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Rashmirathi Poem – Jai Ho Jag Me Jale Jahan Bhi, Naman Puneet Anal Ko with Summary and Elaborated meaning. These are the starting lines of Rashmirathi poem. Rasmirathi Poem – Jai Ho Jag Me Jale Jahan Bhi (English).

We will go through the poem and look into the meaning of the poem. The summary of Rashmirathi Poem – Jai ho jag me jale jahan bhi is the main topic of the post and based on the reception, I will continue with the full poem and its meaning.

Rasmirathi Poem – Jai Ho Jag Me Jale Jahan Bhi (English)

Jai Ho Jag Me Jale Jahan Bhi, Naman Puneet Anal Ko
Jis Nar me bhi base, Hamara Naman Tej Ko, Bal Ko.
Kisi Vrint Par Khile Vipin Me, Par, Namasya Hai Phool,
Sudhi Khojte Nahi, Gunon Ka Aadi, Shakti Ka Mool.

Oonch-Neech Ka Bhed Na Maane, Vahi Shreshtha Gyani hai,
Daya-Dharm Jisme Ho, Sabse Wahi Poojya Praani Hai.
Kshatriya Wahi, Bhari Ho Jisme Nirbhayata Ki Aag,
Sabse Shreshtha Wahi Brahman Hai, Ho Jisme Tap-Tyag.

Rasmirathi Poem – Jai Ho Jag Me Jale Jahan Bhi (Hindi)

‘जय हो’ जग में जले जहाँ भी, नमन पुनीत अनल को,
जिस नर में भी बसे, हमारा नमन तेज को, बल को।
किसी वृन्त पर खिले विपिन में, पर, नमस्य है फूल,
सुधी खोजते नहीं, गुणों का आदि, शक्ति का मूल।

ऊँच-नीच का भेद न माने, वही श्रेष्ठ ज्ञानी है,
दया-धर्म जिसमें हो, सबसे वही पूज्य प्राणी है।
क्षत्रिय वही, भरी हो जिसमें निर्भयता की आग,
सबसे श्रेष्ठ वही ब्राह्मण है, हो जिसमें तप-त्याग।

Rashmirathi By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
Wordsहिंदी अर्थEnglish Meaning
पुनीतपवित्रPious, Sacred
अनल आग Fire
वृंत डंठल, डंडी, छोटे पौधे की शाखाstem or branch of a tree
विपिन वन, जंगल, उपवन, बाग़Forest, Garden
सुधीबुद्धिमान्, समझदार, अच्छी बुद्धिवालाwise, sensible, well-intelligent
श्रेष्ठ अति उत्तम, उत्कृष्टexcellent, best
Table containing the Meaning of पुनीत, Meaning of अनल, Meaning of वृंत, Meaning of विपिन, Meaning of सुधी, Meaning of श्रेष्ठ

Summary of Rashmirathi Poem – Jai Ho Jag Me Jale Jahan Bhi

Fire is the symbol of power and courage. Wherever this fire, which is a symbol of courage and power, is lit and burning, we respect that fire. Likewise, whosoever as a human being holds the power and courage, we respect that power and courage.

Wherever, the flower blossoms be it in a forest or in a garden, is respectable. It does not matter if is grows on a small branch of a plant or tree. Irrespective of where it blossoms, flower is a flower and is respectable.

One who is wise and has wisdom does not waste his time in finding the source of courage and valor. They do not look about from where the courage originated. The only thing that matters is the courage, power, and valor that a person holds.

The person who does not believe in the discrimination by birth, social status, or money is the most knowledgeable and wise person. The one who is righteous and has a kind heart, is the person of high respect and should be worshipped.

The person who is fearless and has courage to fight is the real warrior or Kshatriya. The fearlessness and courage makes a warrior.

The most respectful Brahman is the person who holds the virtue of penance and sacrifice.

Elaborated Meaning of Rashmirathi Poem – Jai Ho Jag Me Jale Jahan Bhi

In these first lines of Rashmirathi, the poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar sets up a stage where he mentions that the properties and qualities of a human being should be the factor of his respect. It should not be discriminated based on his birth, the family he is born or the society he is a part of.

He compared the qualities of a human being that of flowers and fire. Irrespective of the place a fire is burning, or a flower blossoms, they are and should be respected because of the qualities that they hold. Fire has the quality to provide heat and is a symbol of courage and valor. Flowers are respected irrespective of the place they grow, be it a forest or a small garden. It does not matter if it grew on a small branch of a tree.

Similarly, any human being who holds courage and valor is respected. If a person is coward or does not have the qualities to stand against enemies, he will not be respected.

A wise person will not waste his time looking into the origin of a person. He will rather look for the qualities. The person who does not believe in discrimination of any kind is a really wise person. Discrimination based on caste, wealth, and birth of a person is not the right way. If there is a discrimination based on these things, the real quality of the person will not be visible to the world. So, if someone has wisdom and is knowledgeable, he will focus on the qualities of a person.

The person who has a kind-heart and is righteous is the person to be worshipped. Suppose there is a king, and he is not kind at all to the people of his kingdom, and he is not righteous, he will never be respected by the people of his kingdom. It does not matter if he is a king, but he will not be respected or he will never be a subject of worship by the people.

Kshatriya is not only the person who is born in a Kshatriya family, or Brahmin is not only the person who is born in a Brahmin family. Rather if a person hold bravery, courage and is fearless, should be termed as a Kshatriya. Moreover, if a person holds the virtue of penance and sacrifice is the real brahmin. It does not matter in which family he is born.

Rashmirathi Poem and Karna

This is based on the life of Karna. Why Ramdhari Singh Dinkar quoted these lines in Rashmirathi? Karna was born of Kunti and as she was unmarried when Karna was born, Karna was abandoned. He was raised by a charioteer “Adiratha” and his wife “Radha”. Because Karna was raised by Radha, he is often known as Radheya.

Karna was bright from childhood and full of courage. However, as he was not from Kshatriya clan, he was not supposed to use weapons. This was the discrimination he faced.

So, in this poem Ramdhari Singh Dinkar sets a stage to mentions that a bright person cannot remain hidden for a long time. A time will come when his qualities will be known to the world.


In these lines, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar wants to say that a person should not be discriminated based on his caste and clan. However, he should be respected because of his good qualities. Birth of a person does not decide his respect in the society, however, it is his qualities that makes him a respectable person.

Wherever, such great people are, they will be respected and always remembered. Their qualities will not be hidden from the world for a long time. They will rise and shine.

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