When You watched Netflix

What you achieved when you watched Netflix? Did it give you any benefit? I felt that I lost something doing it. What is your opinion?

!!! Disclaimer : These are my thoughts in this post. I do not want to impose it on anybody. Afterall it is your life. Live it as you like it. !!!

When You Watched Netflix?

Every now and then they release a series. Netflix gives a platform to entertainment industry and publishes series and movies. I went through the list one day on someone’s mobile and tried to look at the content that Netflix provides. I checked on the series and this friend of mine was happy to explain the plot of each and every series.


Highly abusive content, violence and hatred. There is no relationship value. Father hates son, son hates father and the whole family is getting into unhealthy relationship.

Money Heist

A group of people involved into bank robbery. Robbers are created in a manner that they gain audiences sympathy. The mastermind is considered someone speciall.

There are many other shows and they are all around violence and spreading a bad message to the society.

Netflix is killing your time

Yes it is killing your time. After work or after you get some time, you would love to watch Netflix Series. There is no time you are giving to the society. Leave the time aside, you want so much from the society around you. What are you giving to the society? Nothing, because you do not have time for the society.

with the money you pay for Netflix subscription, you pay your most important asset, YOUR TIME.

People Learnt New Skills, While you watched Netflix

There are people who learnt new skills. While you watched Netflix, they were learning some skills. To make themselves better.

You seriously spent time on watching violence and abusive content. You then discussed it with your friends too. While reading this post, give it a thought, what did you learn from these web series? How will help you in your life?

There was a dream you lived for. You spent those dreams on Netflix.

This is my thought. Your thought may differ. Netflix is very big and they know what they are doing. However, somone from the crowd might agree with me too.

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