Tiger Kingdom, A lifetime experience

Tiger Kingdom, A lifetime experience
Tiger Kingdom, Phuket

In my last article (A Trip to Thailand), I mentioned that I left my manager on Kata Beach and went to the Tiger Kingdom. Tiger kingdom – A lifetime experience.

Tiger Kingdom-Phuket-Thailand

I went to the Tiger Kingdom. They have a big place and there are many tigers. They are all tamed.

I asked the place, and people, how they tame the tigers. Are they doped? They said, that the tigers are not doped or drugged. However, they fear a stick that they have used since these were cubs. Know more about Tiger Kingdom (About Tiger Kingdom).

Tiger-Kingdom timings

Tiger-Kingdom, Phuket Operation Hours

09:00-18:00 every day including public holidays. Open in all weather. Last admission 17:30.

Address: 118/88 Moo 7 Kathu, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand, 83120

Phone: +66 76-323-311

Experience at Tiger-Kingdom, Phuket

I reached and the admission process was simple. Based on the age of tigers, the ticket price was set. For a medium tiger, they charged around 600 Baht. The time they allow is 10 to 15 minutes. You can go with your camera, however, flash is not allowed.

I entered one of the Tiger areas where middle-aged tigers were kept in open. As I walked inside, I was thrilled. 2 Tigers were walking behind me. One of them sat quietly at a distance and one moved towards a pool built inside. I took a few pictures and the instructor asked me to sit beside a Tiger. I was scared, but, I could not miss what I was seeing. It is not normal to touch a tiger.

I touched the Tiger and gently stroke its head moving down to its back. It was smooth. When I did this in opposite direction, it was a hard fur. I reminded myself, I am touching a Tiger. I was thrilled.

The instructor asked me to lift Tiger’s paw. It was a strict instruction not to touch its face or move to its front. I lifted the paw and kept it on my palm. It was almost double the size of my palm. With that big paw, if a tiger hits you with 80 Pound force, your face, you are nothing but dead. That was the time when the Tiger roared. I got scared and left the paw.

Those 15 minutes were thrilling. This was once in a lifetime experience.

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket, Thailand, Tiger Kingdom
Tiger-Kingdom, Phuket

I know these Tigers are captive, however, in today’s world if you leave them in a forest, they will be poached for sure.

After a thrilling experience, I returned to the Kata Beach, it almost took around 30 minutes and I was there at Kata Beach by 5:30 PM.

Debate on how tigers are treated

Few intellectuals love to discuss how the Tigers are treated at the Tiger-Kingdom. In my view, this is acting as a shelter for endangered species. Any of such intelligence would not be able to answer if we ask them, where to keep these animals.

We kept these animals in forests and people who reside inside luxurious houses should know that their houses are built on the habitat of these endangered species only. There are intellectuals, who sit in an Air Conditioned room and talk about global warming. If you still keep reading them or listening to them, stop it. They are just spreading a thought that they have and you are following them blindly.

I take pity on these animals. If you think they can be released into the wild, think again, the tigers out into the wild are not safe either. Human greed has depleted too many species into non-existence.

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