4 Goals of a Hindu Life

Hinduism is not a religion to separate it from other religions. It provides a guideline for a human life.  Let us see 4 goals of a Hindu Life

1. Dharma

Dharma in Hinduism, does not mean religion. Rather it means, do what is right. Follow good practices.

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2. Artha

Artha  means earning money. This is for a prosperous life.  With artha comes sense of satisfaction. However, you should not attach to material wealth

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3. Kama

Kama is seeking pleasure and at the same time, it is to produce children so that the knowledge can be carried across generations.

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4. Moksha

Moksha is attaining the separation from worldly matters.  This is the ultimate goal of a Hindu Life.

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 Importance of these 4 values.  You need to be righteous and follow the good practices.  Gain knowledge to be righteous. 

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You need to earn money for a prosperous life. However, the money gathered is controlled by Dharma. Earn the money right way.

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Seeking pleasure is not barred in Hindu life.  However, it should again be guided by Dharma and Artha.

Seeking pleasure is not possible without Artha.                and Seeking pleasure should be in accordance with Dharma

Kama is to produce children, so that you can pass your knowledge to the generations. This helps the next Hindu generation to follow best practices.

Moksha comes at the end. When you have achieved the 3 prior goals, you should start separating from worldly matters.

To attain Moksha, you need to make sure that you have passed the information or knowledge to the coming generation.

You die peacefully once you are separated from the worldly matters. Death becomes a celebration.