History of Mankind

Mankind’s History

We are Human beings and our history is important as we have moved from being nomads to a race which is ruling the world now. No other animal has done so. Human beings have captured almost every aspect of the earth and then the hunger for knowledge and growth took the humans to the outer space.

4 Classes of Hinduism

4 classes of Hinduism

Hinduism is a way of life. You too do not differ, everyone does not have the same capability. People are different in nature, strength, and ability to work. If in the older social arrangements you believe that there was a caste system.

High Angle View Of Man Riding Motorcycle On Road

My Love For Motorcycle

In my last post Motorcycle my passion I mentioned that I had a dream to ride all across India on my motorcycle. There was a reason for my love for motorcycles. I tried finding it and later, I realized that there was an inspiration behind it.

My fist image on motorcycle, My first motorcycle ride

My first motorcycle ride

My first motorcycle ride This is my first picture on a motorcycle. This picture was taken at the Bhadrakali Temple, Itkhori (currently in Jharkhand state). The motorcycle in the picture is a Rajdoot 1986 Model. Rajdoot motorcycles are no longer in production. Moreover, the temple in the background is not the same. They have built …

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Parasnath Hills, Sammed Shikhar

Parasnath Hills

Parasnath hills are the most important pilgrimage site for Jainism. The highest peak of Jharkhand stands tall as the teachings and principles of Jainism. This is the place where Jain Tirthankara Parshva Nath attained moksha. Let us get to know about Parasnath Hills. Geography of Parasnath Hills The highest peak of Parasnath Hill is around …

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Saraswati – The Godess of Knowledge and Art