Koi Paar Nadi Ke Gaata | A Beautiful Poem by Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Koi Paar Nadi Ke Gaata is a poem by Harivansh Rai Bachchan which is probably related to his life. Perhaps the sound of a song from across the Ganges would have come to his house in Allahabad. Harivansh Rai must have written this poem based on this as the subject matter. When there was no TV or social media like today, or such devices which people can listen to music by putting in their ears. Then people used to enjoy music in the evening, after getting tired from their work.

Either this is a true incident from Bachchan ji’s life, or it is a fantasy, but in both the cases he has left no stone unturned in expressing the emotions.

ये भी पढ़ें : Ali Main Kan Kan Ko Jaan Chali

Koi Paar Nadi Ke Gaata in English

Bang Nisha Ki Neeravata kar,
Iss Dehaati Gaane Ka Swar,
Kakdee Ke Kheton Se Uthakar,
Aata Yamuna Par Leharata!
Koi Paar Nadi Ke Gaata!

Honge Bhai-Bandhu Nikat Hi,
Kabhi Sochate Honge Yah Bhi,
Iss Tat Par Bhi Baitha Koi
Uski Taanon Se Sukh Paata!
Koi Paar Nadi Ke Gaata!

Aaj Na Jaane Kyon Hota Mann
Sunkar Yah Ekaaki Gaayan,
Sada Ise Main Sunta Rehata,
Sada Ise Yah Gaata Jaata!
Koee Paar Nadi Ke Gaata!

~ Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Koi Paar Nadi Ke Gaata in Hindi

भंग निशा की नीरवता कर,
इस देहाती गाने का स्वर,
ककड़ी के खेतों से उठकर,
आता जमुना पर लहराता!
कोई पार नदी के गाता!

होंगे भाई-बंधु निकट ही,
कभी सोचते होंगे यह भी,
इस तट पर भी बैठा कोई
उसकी तानों से सुख पाता!
कोई पार नदी के गाता!

आज न जाने क्यों होता मन
सुनकर यह एकाकी गायन,
सदा इसे मैं सुनता रहता,
सदा इसे यह गाता जाता!
कोई पार नदी के गाता!

~ हरिवंश राय बच्चन

Koi Paar Nadi Ke Gaata English Translation

Dissolving the silence of the night,
The voice of this rural song,
Rising from the cucumber fields,
Comes and waves over the river Yamuna!
Someone sings across the river!

There must be brothers and relatives nearby,
They must be thinking sometimes,
Someone sitting on this bank too
Gets pleasure from its tunes!

Someone sings across the river!
Today I don’t know why my mind feels like
Hearing this lonely song,
I always keep listening to it,
Always keep singing it!
Someone sings across the river!

~ Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Meaning of the poem ‘Koi Paar Nadi Ke Gaata’

This silence of the night, this peace of the night, is broken by sound of a village song. The poet describes the sound of the songs that breaks the silence of the night. That sound rises from the cucumber fields and flows with the waves of river Yamuna. This means that that sound pervades everywhere. That sound is coming from the other side of the river. The poet can identify that the someone is singing this song across the river.

Someone sings on the other side of the river and the sound of the song passes the cucumber fields and crosses the waves of river Yamuna. This is a beautiful description of nature and solitude of the poet.

The person who is singing this song might be thinking that on this side of the river, on this bank, someone might be enjoying his song.

Perhaps when Bachchan ji was writing this poem, he must have spent some time listening to this song, and one day he thought that he should write this moment of life as a poem, and perhaps then he must have written the last lines of this poem.

Today, after listening to this song, it seems that this song of loneliness, I should keep listening to it forever and the singer keeps singing it like this forever.

Koi Paar Nadi Ke Gaata Quotes

कोई पार नदी के गाता, Koi Paar Nadi Ke Gaata

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I have tried my best to present the meaning of this beautiful poem and how it makes an impression on the hearts of readers. Your love can justify if my effort is successful.

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