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About this website

This is a Website for Poems and Stories. In this website we write poems and stories. This simple website is intended for readers. Generally, we ignore the facts of life and our interests. Each moment of life is a story. We thought of collecting them from different sources and put it in one place. How much we succeed, you would be a better judge.

Some of the stories would interest you and some would not. Maybe we did not reach to you well. However, this would be our continuous effort to get to the subject you like.

You can reach out to us anytime for the interests you have, provide us comments (all comments are taken positively) and suggestions.

Example of a blinking text using CSS within a marquee Publish your stories for free. We provide you the platform.

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Let’s Grow is our tagline

Let’s grow and moreover, let’s grow together.

The moral and basic life features are going missing these days. Human being is trying to be a money machine and leaving behind the emotional aspect of life. Let us bring it back. Isn’t it growing again? So, let’s grow.

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