Tiger Kingdom – A lifetime experience

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket | @thepoemsto

In my last article (A Trip to Thailand), I mentioned that I left my manager on Kata Beach and went to the Tiger Kingdom. Tiger kingdom – A lifetime experience.

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket, Thailand

I went to the Tiger Kingdom. They have a big place and there are many tigers. They are all tamed.

I asked the place people as how do they tame the tigers? Are they doped? They said, that the tigers are not doped or drugged. However, they fear a stick that they have used since these were cubs. Know more about Tiger Kingdom (About Tiger Kingdom).

Tiger Kingdom timings

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket Operation Hours

09:00-18:00 every day including public holidays. Open in all weather. Last admission 17:30.

Address: 118/88 Moo 7 Kathu, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand, 83120

Phone: +66 76-323-311

Experience at Tiger Kingdom, Phuket

I reached and admission process was simple. Based on the age of tigers, the ticket price was set. For a medium tiger they charged around 600 Baht. The time they allow is 10 to 15 minutes. You can go with your camera, however, flash is not allowed.

I entered one of the Tiger areas where middle aged tigers were kept in open. As I walked inside, I was thrilled. There were 2 Tigers walking behind me. One of them sat quietly at a distance and one moved towards a pool built inside. I took few pictures and the instructor asked me to sit beside a Tiger. I was scared, but, I could not miss what I was seeing. It is not normal to touch a tiger.

I touched the Tiger and gently stroke its head moving down to its back. It was smooth. When I did this in opposite direction, it was a hard fur. I reminded myself, I am touching a Tiger. I was thrilled.

The instructor asked me to lift Tiger’s paw. It was a strict instruction not to touch its face or move to it’s front. I lifted the paw and kept it on my palm. It was almost double the size of my palm. With that big paw if a tiger hits with 80 Pound force, on your face, you are nothing but dead. That was the time when the Tiger roared loudly. I got scared and left the paw.

Those 15 minutes were thrilling. This was once in a lifetime experience.

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket, Thailand, Tiger Kingdom
Tiger Kingdom, Phuket @thepoemstory

I know these Tigers are captive, however, in today’s world if you leave them in a forest, they will be poached for sure.

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket – Photo Gallery

After a thrilling experience, I returned to the Kata Beach, it almost took around 30 minutes and I was there at Kata Beach by 5:30 PM.

What happened after that? How is Bangla road? What was the experience there? Read in my next article.

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