3 Wise Brothers – A Story of Keen Observation and Wisdom ~ (Moral Story in English)

Introduction ~ (3 Wise Brothers)

This is a story 3 Wise Brothers. A Story of Keen Observation and Wisdom. This is a moral story in English. A story on keen observation. A story of wisdom. How keen observation and wisdom saved the life of 3 wise brothers.

The Story ~ 3 Wise Brothers

3 Wise Brothers

Once upon a time. There was a poor man who had three sons, he often used to say to his sons, my sons, we neither have money nor gold and silver, that is why you should accumulate a different kind of treasure. You try to understand and know everything more. Let nothing escape your notice. Instead of money, you will have sharp eyes and instead of gold, you will have a sharp mind. After accumulating such wealth, you will never lack anything, and you will never be less than others.

Time passed and after a few days the old man passed away. The brothers sat together and considered the whole situation and then said, we have nothing to do here. Let’s travel around and see the world. If needed, we will work as shepherds or farm laborers. No matter where we are, we will not die of hunger.

They all agreed to go on the journey and started on their journey the very next morning. They crossed desolate valleys and high mountains. In this way they continued for 40 days. The amount of food they had was now over. They were exhausted and had blisters on their feet. But the road was not coming to an end. They stopped to rest and then moved ahead.

Eventually they started seeing some houses in front of them. They had reached near a big city. The three brothers were very happy and started moving quickly. He said, whatever was bad is left behind and only good is going to happen in future.

When they reached very near the city, the eldest brother suddenly stopped. He looked at the ground and said that just a short while ago a very big camel passed by here. When they went a little further, the middle brother stopped, looked on both sides of the road and said that the camel was one-eyed. When they went a little further, the youngest brother said that there was a woman and a child riding the camel. That’s right said the two elder brothers and all three of them moved forward again.

After some time, a horseman passed by them. The eldest brother looked at him and asked, “Cavalier, you are searching for something lost, right?”

3 Wise Brothers - A Story of Keen Observation and Wisdom ~ (Moral Story in English), ThePoemStory - Poems and Stories, Poems and Stories

3 Wise Brothers | A Story of Wisdom | Keen Observation | Moral Story | Moral Story in English

The rider stopped his horse and replied, yes.

“Your camel is lost, right?” the eldest brother asked.

“Yes, a very big one,” replied the horseman.

“The camel is one-eyed, isn’t he?” The middle brother asked.

“Yes” replied the horseman.

“There was a woman riding on it with a small child, wasn’t it?” The youngest brother asked this question.

The horseman looked at the three brothers with suspicion and said, you three have my camel, tell me quickly, what did you do with it?

The brothers replied, “We have not even seen the face of your camel.”

“So how did you know all these things about the camel?”

“Because we know how to use our eyes and brains”, the brothers replied and then said, “Quickly run your horse in that direction, there you will find your camel”.

“No” replied the camel owner.

I will not go in that direction. My camel is with you, and you will have to return it.

We haven’t even seen your camel. The brothers said in distress, but the horseman was not ready to listen to a single thing they said. He took out his sword and, swinging it vigorously, ordered the three brothers to move ahead of him. In this way he took them straight to the palace of the king of the country. After taking these three brothers to the soldiers, he himself went to the king.

He told the king that I was bringing my family from the mountains and for that, I was bringing my wife and small child behind me on a big camel. Somehow, she was left behind and she lost her way. When I went to look for them, I met three men on the road who were walking. I am sure that they have stolen my camel and killed my wife and child.

When the man had finished speaking, the king asked, why do you think so? Because I did not say a single word to these people about this. Still, they told me that the oat is very big and one-eyed. And a woman and children are riding on it. The king thought for a while and then said, as you say that without you telling him, he described everything about your camel in such a good manner, then he must have stolen it. Go, bring those thieves here.

The owner of the camel went out and immediately came inside taking the three brothers with him. The king threatened the three brothers and shouted, Thieves, tell me immediately, answer immediately, where have you made this man’s camel disappear?

The brothers replied, we are not thieves and we have never even seen his camel. Then the king said, without telling anything to the owner, you described the camel absolutely correctly. Now how dare you say that you have not even seen him?

King, there is nothing surprising in this. The brothers replied, since childhood we have developed the habit of not letting anything slip from our sight. We have spent a lot of time looking at things with a sharp eye and thinking with our brain. That’s why even without seeing the camel, we told him what it was like. The king started laughing loudly and said, “Is it possible to know so much about a thing without even seeing it?”

Yes it is possible. The brothers replied.

The king said, okay, we will investigate your truth now. At this very moment the king called his minister and whispered something in his ear. The Vizier immediately went out of the palace, but very soon he returned with two servants. The servants had brought a big box. The servants carefully placed the box near the door so that it could be seen by the king and the servants themselves stepped aside.

The three brothers stood watching them from a distance. He looked very carefully at where the box came from and how it was brought. In what manner was it placed on the floor? The king said yes, then thieves, tell us what is in that box?

Badshah Salamat, we have already recorded that we are not thieves, the eldest brother said. But if you want, we can tell you what is in that box. There is some small round thing in it. Then the middle brother said, there is pomegranate in it. The younger brother also added that yes, there is pomegranate in it and that too is still raw.

3 Wise Brothers | A Story of Wisdom | Keen Observation | Moral Story | Moral Story in English

3 Wise Brothers | A Story of Wisdom | Keen Observation | Moral Story | Moral Story in English

Hearing this, the king ordered to bring the box closer. The servants immediately fulfilled the order. The king asked the servants to open the box. When he opened the box and saw raw pomegranate inside, his surprise knew no bounds. The surprised king took out the pomegranate and showed it to all the people present there, then he said to the camel owner, these people have proved that these people are not thieves. Actually these are very intelligent people. You go and search for your camel somewhere else.

There was no limit to the surprise of all the people present at that time in the king’s palace. But most of all the king himself was surprised. He ordered all kinds of good and delicious food and started taking care of these brothers.

The king said, you people are absolutely innocent and can go wherever you want, but before going, tell me everything clearly, how did you come to know that that man’s camel was lost and how did you know what kind of camel it was?

The eldest brother said that from the footprints on the dust I knew that a very big camel had passed there. When I saw the horseman passing by me looking around, I immediately understood what he was searching for.

The king said, very good, now tell me which of you told this horseman that camel is one-eyed? Being one-eyed does not leave a mark on the road.

The middle brother replied, I guessed this because the grass on the right side of the road had been grazed by the camel, but the grass on the left side was intact.

The king said, Very well, who among you would have guessed that a child and a woman were riding on it?

The youngest brother replied, I saw that at one place there were marks of a camel kneeling. Near them I saw shoe marks on the sand. There were also small footprints, which I realized were those of a woman and a small child along with her.

Very well said, you are absolutely right. The king said, but how did you know that there was a raw pomegranate in the box? I am not able to understand this at all.

The eldest brother said the way the two servants had brought the box. It was clear from him that he was not heavy at all. When they were placing the box on the floor, I heard the sound of a small round object rolling inside it.

Then the middle brother said, I guessed this because the box was brought from the garden and there is some small round thing in it. So it must be pomegranate. The reason for this is that there are many pomegranate trees growing around your palace.

The king said very good and asked the younger brother, but how did you find out that the pomegranate was raw?

By this time all the pomegranates in the garden are raw. You can also see this yourself, he replied.

When the king looked outside, he saw that raw pomegranates were hanging on all the trees in the garden. The king was astonished by the exceptionally sharp eyes and sharp minds of these brothers. The king said, from the point of view of money, wealth and worldly things, you people are certainly not rich, but you definitely have a huge treasure of wisdom.

The king started praising them and then the king gave many valuable gifts to the three brothers and sent them off with great respect. Now the three brothers were not poor. He was now the owner of a lot of wealth. They returned to their village and started living a good life.

Moral of the Story ~ 3 Wise Brothers

The moral of the story is, we should be vigilant and be a keen observer. A sharp mind and use of widom when added to keen observation can do wonders for us.

This story is relevant in every field of life.

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