata Beach. It was 2:30 PM when I left for the Tiger Kingdom.

What is there in Tiger Kingdom? Read my next article on Tiger Kingdom, Phuket.

What is there in Bangla Road, Phuket?

Happy Ending Thai Massage, what is it?

History of Mankind (Chapter 2)

This is Chapter 2 of “History of Mankind”.

Before reading this chapter it is advised that you go through the “History of Mankind (Chapter 1)”


Man’s nomadic movement in search of food and shelter went on for thousand of years. In course of hunting he discovered the better use of animals dike Cow, buffalos, etc. With enemies of life all around the man made friends of these animals and utilised them in many ways.

Domestication of animals helped man lo settle down in fixed places for longer period. This was the beginning of the age when man turned to other means for food than hunting. It, of course, took many more thousands of years before man observed the process of vegetable growth and discovered agriculture.

From the earliest days Man had another problem and that was to find a safe dwelling. As soon as he had learned to make tools he built his own hut with a hatched roof supported by tree trunks. Some groups lived together in lake villages for mutual protection.


Discovery of agriculture between 7,000 and 8,000 B.C., was a revolutionary step. It is easy to imagine that while men hunted, the women found out about the seeds that would be made to germinate.

With the science of cultivation and the use of caves, food and shelter ceased to be much of a problem. Domestication of animals and castles, use of milk and land are the landmarks of this period when man found more leisure than ever before.

It was about this time that small hoards of human beings flocked together to live in primitive villages which they built. It is primarily agriculture that changed the wandering hoards into settled and organised groups.

Use of animals for agriculture
Use of animals for agriculture @ThePoemStory
Ploughing field using domestic animals
Ploughing field using domestic animals
Domestic animals @ThePoemStory
Domestic animals @ThePoemStory


Such groups gradually grew into society and these villages into towns. Surplus production of food gave them the time and the incentive to make other necessities of life. Canoes were made. Rivers could be crossed. Travel and trade were possible.

As they began to live together, the question of respecting mutual rights and maintaining social order arose. As the means of production improved, supervisors and organizers became richer through other people’s labour. Kings and nobles sprang from amongst these leaders and pioneers.

About 4,000 B.C., copper came to serve mankind—at least in Egypt, India and Mesopotamia. Recorded history of man’s progress dates from this period, Civilisation begins.

Expansion Of Human Civilization

For about 2,000 years civilisation attained a brilliant peak even before the Aryans came. From Egypt to China ran a belt of progress spreading over three continents of Asia, Europe and Africa. India, Arabia, Mesopotamia, China, Greece, Rome and Crete formed the chains in the pattern of a these high order of human life.

These civilisations produced thinkers and writers, artists and musicians, scientists and engineers—versatile men who rose to be masters of collective destiny. They lived and died for the posterity.

Video on beginning of civilization

The Birth of Civilisation – The First Farmers (20000 BC to 8800 BC)


References: Cave Paintings of India

History Of Mankind – Preface

Evolution of Mankind @ThePoemStory

History of Mankind – Preface

We are Human beings and our history is important as we have moved from being nomads to a race which is ruling the world now. No other animal has done so. Human beings have captured almost every aspect of the earth and then the hunger for knowledge and growth took the humans to the outer space.

Human beings have travelled quiet a long distance on history’s timeline. As a human we grew from pre-historic fish like animals. We learnt to walk, we discovered the fire, from hunting for food to growing the food into our fields. We learnt to tame animals and use them for our work, food and other resources.

Many scientist researched and spent time on understanding the habits of pre-historic people. How did they turn into a civilized and settled colonies from nomads and ever hunting population? This is a gradual development and nothing happened in a day. It took year millions of years to change into what we are today.

In pre-historic era we only had work like hunting and finding shelter to continue our lives. Hunting for food though was tough without tools. It was a struggle, a struggle to survive and it was everyday for thousand of years. Today, it is hard to imagine that everyday it was a survival story. This continued for thousand of years. On the contrary, human beings not just survived, they kept on learning. Learning new skills made the growth and development faster.

Without tools and weapons it was trough for human beings to hunt and they used to survive by the food or dead animals that nature gave them. Gradually we started building weapons from stones, later metals and you know the sort of weapons that we possess today. With weapons it became easier to hunt. Man started settling in like minded and like featured group. From finding shelters we moved to building shelters and later learnt to build shelter as per the weather conditions.

Invention of Fire Sparked the Development of Human's @ThePoemStory
Invention of Fire Sparked the Development of Human’s @ThePoemStory
Wheel Changed the Pace of Mankind @ThePoemStory
Wheel Changed the Pace of Mankind @ThePoemStory

Invention of fire was a milestone in Human history. Rubbing two stones or dry wood produced that was to change the Human’s fate and destiny forever. None of the animals did this. Else they would definitely has won the race with human beings.

Invention of wheel was another milestone as it made commutation faster and made it easy to carry goods.

We learnt to tame animals to make our work easy. With settlement came the farming and growing the own food. Living in a society made it easy as someone will hunt, someone will grow the crops and someone will simply provide services like cooking and cleaning etc. This made an interdependent society and with depending on others, human being started getting more time for thinking of progress. So, some brainy person started the communication. Cave painting, spoken communication, written language and what not.

Knowledge Became the Key for Development @ThePoemStory

With communication the knowledge started spreading. Education system flourished. Schools for different skill started. You cannot imagine this world without the education system.

We have more to say and more to explain. Humans survived, Humans Flourished, Humans Fought, Humans did many things. Religions flourished and people turned against their own race. However, still a hope is there.

We will soon bring more articles. In our section History Of Mankind.