Rashmirathi Chapter 1 Part 1. Introduction and Birth Story of Brave Karna. In this part we will read about how the Karna was born and what happened on his birth.

These are beautiful lines written by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and with the birth of Karna, he places a satire on the society at the same time. His whole motto is to say that a person of high spirits and high value should not be recognized by his birth to the society he is born. Rather he should be praised for his talent.

Rashmirathi Lyrics in Hindi ~ Rashmirathi Chapter 1 Part 1

‘जय हो, जग में जले जहाँ भी, नमन पुनीत अनल को,
जिस नर में भी बसे, हमारा नमन तेज को, बल को।
किसी वृन्त पर खिले विपिन में, पर, नमस्य है फूल,
सुधी खोजते नहीं गुणों का आदि, शक्ति का मूल।
ऊँच-नीच का भेद न माने, वही श्रेष्ठ ज्ञानी है,
दया-धर्म जिसमें हो, सबसे वही पूज्य प्राणी है।
क्षत्रिय वही, भरी हो जिसमें निर्भयता की आग,
सबसे श्रेष्ठ वही ब्राह्मण है, हो जिसमें तप-त्याग।
ऊँच-नीच का भेद न माने, वही श्रेष्ठ ज्ञानी है,
दया-धर्म जिसमें हो, सबसे वही पूज्य प्राणी है।
क्षत्रिय वही, भरी हो जिसमें निर्भयता की आग,
सबसे श्रेष्ठ वही ब्राह्मण है, हो जिसमें तप-त्याग।
जिसके पिता सूर्य थे, माता कुन्ती सती कुमारी,
उसका पलना हुई धार पर बहती हुई पिटारी।
सूत-वंश में पला, चखा भी नहीं जननि का क्षीर,
निकला कर्ण सभी युवकों में तब भी अद्‍भुत वीर।
तन से समरशूर, मन से भावुक, स्वभाव से दानी,
जाति-गोत्र का नहीं, शील का, पौरूष का अभिमानी।
ज्ञान-ध्यान, शस्त्रास्त्र, शास्त्र का कर सम्यक् अभ्यास,
अपने गुण का किया कर्ण ने आप स्वयं सुविकास।
अलग नगर के कोलाहल से, अलग पुरी-पुरजन से,
कठिन साधना में उद्योगी लगा हुआ तन-मन से।
 निज समाधि में निरत, सदा निज कर्मठता में चूर,
वन्य कुसुम-सा खिला कर्ण जग की आँखों से दूर।
नहीं फूलते कुसुम मात्र राजाओं के उपवन में,
अमित वार खिलते
वे पुर से दूर कुञ्ज-कानन में।
समझे कौन रहस्य? प्रकृति का बड़ा अनोखा हाल,
गुदड़ी में रखती चुन-चुन कर बड़े क़ीमती लाल।
जलद-पटल में छिपा, किन्तु, रवि कबतक रह सकता है?
युग की अवहेलना शूरमा कबतक सह सकता है?
पाकर समय एक दिन आखिर उठी जवानी जाग,
फूट पड़ी सबके समक्ष पौरूष की पहली आग।

~ Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

Rashmirathi Poem Meaning ~ Rashmirathi Chapter 1 Part 1

Stanza 1,2, and 3 ~ Rashmirathi Poem Meaning

It does not matter wherever, the fire burns, we bow to it. The reason for this is fire is pious. The fire denotes the valor and courage. It is a symbol of bravery. Any human being that holds the power, courage and bravery, we praise and bow to him. We bow to the courage, valor, and bravery.

It does not matter where the flower blooms, it is respected. It may bloom on any tree any branch, in a forest or in any beautiful garden. The flower is respected.

The learned and wise people do not waste their time in finding the origin and source of power and qualities. This means, wise people value the qualities and characteristics rather than finding in which caste, religion, or class the person is born.

The one who does not discriminate on the basis of class and creed, is the one who is most learned and has a great wisdom.

The person with kindness in heart and is capable of sacrifice is the most respected person. The real fighter or the Kshatriya is the person who is not afraid of any situation. The most respected and greatest brahmin is the person who is capable to penance and sacrifice.

Magnificent and majestic people do not get respect by telling the world their clan of birth, their religion, caste, or class. Rather they earn respect by showing their courage and valor.

Looking at the origin, class and caste, these are lowest values. Based on these low values whether the world says, it is right or wrong, it does not matter. The brave people are the one who make a mark in the History. Brave and great people do not take help of their class of birth and origin, they make a mark and place in History with their great act.

Stanza 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 ~ Rashmirathi Poem Meaning ~ Karna’s Birth and Childhood

The one whose father was God “SUN” and mother was the pious lady “Kunti”. As soon as he was born, he was abandoned. His first place was a basket which was flowing on the stream of the river. (Why Karna was abandoned – Read).

He was adopted and nurtured by a family of charioteer, and he neither even tasted the milk of his biological mother. However, Karna grew as an excellent warrior and extremely brave among all the warriors.

Strong by body, emotional from inside, and sacrifice was his character. He was not discouraged by the clan of his birth. Even people used to tell him that he is a son of charioteer, he was never discouraged. Karna took pride in his bravery and manhood. He took pride in his art of war and courage.

Karna gained knowledge, learned meditation, learned scriptures, and use of arms (archery, sword, mace etc.) and he practiced it well. He himself was the creator of his great character. It can be said that he was his own teacher.

Away from the crowd and citizen of the city, he put himself into difficult practice. He practiced his skills with all concentration away from the city, in a lonely place.

In his own meditation and concentration, and determination of hard work, he bloomed like a flower in the forest away from the eyes of everyone.

The flowers not only bloom in the royal gardens. Many a times, they bloom far away in dense forests. Who knows the secret of nature, it is wonderful and amazing. The nature keeps priceless jewels in old and torn clothes. This means that the nature keeps priceless jewels in a place you do not expect.

How long can the sun remain hidden behind the ocean? How long a brave person can remain hidden and ignored by the world? One day, it finds the right time to come out.

Similarly, there came a day, when Karna came out to the world. Karna’s youth was awakened, and it came out to show everybody, his fire of manhood and bravery.

Rashmi Rathi Quotes

Summary of Rashmirathi Chapter 1 Part 1

In this part, I included 8 poems, and they describe that people are recognized with their qualities and not by the caste, or clan of birth. Moreover, wise people do not spend their time in finding these unnecessary reasons, rather they respect the good qualities like, bravery, valor, courage, sacrifices and good nature of people.

Later we look into the summary of Karna’s birth and how he attained qualities living alone. He practiced his skills, scriptures and battle abilities. This effort of Karna gives him a respected position in the eyes of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar.

Below are the parts that are published, and their links are provided. You can go through these links and read the meaning in every part. This is a long book, and it will take time to write the meaning. I hope you will like it and with your comments, I will remain encouraged to publish more and more.

Thank you for reading!

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