Women Empowerment, Feminism, and the Right to equality between men and women are topics that we hear about every-day. Our brains are washed to accept these theories. Especially women talk about it and feel proud. However, my experience and thought are different on this topic. Let us look at how it leads to Pseudo Feminism.

Why Do We Needed Women Empowerment?

The first question is, why do we need a movement or protest for equal rights for women as compared to men? The reason is the degradation in the status of women in society. Somewhere, women felt that they were not enjoying rights similar to men in society and needed to protest. With protest came leaders, and feminist leaders and they provoked the women to ask for equal rights.

Women should get equal rights and I would say, they deserve a position higher than men. Women are to be respected. Women are to be worshipped. In decades and centuries, the status of women has degraded in society, and we need to uplift the same. That is the reason why the empowerment of women in needed.

Increase In Rape Cases

Talking about India, the cases of rape and eve-teasing has increased significantly. This is the most heinous act that a human can do to a human. In western countries, women are more submissive and hence, there are fewer rapes, or I would say no rape cases. Women there understand that if I am being raped, I should enjoy it. So, there are no rapes in countries like England, and the United States.

In Muslim-dominant countries, women are forced to sleep with people as per their religious rules and hence, there is no question of rape. They have a purification process as well. So, there are no rape cases in countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Rape cases are only happening within India. I am laughing while writing this post. India is the only country where women are being raped. Rest all Christian and Muslim countries get women either forced by their written laws or women are liberal and submissive. The concept of rape is only for Hinduism.

Yes! this concept is only in Hinduism, because even touching a woman without her will is rape. The woman needs to approve to even touch her. No religion in this world is so sensitive about women. No other religion in this world has given such sensitivity to women. This is a slap on the face of intellectuals who constantly attack Hinduism and say it is a fake religion.

That is the reason we call it Balatkar. This means the use of force against someone’s will. Even touching women without her will is Balatkar.

Pseudo Feminism

In the name of Empowering women, many people, many organizations, and many anti-political forces are spreading wrong knowledge. In the name of equality for women, they ask bizarre things. In the name of equality with men, they simply are ruining the whole sense of women’s empowerment.

How do you tell if the feminist is a fake one? They will debate on some points below.

  • It is my wish to wear anything I wish.
  • If men abuse, we will also abuse. (Never thought of stopping men from abusing).
  • I have equal rights and I will also smoke and drink as men do. (Never thought of stopping people from doing so).
  • I cannot cook. Why should only ladies cook? (They will ask their earning husbands to pay for food to be ordered from a place where a man is cooking food).
  • Bearing children is my choice. (They never care about the male partner and out of fake feminism, they will ignore her feelings).

These are some points based on my experiences.

How real feminism looks like? They will discuss on points below.

  • How women can be educated and get at a respectable position in society?
  • How can she stand on her partner’s side and help him in running the family?
  • How can she give a good care to her children and shape children future?

These are some points that I think empowered women can think of.

Real empowered women will never talk about bizarre demands. They will always talk positively. They never ask for equal rights, rather they achieve them.

Below are some pictures of Really Empowered Women.

I do not want to put pictures of Fake Feminists as they will be semi-nude, and many “semi-nude empowered women” will gather around one rich man. This is the reality of fake feminism.

Status of Women in Hinduism

I am from India, and I experience that in the name of Feminism or Women Empowerment, society is being misguided. 90% of the Women who support empowerment said that the status of women in India not good.

India is the country where we worshipped female goddesses for Knowledge, Prosperity, and Power. Hinduism is the religion of India and in Hinduism we worship women. Yet, I agree that the condition of women degraded in India and, what is the reason about it?

Muslim Invasions

When Muslims invaded India, they targeted women and wealth in the temples. They carried Hindu women to their countries for their pleasure. They raped Hindu women. They induced fear in Hindu society.

Muslim Rule Over India

For about 500 years, India was under Islam rule. They imposed and used their rules over Indian women. Akbar used to have a Haram with thousands of women for his enjoyment. This was the heinous acts of Muslim rules. They exploited Hindu women for their pleasure.

British Rule Over India

India was under British rule for 200 years and the Britishers were no different. They too exploited Indian women for their pleasure.

Maybe, today’s Indian society forgot about Rani Lakshmibai or Rani Chenamma. They were among some empowered women, who did not fall for British rule and fought bravely for the country.

For around 700 years, India was exploited. I would rather say, Indian women were exploited. That induced a fear in Hindu minds, and they started stopping their women from going out and taking a position in the society.

Hindus were exploited for a long time by religions that never cared about women.

You tell me one religion other than Hinduism, where women are being worshipped.

Conclusion ~ Right to equality between men and women

Women’s Empowerment, the Status of Women in Hinduism, Feminism, Fake Feminism, and Right to equality between men and women is the topic of this Blog post. I have tried to write is from my perspective. For me, women should be respected and should have equal rights, however, in a positive way. Demands that are Bizarre and I discussed why Hinduism is not a reason for degradation in women’s status.

I am really ashamed when I see ladies flaunting their private body parts on social media like Instagram, and Facebook for some likes and money, I think that somewhere, this social media is corrupting the whole sense of women’s empowerment.

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