Where is Old McDonald and his farm?

Let us find old McDonald and his farm. Where is it? How is it? Where is Old McDonald and his farm?

Who is Old McDonald?

Old McDonald is every farmer around the world who had a piece of land and he used to do farming. He used to grow crops and kept cattle. He took good care of the cattle. Where is Old McDonald and his farm?

His agricultural activities fed many people and he was a happy man.

Where is Old McDonald?

Old McDonald died probably. Some old McDonalds are doing labor jobs in big cities. Constructing houses and big buildings for people. When you meet these Old McDonalds, they would say they had a farm.

He had to sell his land as he was not able to survive this world just by producing food for everyone. Some or the other way he was forced to sell his land.

Some Old McDonalds committed suicides as the people governing the country could not take care of them.

Where is Old McDonald’s farm?

Burried deep under shopping malls, big societies and villas. Deep under factories they turned into concrete.

And I see a child living in a 2 BHK flat watching his videos. Will he be ever able to understand what a farm means?

Old McDonald had a Sheep, Cow, Chiken and many animals in his farm. However, the kid will not see or touch them as they as stray and unhealthy to touch.

Old McDonald is poor and illiterate

He is poor bacause he works very hard in his fields to produce the food we eat. Had he been rich, he should have bought a 3 BHK flat in a big city.

He is illiterate and uncivized. So, the day the kid meets him would know that Old McDonald is actually not that fancy as he appeared in the poem.

Not written that good but enough to ignite your thoughts.

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