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Recently the Gyanvapi Verdict of Varanasi has been in debate and is a reason for controversy in India. Manoj Muntashir’s “Patthar Gawahi Denge” went viral and started another level of nationwide debate. Captivating Lines by Manoj Muntashir has been interpreted by different people, news channels, Social Media, and what not. He is facing criticism from the people of his community.

I have tried to get the lyrics and interpret the meaning of “Patthar Gawahi Denge” in my words. I have visited the Kashi Vishwanath temple of Varanasi, and when you enter the temple, you can see the Gyanvaapi mosque.

When you look at the ruins on the right, you can see the statues of Hindu Gods and goddesses. Aurangzeb destroyed the old structure of the Vishwanath temple and built the famous Gyanvaapi Mosque.

Recently a Shivalinga was discovered at the place where Muslims coming to the Gyanvapi mosque performed Wazoo. It has been said that they knew that there is a Shivalinga, however, during wazoo, they used to spit on it.

The whole idea of respect for another religion gets destroyed here. The Hindu community is criticized for the establishment of the “Ram Temple” in Ayodhya and they are advised to follow secularism. However, there are too many questions, when someone tries to teach secularism to other religions.

During all this controversy, when the people of India were waiting for the Gyanvapi verdict, Manoj Muntashir came up with a small poem “Patthar Gawahi Denge”.

Manoj Muntashir on Gyanvapi Controversy

Poochhegi Jab Adalat Patthar Gawahi Denge Lyrics

masjid hai ya shivala
ye sach bata hi denge
poochhegi jab adalat
patthar gawahi denge

मस्जिद है या शिवाला
ये सच बता ही देंगे
पूछेगी जब अदालत
पत्थर गवाही देंगे


hum jodane ke kaayal
tum todane me maahir

mehmaan tumko maana
aur tumne humko kaafir

हम जोड़ने के कायल
तुम तोड़ने में माहिर
मेहमान तुमको माना
और तुमने हमको काफिर


bas ye bata do khanzar
kyun peeth me utara
Kyun somnath toda
mathra ko kyun ujada

बस ये बता दो खंजर
क्यूँ पीठ में उतारा
क्यूँ सोमनाथ तोड़ा
मथुरा को क्यूँ उजाड़ा


shankar ka jurm kya tha
kanha ne kya kiya tha
vanvaas ram ji ko
babar ne kyun diya tha

शंकर का जुर्म क्या था
कान्हा ने क्या किया था
वनवास राम जी को
बाबर ने क्यूँ दिया था


terah sau saal humne
yahi sochate guzaare
kyun gardanein utaari
kyun foonke ghar hamare

तेरह सौ साल हमने
यही सोच कर गुज़ारे
क्यूँ गर्दनें उतारी
क्यूँ फूंके घर हमारे


saari jawaabdehi
tay hogi dheere dheere
har har ka naad hoga
ganga nadi ke teere

सारी जवाबदेही
तय होगी धीरे धीरे
हर हर का नाद होगा
गंगा नदी के तीरे


soya hua sanatan
chaitanya hai sajag hai
wo waqt kuchh alag tha
ye waqt kuchh alag hai

सोया हुआ सनातन
चैतन्य है सजग है
वो वक़्त कुछ अलग था
ये वक़्त कुछ अलग है


kabron se kheench kar hum
laayenge sach tumhare
aayenge kathghare me
aurangzeb saare

कब्रों से खींच कर हम
लाएंगे सच तुम्हारे
आएंगे कठघरे में
औरंगज़ेब सारे

saara hisaab ik din
jille-ilahi denge
poochhegi jab adalat
patthar gawahi denge

सारे हिसाब इक दिन
जिले इलाही देंगे
पूछेगी जब अदालत
पत्थर गवाही देंगे

~ Manoj Muntashir (Manoj Muntashir on Gyanvapi)

A poem on Gyanvapi Shivling and Gyanvapi Verdict

This is a poem on Gyanvapi Verdict and it simply means that if the court asks whether there should be a mosque or Shiva temple, the witnesses will be the rocks of Gyanvapi. The thousand years old statues will become the witness.

He mentions that we considered you as our guests and respected you. However, you destroyed the temples, killed our people, burnt our houses. Why did you destroy the temples of Somnath and Mathura? What was wrong that Shiva and Krishna did to you?

The new age Sanatan dharma will not keep quiet. It will ask the justice and the tyrants like Aurangzeb will be asked for his atrocities. You will have to answer all questions and once again the shout of “Har Har Mahadev” will be there on the banks of Ganga.

Many illiterate people questioned Manoj Muntashir for writing the lines “वनवास राम जी को बाबर ने क्यूँ दिया था” / “vanvaas ram ji ko babar ne kyun diya tha“. Those who ask this question, I tell them that they are illiterate and do not understand the poetic literature or do not know the history.

The Babri Masjid was built on the Ram Janma Bhoomi, the place in Ayodhya where Lord Ram was born. Ideally, there should have been a temple of Lord Ram. However, Babar destroyed it and built a mosque over it. For 1300 years, the mosque stood at the place where Ram was born. This Manoj Muntashir criticized and Babar gave Lord Ram exile once again.

Summary of “Patthar Gawahi Denge”

The poem Patthar Gawahi Denge is a question of society. It is a question of Mughal and Muslim rulers who ruled over India. Were they real rulers? Whether they did betray the people of India? What good did the Muslim rule give India? In the name of love among others and respect for all religions, they kept on breaking the temples and building mosques.

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