Zindagi – A poem of life, Hindi Poem, A beautiful poem, Life’s poem, life in 4 lines, motivational poem. The life goes on

कुछ अपने नसीब पे रोते रहे, कुछ अपने नसीब पे हसते  रहे

वक़्त नसीब बदलता गया, हम हर हाल में जीते रहे

पत्थर राह में आते रहे, हम अपनी राह पे चलते रहे

ज़िंदा हैं हम एहसास था हमे, इसलिए ज़िंदादिली से लड़ते रहे

A Poem by Nitesh Sinha
Ⓒ All rights reserved to Nitesh Sinha. Any re-publishing of the content in any form will violate the copyright.


Sometimes, I cried on my destiny and sometimes I laughed at it. With time things changed, conditions changed, however, I survived through all the times.

There were obstacles on the path of life, however, the life never stopped. It went on.

I knew, I am alive. Hence, I fought through all the problems and kept living.

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