Tu Jis Gati Se Hai Chala Lyrics and Meaning

Tu jis gati se hai chala is a recent and viral poem or song sung by Piyush Mishra during a concert. He added these lines to his poem [Aarambh Hai Prachand]. We present here the Tu Jis Gati Se Hai Chala Lyrics and the meaning of the song. The meaning of Tu Jis Gati Se Hai Chala is motivational and it fills you with courage. I like the inspirational lines of Tu Jis Gati Se Hai Chala Tu Us Gati Ko Paayega, if you searched for it and landed here, I hope you like it too.

So let us look into the lyrics of Tu Jis Gati Se Hai Chala Tu Us Gati Ko Paayega.

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Tu Jis Gati Se Hai Chala Lyrics in Hindi

By Piyush Mishra

तू ऐसा कुछ कमाल कर
कटार को संभाल कर
तू तोड़ दे मरोड़ दे
भुजा में शीश डाल कर
ताल ठोक के तमाम
शत्रुओं के जाल को
नाश कर, तू मर्द है रे
बेच दे के काल को
प्रेम प्यार ज़िन्दगी से
नोच के निकाल दे
है गरुड़ तो सांप को
दबोच के उखाड़ दे
तू जिस गति से है चला
तू उस गति को पायेगा
तू फूल सूंघता रहा
तू किस गति समायेगा

सर पे जिसके तेज और
हाथ धनुष बाण हो
वीर उसको बोलते
वो बूढा हो जवान हो
रण में जाके हो खड़ा
तू चक्रव्यूह को तोड़ दे
मौत को भी मात दे रे
ज़िन्दगी मरोड़ दे

~ Piyush Mishra

Tu Jis Gati Se Hai Chala Lyrics in English

By Piyush Mishra

Tu aisa kuchh kamal kar
Katar ko sambhal kar
Tu tod de, marod de
Bhuja me sheesh daal kar
Taal thok ke tamaam
Shatruon ke jaal ko
Naash kar, tu mard hai re,
Bech de ke kaal ko
Prem Pyaar zindagi se
noch ke nikaal de
Hai garud to saanp ko
daboch ke ukhaad de
Tu jis gati se hai chala
tu us gati ko paayega
Tu phool soonghta raha
to kis gati samayega
Sar pe jiske tej aur
haath Dhanush bbaan ho
Veer usko bolte
wo boodha ho jawan ho
Ran me jaake ho khada
tu chakravyuh ko tod de
Maut ko bhi maat de
re zindagi marod de

~ Piyush Mishra

Meaning of Tu Jis Gati Se Hai Chala

Do something extraordinary and out of the box. Be courageous and brave. Hold your weapon firmly and hold the head of your enemies in your arms, twist it and break it. This simply means to finish off your enemies.

Challenge the enemies and fight them. End all the dark webs that the enemy has set for you. You are a human being and a strong human being, you have to accept challenges and clear all the enemies. Be strong and you can sell off even the kaal. This means you can defy the death.

Come out of the mirage, a world of love and affection, and take the path of valor. Remove the love and lust from your life. If you think your character is like a Garuda (King of the birds, that eats snakes) then catch hold of the snake and uproot it. This means, following the path of bravery and courage and not falling for lust and false feelings.

Your end will be decided by the path that you walk on. If you follow the path of weak and timid, no one will respect you. However, if you follow the path of bravery and a warrior, you will be remembered for a long time. If you spent time sniffing the flowers, this is definite that you will not be respected in this world. You will not be victorious. The world remembers those who are courageous and brave. So, choose your thoughts and actions very carefully. It is you to decide whether you will walk on the path of bravery or spend time in false lust.

The person who has a glorious face and holds a bow and arrow. This means a face without fear and is capable of holding a weapon. We call such a person as a warrior or brave, and it does not matter if he is Young or Old. The age of a warrior does not matter till he is fearless, can hold the weapon, and is capable of fighting a battle.

So, you are brave and hence, stand out in the battle and break the enemy’s army formation. This formation is referred to as Chakravyuh and it was used in the Mahabharata war. Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna broke this formation, however, he was killed. The world knows Abhimanyu for his courage. So, the poet Piyush Mishra urges us to show a sign of bravery, stand in the battle, and break the Chakravuyha.

He urges that you can defy death and twist the course of your life. Defying death does not mean you will not die. However, it means facing death, not fearing death, and once you release the fear of death, you will change the course of your destiny. Eve if you die, you will remembered for your valor.

Summary of Tu Jis Gati Se Hai Chala

The poem Tu Jis Gati Se Hai Chala is highly motivational and inspires everyone to be brave and take action in their life. It simply says that your destiny is decided by the path you follow. To get a good future, you need to take a good step. Your path chosen today will decide the course of your life and the final destiny of your life. Moreover, it will decide how the world will remember you after you are dead.

This was my interpretation of Tu Jis Gati Se Hai Chala Tu Us Gati Ko Paayega. Hope you liked it.

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