The Dark Side Of Social Media: Harming and Alarming

The Dark Side Of Social Media: Harming and Alarming


The Dark Side Of Social Media. The use of Social Media has increased with Smartphones being accessible to almost everyone and at an affordable price. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, and numerous others are available and can easily be installed on smartphones and become available on the go. These platforms provide everyone an opportunity to post their pictures, videos, and thoughts over the internet, which can be viewed all over the world.

This is good, however, it is being hit by people and companies that are not very interested in adverse effects on society. The only agenda is to earn money. This is the Dark Side of Social Media. It is Harmful and Alarming. In this post, we will look into how this is changing society for a bad reason.

On the positive side, it allows many people to show their talent to the world. Earlier it was impossible as people’s talents, thoughts, and creativity were confined to a region. Till the time it was not in the news, the world would not know. With Social Media coming into existence, anyone can show their talent to the world and get appreciated, followed, and earn some money as well. However, we come across the Good and the Bad in any aspect of society. Let us see how can this be justified.

The Dark Side of Social Media

Here I am not going to discuss any general article, however, this is purely based on my personal experiences. What people are doing on social media is concerning. Being on social media is good, you can connect with your family and friends and share your happy and sad moments with them. However, this becomes concerning when someone tries to break the religious harmony and spread fake information. In some cases it is a major reason for depression among people. Let us look at some points that I would like to discuss. The Dark Side of Social Media.

Social Media’s Role in Disturbing Religious Harmony

Often on Social Media, we see news on religion and clashes between different religious groups. That is a concern in my opinion as on the ground reality, we do not see anything happening around us. There are issues, I know, however, if spread globally, it becomes a big concern.

Spreading it on Social Media will ignite hatred among each other. If you are religious, you follow any religion, let’s not force others to believe in it. Everybody has a personal choice of following any religion. I am from India and I see people showing clashes between communities and who did what.

These news in most cases is fake. If people do not use their senses, they are easily blown away by this fake news.

Screenshot of Fake News on Social Media and how it is causing harm to the society. Social Media’s Role in Disturbing Religious Harmony.

The Dark Side of the Social Media news
The Dark Side of the Social Media Supreme court  INDIA
The Dark Side of the Social Media hate speech
The Dark Side of the Social Media and religion

Anyone can have a channel on Social Media like YouTube and they can morph videos and give it a religious title. As religion is very closely related to anybody’s sentiment, it goes viral and people watch it more.

People are getting brainwashed and it is definitely harming the society.

As I told you, this is my own experience. I have a YouTube Channel on Meditation and Spirituality and I generally like to talk more about personal development. However, when I toggle through the YouTube shorts and Instagram reels. I often get suggestions where some lady will be more interested in showing their private parts.

They follow the channel guidelines and policies, however, there is a very thin line as to how you escape and be eligible to post nudity. Interesting fact, YouTube or Instagram will block any comment that you make on those videos, however, they do not have a check on person posting the videos.

There is no strict age verification policy on these Social Media platforms. By this, I mean to say, that anyone can enter the wrong birth date and is eligible to watch these videos and pictures. They just have to click “I am over 18” or “I consent”. That is it.

In today’s time, a child going to school has access to the Internet or a smartphone. This is putting a wrong impact on a child’s growth if it is not checked as to what the child is using the internet for.

What do you see below? It is recommending me to be with the trend on my Spirituality and Meditation channel. Why only ladies and girls being shown?

Because the social media trend is about exposing your body. If you are a beautiful girl with an enhanced god-provided feature, showing this on the internet is going to make you popular.

And, that is a reason why some random girl posting semi-nude pictures are getting millions and billions follower, while something for your benefit does catches your attention.

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YouTube Trend suggestion

It is very much needed for what your underage child is using the mobile for.

My other topic is linked to this topic “Social Media’s Role In Spreading Nudity” and Social Media is a reason for depression among many.

Social Media is Causing Depression

Hahaha, I know you are amazed to see this. However, if you have an Instagram profile and you are not getting enough followers, you are depressed. You are not getting much subscribers on your YouTube channel, this is one reason you feel, you are not successful.

A social media platform is trying to make you feel that you are not successful. Get out of this feeling immediately. You do not have to go below your morals. You do not need to go nude and vulgar. Work on something that you are an expert. I know, there is something that you know better than others.

Trust me, I will never make a video that YouTube is says in trend and is related to showing my body features for the enjoyment of others. That is another kind of prostitution.

See, as this is a post to be read by everyone, I cannot post photos from Social Media. However, I know you already have gone through some of them. Follow or like someone who is popular by their talent and trust me, people with real talent do not fail. Plus, you need to work hard. It is not about making money only. It is about what you are giving to the society.

Tell me the truth, if someone is making videos that are just liked for sexuality, a women showing her body part, will you throw you child to do this over the internet. Sometimes, ask these vulgar people, would they like their child to do so? What you do not want your child to do, why will you do that.

The Dark Side Of Social Media: Harming and Alarming, ThePoemStory, A website for Poems and Stories
The Dark Side Of Social Media: Harming and Alarming, ThePoemStory, A website for Poems and Stories

This is the time to open your eyes wide open and come out of depression.

I will tell one more interesting fact that I observed. Most people with a good number of followers have a blue tick on Instagram. For this Instagram charges around Rs. 600 ($ 9). There is something that will allow Instagram to show its content as suggestions to the people. Trust me, if you click once on those suggestions, Instagram will would show you more of these.

Social Media Disturbs Real-Life Experiences

Social Media Disturbs Real-Life Relationships. This is true. On YouTube or Instagram, if you go through the reels and shorts, they are endless. You stop at one reel, now, they know you will stop at what kind of reel or short. They will present you with similar content. You keep on watching and watching and watching. This is interesting. However, once you check the time, you have spent hours and achieved nothing.

Have you ever gone through a situation, where family members are sitting and everyone is attached to his phone and swiping bottom to top on the screen? So, now remove your phone from this situation. Would not you be more interactive with each other?

What are you losing, real-life experiences? Yes! sadly.

You are on a trip to enjoy with family and you are more interested in making reels for your Instagram profile.

I will tell you a story of my experience. I went to Lepakshi temple in Karnataka, India. People rather than enjoying the real architecture on the temple walls were more interested in taking selfies and making reels.

I checked on the walls of the temple and it depicted the complete story of how Arjuna gained a weapon from Shiva. So, I mean to put a point here, that if you are interested in making more reels, you do know where you are and what is its significance.

So, I would say “Social Media Disturbs Real-Life Experiences”. I would request you to meet and greet people in the real world. Know your neighbors better. Keep some time for Social Media, but beware of the content you are consuming.

What Is Actually Happening on Social Media

This would be an eye-opener. So, on social media, you see a post on religion, “We are losing our culture”. You like it and comment, ” yes we should save our culture and we have lost much in the hands of foreigners”.

On a weekend, you travel to a place and you are more interested in taking selfies and not more interested in the place and its cultural value and history. Now, you post those photos on social media, trust me nobody is waiting to see your face. So, you will be depressed.

Now, you did not enjoy the place, you did not see anything closely, because you were busy making reels that impacted your real-life experience. And you are fake as you never worried to look around and do something really to save your culture.

If this hurts you, I want to hurt you. I want to let you know that there is something you are not doing right.

I salute to people with actual knowledge and they do not believe in following fake news or creating content around it.

If you are with me, please start reporting the contents to the social media platforms. Do not like, dislike or comment. This will counted as engagement. Just report it.

Like, Share and do Subscribe good content.

Conclusion: Dark Side Of Social Media

In this post, we discussed how Social Media has a dark side. The Dark Side of the Social Media. Social Media’s Role in Disturbing Religious Harmony. Social Media is Causing Depression. Social Media Disturbs Real-Life Experiences.

However, it should be your awareness of how to use Social Media efficiently. Social media is a market of different things. It is your choice to consume good content or not good content. I agree, that you get suggestions, but, it is in your hands to shut these suggestions down and report disturbing content.

If you liked this post. Keep reading.

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